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Chapter Ten

Today is the day of the Wedding. It is going to be at Kaiba Manor. Seto out did himself making sure that everything was just right of the Ceremony.

Tea and Mai are in with Serenity putting on the finish touches so that she will be a vision in white. As she looks at herself in the mirror she can't believe that in a few hours she will be married to the man of her dreams.

Seto and Joey are with Bakura who is going out of his mind. "Are you really sure that I have to wear this Tuxedo?" Bakura asked them. Both Seto and Joey are about to lost it. Ryou comes in and he can't believe how handsome his brother is. As the brothers look at each other they get tears in their eyes. "Don't you dare cry" Bakura tells Ryou.

It is about time for them to go and get in place. As they all walk out of the room, Bakura is really nervous. "What if I do something stupid" he said. Ryou smiles at his brother and he tell him "you'll be just fine."

Hank goes to the room to get Serenity. Tea and Mai were leaving when he came walking up. "She's so beautiful" they tell him. Hank opened the door and there stood his daughter and she looks so much like her mother that he had to take a deep breath or he would of started crying. "Baby your beautiful" he tells her. Serenity smiled at her father and she gives him a kiss. Just then they hear the music and he offers her his arm and they leave to go to the man she is going to marry.

As Bakura stand there waiting for his bride to be he didn't have to wait very long, because there walking beside her father was Serenity and she was a vision in white. She was so beautiful that it took Bakura's breath away. Hank placed her hand in his as the Minister asked "who gives this young lady to this man?" Hank said "I do."

As the Minister was reciting the words, Bakura looked at Serenity and all they could see were each other. "Today were are here to unite this man and this woman in the bonds of Holy Matrimony the Minister said. Each of them have written their own vows and Serenity would like to go first."


I am standing here before our friends, families and God I pledge my heart, soul and love to you Bakura. I vow to make everyday be like our first day and to always show you how much I love you. I never thought that when we met that first day that I would fall head over heals in love with you, but I did. I want to thank all our friends and families for supporting us and to you Bakura I will always love you for the rest of our days on this earth.


As I stand here before our friends, families and God I pledge my heart, soul and all my love to you Serenity. I vow that I will show you each and everyday just how much I love you. When I first saw you in the Park I never thought that someday I would be standing beside you exchanging our Wedding vows. I will for now and forever promise to make our days as a couple be the same as they are now. I use to walk alone, but today I will be walking beside the lady that changed my life forever.

The Minister then asked for the rings and as each of them recited their vows they placed a ring on the others hand and then the Minister announced "I give you Bakura and Serenity Bakura. Everyone cheered and Hank was wiping tears from his face when he closed his eyes and thought to himself "Mary our baby girl is all grown up and how she will be giving all her love to another man. I love you and always will, you are the only woman that I will ever love and someday we will be together and no one can stop that from happening. (Hank was talking to his late wife and mother of Joey and Serenity.)

And so began their lives together which lasted till the were both in their eighties and they had six children, three great children and one great-great grandchild. As they walked that long road to the light they were met there by Serenity's parents, Joey, Seto, Marik and Yami. As they stood there looking down on their loved ones each of them knew that someday they all would be together again.

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