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She had just finished training, and was now heading to her room. Her father, cousin and sister, not even glancing in her direction as she left the room. She walked slowly towards her room, it seemed like it took forever. Well, after all her house is practically a mansion!

Her name? Her name is Hinata Hyuuga, and she is Hyuuga heiress. She's practically a princess and she doesn't really want to be one. She just wants people to look at her for her strength, not because she's practically a princess. She gets made fun of sometimes, but she always has her friends and teammates, Kiba and Shino. She also has her teacher, Kurenai sensei who is like her mother. Her mother had died and her dad looks down at her as a weak fool. She just wants it all to go away sometimes... She has the perfect place to go to escape it all, a meadow with flowers everywhere.

She finally made it to her room. She went in her bathroom and got cleaned up. She came out of her bathroom went over to her closet; she had to get changed before going anywhere. Hinata grabbed a light purple kimono with white cranes on it, she didn't know why she got a kimono she wasn't going to a ball or anything, just outside. She didn't take a shower she just got washed up, so she just brushed her shoulder length hair and grabbed some purple flip-flops. Her father didn't approve of flip-flops but, she wasn't going to be in his presence.

She went out on her balcony and saw that the sun would be setting soon, so she wanted to hurry to see it set from her favorite spot. She balanced her chakra to her feet and walked down the wall. Once down, she looked around to see if anyone was out and ran to the fence, that was actually more like a wall but you get the point, she ran too it. Hinata had done this so many times so she exactly what to do, her first time doing this, she ripped a vine out of a tree and threw it over the fence. She made sure it was secure before climbing over.

Hinata climbed over and looked around again to make sure no guards were around, and took off in the direction of the meadow. She got there safely and looked around to make sure that no one was watching her. She saw some girls all the way on the other side of the meadow and she figured they would just leave her alone. She went up on a hill and sat down on the grass, and watched for the sun to set.

The girls had made they're way over to her and Hinata knew they were just going to make fun of her, so she decided to ignore them.

"Well, look who it is? It's little miss 'oh I'm a princess and I think I can just do whatever I want,'" The girl with pink hair said. She had another girl with her who had brown hair and hazel eyes, and a boy that she hadn't realized was with them from afar. He had yellow hair and blues eyes like the color of the ocean; he was rather handsome in her opinion.

"Please just leave me alone," She said quietly.

"Well, did you hear that Ramika? Little miss heiress here orders us to leave we and have to obey her orders, right guys?" They girl with pink hair said not very truthfully.

"You know what," she said seemingly asking Hinata, "I don't have to listen to you. I hear that you can't even hurt a fly can you?" The girl asked.

"Please, just leave me alone," Hinata said quietly.

"Why should I? You can't do anything to me?" The girl with pink hair said.

"Sakura, let's just leave her alone. She asked us nicely, she didn't order us to," The boy told her.

"Can it Naruto! So you been having fun telling people what to do lately?" The girl apparently named Sakura asked. But her attitude, told me she was not any where near a Sakura blossom.

"... I...," She began quietly but was cut off.

"You, you, you, you," Sakura said very rudely, "Is that all you can think about? Yourself? Huh?"

"... No," Hinata said quietly, signs of hurt in her voice.

"Yea right, all you princess types are the same. Selfish and snobby!" She exclaimed.

"You don't know anything about me," Hinata said quietly.

"See? Always talking about yourself," Sakura exclaimed.

"Sakura stop, that's enough..." The boy named Naruto started but was cut off.

"Jeez, are you taking her side Naruto? She's selfish, just look at her!" Sakura said. Hinata then got up.

"Where are you going princess?" Sakura asked rudely.

"HOW ABOUT YOU TRY BEING IN MY SHOES FOR A DAY!!!!! YOU DON'T WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!" She yelled, which of course startled all 4(that includes Hinata) of them. They could see tears forming in Hinata's eyes.

"DON'T..." Sakura started stopped when Hinata turned and ran away. She was about to go after her to tell her off but we're stopped by Kiba and Shino who just happened to see the whole thing.

"What do you want?" Sakura asked.

"You're a real baka (Japanese: Idiot), you know that?" Kiba asked.

