Will Turner and the Pirate

Author: The Bullet

Summery: After settling their differences on the way to Tortuga, Will contemplates why he's trying to rescue Elizabeth, and who he's doing it with.

A.N: This is just a short, contemplative story that explores Will Turner's thoughts.

He was Just a pirate. A scoundrel and a thief, and yet he was all Will Turner could think of. It was, of course, perhaps due to the fact that Jack Sparrow was helping him. He had broken Jack out of jail for one purpose only; to save Elizabeth. Everyone else was just too caught up in other matters to realize that the key to rescuing Miss Swan was right under their noses.

Now, within one hour, Will had already committed a crime that he never thought he would; he had stolen a ship. Yes, Jack hadn't described it that way, but to put it blankly, that was what they had done.

Jack was clever. Will had to give him that. It was curious though, because Jack Sparrow didn't seem to be clever. His outward appearance made him look like a person that would let you get away with stealing his wallet, and he would never know that it was lost.

Will now knew that it was just his cover. Jack made people think that he was stupider then he really was, so they would underestimate him and his abilities, so in the end, it would be Jack Sparrow who steals your wallet. It was the perfect type of man that he needed to help save Elizabeth.

He loved Elizabeth. He never let anyone know, but just the same, he loved her. Will was good at hiding his feelings when it came to love, but when it came to other things, he wasn't so good at hiding his opinions. Like when he was disgusted by someone, it would show clearly on his face. He wouldn't try to let them know, but it would still be obvious.

Why was he doing all this? Just because he loved her? He could never marry her, could he? After all, it was apparent that Commodore Norington loved her too, and he was much better suited for her. He had a good position in life, and Will was just a blacksmith. Mr. Swan would never approve of Will marrying his beautiful daughter. He would want someone with a higher rank, and that was something that Commodore had.

But did Elizabeth love the Commodore? She didn't seem to be attracted to the man as much as she was to Will. Anyone could see that. Except for Mr. Swan perhaps. But none of this mattered until Elizabeth was safe once again.

Did he really need Jack Sparrow? No, he just needed to know where the other pirates were going. All he needed to do was make Jack tell him where they were taking Elizabeth, and then he could go on without the pirate.

But he couldn't sail this ship by himself. He needed someone who was experienced, and who would be more experienced then a pirate who had been roaming the seas for years?

There was something strange about Jack. He was up to something, Will was sure of it. But he had no idea what it was that the pirate was up to. Will never liked to be kept in the dark. He wanted to know everything so he would know what to expect. But he couldn't just ask Jack to tell him what he was up to. Then he would give away the fact that Will knew that Jack wasn't just trying to help Will.

Jack had his own agenda, and apparently, he didn't want Will to know about it. So for now, Will resolved to just keep what he knew to himself. In time, he would learn what the pirate was up to.

The End

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