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So, the three stooges left me in the room, still chained up and with that random dude they probably got off the street. And that's just sick, ya know? Who really wants to stick their teeth into some guy from God knows where? He could have AIDS or something. That's not right? That's the thing about vamps, you didn't care who the hell you were practically eating, you really didn't. You didn't care if the had an STD or they had cancer or something shit like that. And that's just…not right.

So, continuing on, I stared at that guy, really, really wanting to take a big ole bite out of his jugular vein, but I didn't. And another weird thing was that, the whole night, the guy never woke up. Which is odd, wouldn't you think he would? Oh well…some things I'll never figure out.

Anyways, the morning came and they didn't come. Peculiar, eh? I know I thought it was. I mean, c'mon people, if you have three weirdo's come into a room where you're chained to the fuckin' ground not come in the room where you're chained to the ground, you'd be confused. Well, afternoon came, they still didn't come. Which, I was happy about. But, that dude in front me was really starting to look tasty. If you remember me saying I was weak, you should've seen me then. I could barely lift my arms. It was bad. And after the afternoon, you know that night comes…at least I hope you do. And they gave me a visit that night.

"Why hello, King. We're going to take you out tonight." Danica told me while walking her creepy ass into the room.

"Oh boy." I said, sarcastically.

"I still see you haven't fed yet…" I just looked up at her and gasped.

"Whoa, where'd you get that deduction from, Sherlock?" That was a good one too, admit it!

"Shut the hell up!" Jarko said and walked over to me. He had a key in hands. Were they actually going to let me go? Holy shit. Party time. Jarko unlocked the chains and shoved the key in his pocket. I tried to stand up, but that didn't work, I just fell backwards. "C'mon, you idiot." He muttered and pulled me up by my arm. Oh…my poor arm. I'm surprised that didn't fall off too. Danica smirked at me, gross I know, and left the room. Asher followed her and then Jarko and me. I wasn't willing to follow; Jackass just kind of dragged me out. They walked out of the big ass building and shoved me in the backseat of an SUV with Jackass. That's his new nickname for me if you haven't noticed.

So, Asher started to drive to God knows where. Danica's asshole, maybe, who knows? From the corner of my eye, I noticed that Jackass was glaring at me. So I just nonchalantly flipped him off and went back to dying, at least that's how it felt. Danica looked over at me and pouted a little.

"Poor, King. You'll be better soon, baby." I just rolled my eyes and flipped her off too. She scoffed a little and turned back forward. About ten minutes of glaring, finger gestures and scoffing passed when Asher stopped the car and got out. I lifted my head a little bit and looked around.

"Where the hell ar-" Was all I was able to get out before I got pulled out of the SUV and dragged off. "Okay. Thank you for the fore-warning." Jarko dragged me into some weird ass bar, which I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. Not sure if it was because it was dark or I was going blind. Anyways, Danica walked by and grabbed my arm.

"You're going to love this place, baby." She told me and sat down at a booth. I went to go and sit away, far…far away, but she just pulled me back and sat me down next to her. "Don't worry; the party will be here soon." She whispered in my ear.

"Don't whisper in my ear…ever again." I told her and crossed my arms. Believe me when I say this, I wanted to run. I wanted to run like a fucking gazelle, but that wouldn't have worked because Jackass and Asher were at the front of the bar. You might be asking, why didn't you jump through a window?! And the response to that is, I'm not fucking Superman.

Well, Danica started to pet my head, which made me feel like a cat. The whole time you could hear me making obnoxious sounds to get her to stop, never worked, but I did them anyways. Soon enough, 'the party' arrived. They were a bunch of teenagers looking like they were going to piss themselves. There were about 50 of them. I looked around the bar and saw about 30 of us. We watched Asher walk over to them and bring over two of them, a boy and a girl. Danica grabbed the dude by his collar and dug her fangs in his neck.

"What the fuck?!" I asked and tried to get up, but she had a strong-ass grip on me. Not to mention, I still wasn't my regular strength. I looked over at the girl and she looked like she saw a ghost. I could tell she was terribly afraid of me. "Hey, it's okay. I won't do that. I swear." I told her. Danica dropped the kid and grabbed me by my neck.

"Oh yes you will, King." She told me, tightening her grip. "You won't be able to fight back until you do. Have you noticed how weak you are right now? You need to feed to get back that strength."

"Fuck you." I choked out. She loosened her grip on my nice neck and glared at me. For a girl, she chokes fuckin' hard! I thought to myself and glared back at the bitch. "If that's the only way I can get strong again, then I'll just have to get a Bowflex or something, now won't I?" Turning to the girl, she was still scared. "Go. Get out of here." I told her.

"Don't tell her what to do, King!" Danica told me.

"Oh, you gave her to me. I can tell her whatever the fuck I want too. If I want to tell her to go to the zoo and pick me up one of those stupid collectible flags, then she'll go and get me one. Alright, Danica?! And right now, I'm telling her to go!" I turned back to the girl, but she was gone. I smiled and crossed me arms once again, feeling a bit accomplished, and stronger then I was early. I guess it was adrenaline or something.

Suddenly, I heard a scream. "What?" I muttered and turned my head. Seeing Asher sucking the girl, that I just let go, dry, I clenched my fist. Danica just laughed manically.

"Aww, is my little Kingy Wingy angry?"

"Go fuck your brother like you did early, okay?" I spat at her.

"I think he is." She said 'seductively'. The chick grabbed my arm and spun me around.

"Get the fuck away from me!"

"But why, King?" She asked while coming closer to me. I went to back up, but my back ran into Jackass.

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