"What are you talking about? You shouldn't just go up to people and say that," Sakura exclaimed.

"You don't understand anything about Hinata; therefore you had no right to say those things to her," Shino said.

"What?" Sakura asked confused.

"Hinata is not selfish, snobby or mean. I think you got her confused with yourself," Kiba said.

"Who do you think you are to say that to me?" Sakura asked.

"I think we're... as a matter a fact I know we're Hinata's Friends and teammates and I know you had no right to call her selfish!" Kiba exclaimed.

"And why is that?" Sakura asked confused.

"She is far from selfish. She is probably one of the nicest people I know. I know that most Princess types are mean, snobby and selfish, but you see, Hinata is none of those things. In fact she is opposite of those things, she is nice, loving and giving. One time...


"Kiba, Shino look!" Hinata exclaimed quietly.

"What Hinata?" Kiba asked as Hinata walked a little away from them. Shino and Kiba both watched her as she kneeled down and started petting something. Akamaru smelled the air and then barked, obviously telling Kiba something.

"A puppy?" Kiba asked in confusion as Hinata picked up the little beagle puppy in her arms.

"Isn't she cute?" Hinata asked as she patted the dirty little puppy on the head.

"What are you going to name her?" Kiba asked.

"Hikari," Hinata said quietly.

End of Flashback

"She took the Hikari home with her, gave her a bath, and fed her." Kiba said.

"What's your point?" Sakura asked.

"The point is, not only was she kind and loving towards Hikari, but she was also giving towards it. She gave the little puppy love and a home." Shino said.

"So she likes animals, that doesn't mean she knows anything about how life really is! I mean come on, her life is perfect, not one sorrow has hit her at all!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Again you're wrong! Her father practically hates her and doesn't want her, her cousin could care less about her, her sister thinks she's weak and her mother..." Kiba stopped and looked at Shino who nodded, "Her mother was murdered!" Kiba exclaimed.

"Oh, if you don't mind me asking, could you tell me what happened with her mother?" Naruto asked because Sakura was speechless.

"Well, you see her mom was out one day..."


Hinata was out with her Mom picking flowers. It was such a beautiful to be out in the sun!

"Mommy, look at that pretty purple one! Can I go pick?" Hinata asked quietly.

"Of course sweetheart, just be careful that it doesn't have thorns," she said.

"Ok mommy!" Hinata said sweetly as she ran over to where the flowers were. Hinata's mom watched as her, beautiful 7 year old daughter ran over to the flower. Before she knew it there was a kunai being pushed against her throat, she screamed and Hinata looked too see what was going on. She saw her mother's face that had of look of fear plastered on it. She also saw the face of the man.

"Mommy!" Hinata screamed and at that moment the man slit her mom's throat. That man ran away and Hinata ran over to her mom. Apparently, he cut her throat only leaving her alive for a moment afterwards.

"Mommy..." Hinata said as she reached her mothers side and grabbed her mother's hand.

"Hinata, I love you and your sister so much! Tell her and your father that I love then... Don't cry honey, I'll be going to a better place..." She said as she closed her eyes for the last time.

"I LOVE MOMMY, PLEASE DON'T GO!!!" Hinata screamed as loud as she could. Her father heard her and ran over to where Hinata and her mother were. They both started crying, and then Hinata looked at her father.

"Father?" She said as her father looked at her, "Before Mommy went bye-bye, she said that she loves you and Hanabi very much and she wants you both to know that!" Hinata exclaimed as they both broke into tears again.

End of Flashback

"So you see, Hinata's mother died and her father now hates her. Not for that day but for being weak. Hinata has suffered," Shino said. Naruto, Ramika, and Sakura all looked sad. Naruto probably understood the most.

"Man that makes me feel bad! Did they catch the guy?" Sakura asked.

"Like I said she saw the mans face, so yes they caught the guy two months later," Kiba said.

"I'm glad they caught the guy, but I feel bad about all the things that you said to her Sakura," Ramika said.

"We should go apologize," Naruto said.

"Yeah," Sakura said quietly.

"Yes, you should," Shino said to them and they decided that they were going to go apologize

To be continued

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