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When the students of Gryffindor and Slytherin awoke and made their way towards the Great Hall one Sunday morning they were all shocked to find fifty points missing from each of their houses. Their shouts and heated arguments concerning who had managed to lose such a ghastly amount during the course of the night were heard throughout the Great Hall. The Ravenclaws were smug, and the Hufflepuffs were dutifully concerned that some mistake must have been made.

During breakfast everybody was voicing their opinion on what happened to their House points during the night, everybody except two students, one from Gryffindor and one from Slytherin. These two were doing such a good job at acting inconspicuous by eating their breakfast and not looking or talking to anyone that soon their respective houses were sure they were the cause of their misfortune.

"Harry, do you have anything to say to us?" Hermione asked the silent and eating Gryffindor, who at first tried to pretend he hadn't heard her, but in the end had to look up. He looked guiltier than a mouse caught with the cheese.

"What?" This cause a collective exasperated sigh from the Gryffindors sitting close who had noticed his lack of an opinion on the Points Debate.

"What happened, Harry?" Hermione asked sternly. Harry opened his mouth, but instead chose to stuff a piece of toast into it to keep from speaking.

"You snuck off during the night, didn't invite either of us, and now your not telling us if it was worth the fifty points you managed to lose in one night!" Ron exclaimed loudly enough to sufficiently spread the word to the other Gryffindors about who was responsible for putting Ravenclaw in the lead. Soon factions rose up across the table. One group claimed he had been off doing some spectacular prank on the Slytherins which they were soon going to see the results of. Others pointed out the Slytherins loss of points as well and declared he must have gotten into a row with one of them. Another faction all together had help from the Hufflepuffs in forming a theory containing mistaken identities and a bunch of blast-ended skrewts, but I'm not going into that one in detail.

Hermione turned in her seat and looked over at the Slytherin table, where Malfoy was just as quiet as the other Slytherins were loud. They were obviously having a similar conversation over there. She turned back, an even sterner look in her face. Harry had to avert his eyes from the penetrating stare.

"Did you have a row with Malfoy, Harry?" Ron gasped when Harry looked even further away from Hermione, a sign of confirmation if there ever was one.

"Merlin, Harry! You must have gotten pretty rough with him if you had to lose fifty points!" Harry, to both Ron and Hermione's surprise, visibly blushed. He was desperately trying to eat his toast and look away from the table as the same time, while also looking down to hide the fact that his face was the shade of a ripe tomato. Suddenly he looked up and waved to someone approaching.

"Neville! Come and sit here will you?" Ron and Hermione exchanged confused looks. It wasn't unusual for Neville to sit with them of course, but they generally had an open invitation, and didn't call out to each other in quite so frantic a fashion. Neville sat down, looking almost as nervous as Harry for some reason.

"So, Neville. Anything interesting happened to you last night?" Harry asked, looking pointedly down at the shorter Gryffindor, in a very un-Harry-like manner.

"No, no. Nothing… nothing at all. I promise." Neville stammered quietly. Harry's face softened. Ron and Hermione exchanged confused looks again.

The rest of the Gryffindors were to occupied at exchanging information with the Slytherins to notice this last conversation. The Houses quickly put two and two together and soon everybody was sprouting theories on what the two famous rivals had gotten up to during the night. One was quite dirty actually, but was quickly dismissed as completely improbable...