My name is Ginny Weasley…well…actually Ginny Potter, but, right now that's beside the point. I'm here to tell you all about how it happened. How I, Ginny Weasley, married Harry Potter.

Dreaming, dreaming was what lead me to thinking about marrying my dear Harry. We'd been going out for several years now, and I couldn't help but love him more and more as the years progressed.

I remember it all so clearly, the holidays were approaching, and everyone was coming to the burrow to celebrate. Professor Lupin (although he is not a professor anymore, I still call him one) and Sirius had picked up Harry from his dreadful family and brought him over. Anxious I was, to see the man I had begun to love.

Two days after everyone had arrived I was helping in the kitchen when Ron came in and made fun of my cooking. Now, I'm no wimp or crybaby, so, I'm not going to make a big fuss about it. Seriously, though, what gave him that right to insult me? If it weren't for mum and me, he'd have to cook himself—that's terrifying even to only think about!

After Ron had said how bad my cooking was, I turned away from the pot and turned towards him and glared, "Think you can do any better?" I had sneered at him. I could tell that he was nervous under my evil wrath, and I smirked inside at the thought of it. He didn't even deserve the coldest glare imaginable, he was just too despicable.

But, he had to learn a lesson. So, after he hadn't replied to me I glowered at him and added, "What, afraid that I'll bat-boogey-hex you? Well…I do have a right to, I suppose…" I pretended to think about it while he just starred with a face full of shock.

"N-N-No" He stammered out, "Well…umm…I've got to go umm…help Hermione with some gifts!" Ha, I remember that day. He was so scared of me that he ran to Hermione and hid behind her, for at least an hour before he was sure I wasn't coming back.

Like I said, I'm not a crybaby and I can take care of myself. After Ron had left, I'd finished cooking and put the food away for later when we could heat it up. Our mum never really enjoyed leftovers, only when it was necessary, while I on the other hand believed that I could just make the food when I had free time to and heat it up when I was ready to eat it. To me, my thoughts made much more sense.

Anyway, after I'd cleaned up after my cooking-self, I went to my room to study a bit; I'm not overly smart, but, I don't want to be failing, either, so, I have to study. I don't remember how long I'd been studying for, but, it was right after I'd finished reading over some Transfiguration notes that there was a knock on my door.

As any normal person would do, I responded with a "Come in!" as the love of my life came through the door. He looked nervous, but still had a smile on my face I realized he saved for whenever he saw me. "Yes, Harry?" I asked.

He just looked at me—with that same silly smile on, mind you—and smiled more, "I just wanted to come by and see the most beautiful girl alive" Well; he did always have a way to make me blush. That's one of the reasons why I love him so much, I suppose.

"Aww, come on, stop flattering me! You're just as handsome, you know." I replied teasing him, which caused for him to also blush, "So…why'd you really come by?"

Harry walked over to my chair where I'd begun standing and he touched my face with one of his hands, as if caressing my cheek, making me love him more and more. Just the slightest touch from his warm hands made my knees feel gooey, and being this close may have been bad to my health.

He continued to caress my cheek while leaning in every so often until his lips met mine and he began to kiss me feverously. There was nothing I could do but kiss back, with the same amount of passion. I could feel his breaths coming in heavy, as were mine, as he began to lick my lip asking for entrance. I only opened my mouth in response as he began a full-on snogging session. I smiled while kissing him, as we fought for dominance with our tongues.

Sadly, though, he pulled apart in raspy breaths and managed to say that he needed to tell me something. He motioned towards the bed and I nodded as we both sat down.

"Yes, what is it Harry?" I questioned, confusedly.

"Well…you know I love you, more than anything in the world, truly. I'd give up the war for you, my life along with it if it were to protect you," He continued as he stood up, in which I followed suite.

"But there's been something I've been dying to ask you," He bent down on one knee, causing me to gasp, "Ginny Weasley, will you marry me? I'll treat you the best way that I ever could, and always be there when you need me. I'll support you in everything you do, and comfort you when you're si—"

I stopped him. I couldn't have him go on anymore. Just by saying those four words, my heart was sold to him. I pulled him up by his hand and replied smiling gleefully, "Yes, I will marry you." He only smiled in return and brought out a ring box.

"This, is for you," he stated as he grabbed my left hand began to place the beautiful ring on my ring finger, "it's very dear to my heart. The ring itself was my mother's." The ring was beautiful, indeed, the ring band itself was a white gold that had three 4k diamonds in one spot, finished with a simple, yet large, emerald atop of the middle diamond. No words could describe how I felt, although all I did was gasp and pull Harry into a sudden kiss, before stopping ourselves from going any further as I headed for the door and grabbed Harry by his hand and ran out the room shouting, "Mum, Dad, EVERYONE! Come quick, Harry and I have GREAT news!"