The end of the world?

Chapter 1

"Marry me Buffy." Spike said kneeling down on one knee.


Buffy woke from her dream smiling.

"Hey." Spike said looking down at her and stroking her hair,

"Hey." she replied before he pressed his lips to hers. She smiled and he held her closer.

"You have a good dream love?" Buffy nodded.

Then said, "It was about the day you asked me to marry you."

"You still want to don't you?" Spike asked sitting up.

"Of course I do, why would you ask me that?" She said sitting up also.

"Because I'm a vampire; you should be with someone younger than me, someone human."

"I don't want anyone else, I want you." She gave him a kiss on the lips before getting changed for college.

"I love you Spike."

"I love you too."

"Good. I'll be back late; I have some extra work to do. Okay?" He nodded his head.

"He thinks I don't love him." Buffy said walking down the halls of UC Sunnydale with Willow and Tara, who were holding hands.

"But you do don't you?" asked Willow.

"God yes."

"Maybe he's scared to lose you." Added Tara.

"Maybe." said Buffy.

Buffy and Giles appeared from the backroom of the Magic Box. Giles was out and breath and wearing body pads. They had just finished a training session, all the other Scoobies were sat around the table, like they usually did, with their heads in books.

It had just turned dark outside. Spike walked in through the doors. He went straight up to Buffy and kissed the top of her head.


"Hey pet." He said back then sat down beside her, holding her hand.

"Who's patrolling tonight?" Giles asked, taking off his glasses and cleaning theme with a cloth from behind the register.

"I am," said Buffy.

"Good." He said then walked into the back in a Gilesy way.

The slayer flying kicked the vampire in the gut, sending him into the nearest gravestone. He stood back up and dived for Buffy. She ducked, sending him into yet another gravestone. "I must tell you, you're making this real easy for me. If I was you, I'd give up now." She said Buffy style.

The vampire was about to take Buffy off guar when an anonymousness figure came out of nowhere and forced the vampire to the floor. Buffy instantly recognised the figure.

"Hey lover." she said helping Spike off the floor.

"Hey." he said, pulling her towards him and kissing her lips passionately. The pair was too lost in the kiss, they didn't notice the vampire stood behind them, waiting to attack.

"Erm, you guys finished?" the vampire asked. Buffy and Spike broke apart and turned to face the vampire. Spike too was in full vamp mode.

"Hey, Spike." The vampire seemed to recognise Spike; Spike gave him a 'do I know you' look. "It's me, Karl. I was one of your minions back when you and Drusilla were partners." Buffy rolled her eyes, pulled out a stake and soon the vampire was a pile of dust and nothing more.