Author's Note: Ooooh, first K-rated Flintstones story. Anyway, this just randomly came off the top of my head, and there's no better way to do this than in style! ...So enjoy as Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble get new neighbors!

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Meet the Flintstones

It was a normal, peaceful day in Bedrock, as all of the citizens did what they usually did. But, that didn't make today a usual day...and why?

Two words. Two simple, little words.



And why are those two words specific, for some reason? Because the new neighbors are moving next to the Flintstones...

"Wilma!" Fred Flintstone bellowe,d taking his bowling ball out of the closet, "I'm going bowling with Barney again!"

"All right, Fred! Have a good time, and don't be late!" Wilma shouted from the bedroom.

Fred whistled to himself as he passed by the living room, when he quickly ran back in to find Dino, the Flintstones' family pet, playing Pokemon Stadium 1 on the Nintendo 64 system. "DINO! How many times have I told you NOT to play around with the game system?"

Dino hid behind the couch in fear, after being scolded.

Fred sighed. "Dumb Dino. He always does that everytime I turn my back..." And just like Fred said, Dino hoped into the chair again and started playing more Pokemon Stadium 1 as Fred left.

Cue canned laughter track.

"Hey!" Fred shouted to the ceiling, "Would you mind?"

The canned laughter faded away as Fred walked outside his house and went to Barney Rubble's house next door. He knocked on the door two times. "Hey Barn! It's me, Fred!"

Barney Rubble opened the door, smiling widely. "Hiya Fred! Bowling night, as usual?"

Fred laughed. "You bet, Barn." He picked up his bowling ball.

Barney chuckled. "Great! Let me just get MY bowling ball, too." He ran back inside, slamming the door in Fred's face.

Cue canned laughter track.

"I told you to stop using that track!" Fred shouted again, this time at the sky.

"...Um, Fred?" Barney asked from the window in his house, "Who are you talking to?"

Fred stuttered. "Uh-uh-uh, nothing, Barney! I'm just-" Unfortunately, he dropped his bowling ball on his toes, which hurt.


"YEEEEEOOOUCH!!" Fred screeched, holding his foot in pain, "OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!! PAIN, PAIN, PAIM!!" He started hoping on his left foot, holding his right foot in pain.

Barney ran outside, holding his own bowling ball. "Fred? What happened?"

"I dropped my bowling ball on my foot, that's what!' Fred shouted.

Cue canned laughter track.

Fred groaned, rolling his eyes. "Why do I even bother..." He muttered to himself.

Barney picked up Fre's bowling ball. "Come on inside my place, Fred. We'll be able to fix that foot of yours."

And with that, both Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble went inside Barney's house, hoping that they would fix Frerd Flintstone's foot.

Yoshizilla: Not bad, huh? I'll admit, this is, by the way I have seen it, a lot better than all of the current Flintstones fanfics (there are actually only 3 fanfics, so it doesn't matter, nonetheless). Anyway, I hoped that you all enjoyed the prologue, and look forward to the next chapter, where Fred and Barney meet their new neighbors! But who are the new neighbors, anyway? You'll find out!