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Voyage of the Dawn Treader:

The Untold Story

Lucy disliked being forced to spend any time at her cousin Eustace's house because he always bullied her and picked on her, pulling her hair and talking to her as if she were two years old. At least Edmund was with her, the younger of her two older brothers who, since their trials in Narnia, has become more hospitable and understanding towards her. Speaking of Narnia, Edmund and Lucy had changed due to their adventures, so she suspected Eustace would be handled easier now that they were former royalty.

"Oh, look at this." Edmund noticed the painting on the wall of Lucy's room. It was a sailing ship on a sapphire ocean, green dragon masthead proud against the waves, scarlet and gold sails snapping in the breeze.

"Such a lovely Narnian ship." Lucy sighed wistfully.

"It's bad enough being unable to get into Narnia without looking at a Narnian ship." Edmund joined her, sounding depressed.

"Looking is better than nothing." Lucy amended, silently agreeing with Edmund that it wasn't fair to look but not touch.

"Still playing that game are we?" Eustace sneered stepping into Lucy's room.

"It's not a game." Lucy raged. "Narnia is real."

Lucy turned her back on her little wormy excuse of a cousin, focusing on the painting, wishing with all her heart that she were in Narnia.

"The water looks so wet, and the ship seems to be moving up and down, up and down." Lucy said almost to herself, nearly willing the ship to come to life and take her home, if only for a little while.

"Stop it! You're making me seasick." Eustace whined.

"Lucy, it is moving!" Edmund exclaimed excitedly, a salty breeze blowing through the painting.

"Oh smell the sea. Smell the sea." Lucy couldn't be happier. She was going back to Narnia. Weightlessness filled her, lifting her body and heart.

"Stop it! Whatever silly game you are playing stop it! Stop it right now!" Eustace hollered as Edmund, Lucy and Eustace were pulled into the painting.

Salt air surrounded Lucy like a comforting blanket, warm and welcoming. The very molecules of the atmosphere fairly danced with a magical energy, a sense of coming home. If only I didn't have to go back to earth. Such a sensation of loving washed over Lucy that a few tears leaked out of her eyes as she was dropped into the sea, blending with the countless tears that were swallowing her and her family.

Immediately Eustace began screaming for help while Lucy and Edmund treaded water, knowing Eustace's caterwauling would catch someone's attention. Lucy watched the ship before them warily. She knew the ship to be Narnian, but didn't know who would be aboard.

A figure in white leapt off the side of the ship, plunging into the water below. Lucy looked at Edmund, but he only shrugged, Eustace's voice becoming hoarse. Gradually Lucy noticed a figure coming towards them in the water, becoming steadily clearer. White and gold. Lucy shook her head, too tired to think. Beside her a head rose out of the water, golden curls plastered to the forehead and neck of a lean and handsome face, blue-grey eyes shining with excitement and concern. Caspian?


"To the ship, quickly now." Caspian motioned to the ship, falling behind them as they swam toward the vessel. Caspian had grown quite a bit in the week since she saw him last. But time passed differently between the two worlds. Time in Narnia passed faster than in her world; only a year had passed since the wardrobe incident and when she was called back to help a younger Caspian claim his rightful throne to Lucy, but in Narnia almost four hundred years passed.

"Lucy, Edmund, how wonderful to have you back in Narnia again!" Caspian exclaimed joyously, throwing his arms around Lucy and her brother once on board the ship. Despite the water logged clothes Caspian's hug was warm, thawing the chill in Lucy's bones while stirring a strange sense of excitement in her stomach.

"You look all grown up." Just great Lucy, say the first stupid thing that comes to your mind. Caspian hugged her closer.

"But you look just the same." His laughing eyes settled on her, voice gentler than it had been moments before.

"Take me back, I don't like it here." Eustace's whiny voice broke the spell, drawing Caspian's eye and attention elsewhere.

"I'm afraid there's no going back." Caspian replied jovially calling for Rynalf, his valet.

No going back? Lucy hope they it were true, at least, in her case anyway. Lost in her thoughts Lucy accepted the tunic jacket that Caspian gently laid across her shoulders. Edmund's voice snapped her out of her musings,


The valiant little mouse bowed to both Lucy and Edmund with a flourish, his tail rippling in a somewhat regal manner. Normally Lucy would not hesitate to screech at a mouse and try to shoo it away, but this mouse held a special place in her heart.

"Ung, take it away, I can't stand performing animals." Eustace gripped, shivering in the breeze due to the fact that he was not given an over-jacket.

"Am I to understand that this singularly discourteous person is under Their Majesties protection?" the mouse inquired, distaste plain in his tone.

Lucy sneezed, unable to hide her discomfort any longer. She was cold and wet, not to mention hungry since they were pulled into Narnia right before lunch. Immediately Caspian was at her side, rubbing her arms.

"Not now, Their Majesties are wet through and cold. Lead the way Reepicheep." Caspian let the mouse take the lead, still rubbing Lucy's arms from behind as they entered the depths of the ship. Syrupy warmth filled Lucy's limbs from Caspian's hands, stirring the strangeness in the pit of her stomach.

Reep opened a heavy wooden door on the right, revealing a large cabin that was lit by sunlight streaming through the large bay windows. Lucy immediately knew that it was Caspian's cabin from the opulence of the wood and the cloths that she saw in the drapes and the coverlet on the bed.

"You can have this cabin of mind Lucy." Caspian said tenderly, touching her shoulder as he passed her, stepping further into the cabin. "But I'm afraid we've no women's clothes on board; you'll have to make due with these clothes of mine." Lucy took the clothes that Caspian offered, felling somewhat connected to Caspian, even if it was silly in a way. She had a part of him to herself and only herself.

"It's not fair; I feel ill, and she gets the best cabin." Eustace grouched.

"As befits the Queen of Narnia." Caspian snapped. Lucy was taken by surprise. She hadn't been expecting Caspian to stand up for her. She was planning to simply ignore Eustace. But Caspian's defense of her rank and honor warmed her heart. The eyes of the present King of Narnia then settled on Lucy, warmth replacing cold royal command.

"The motion of the ship won't worry you?" Caspian asked with a slight smile, a sparkle of laughter in his eyes.

"I love it." Lucy replied honestly smiling brightly at him. "We did a good deal of voyaging in our days in Narnia." Caspian squeezed her shoulder before addressing the boys.

"When were in dry clothes I'll tell you the reason for this voyage. Boys." Caspian, King of Narnia, Lord of Cair Paravel, and Emperor of the Lone Islands was back, leading the boys out of the cabin. Reepicheep bowed elegantly before softly shutting the door.

Giving into the impulse Lucy buried her nose in Caspian's clothing, inhaling his scent. Suddenly Lucy straightened, realizing how inappropriate and silly she was being. Pushing aside the strange feelings swirling in her stomach, Lucy stripped off her wet clothes. Forcing herself to not think Lucy dressed, gathering her damp clothes in one pile for the washers to find by the door. Feeling drier and more comfortable Lucy made her way back on deck, loving the feel of a live ship beneath her feet.