I watched the adults as they moved about. Vincent, was as every other time, gentle while Re-l was aggressive, Iggy stood watch his mechanical body so much like my own. I had known since Re-l came aboard that Vincent loved her, and she, as time stretched grew to see in him what she needed, but I can only guess, I'm a Companion AutoReiv made to replace what humans could not get.

Maybe that was my purpose in following and even at times leading Vincent. So that they could lie together like they were, whispering things into each others ears while their hands did things that made their skin flush.

I know Iggy watches with anger but I can't help but feel safer with them being inmate. There is a familiarity with what I had in Romdo, the way father kissed mother and the way mother would touch father.

But seeing how Vincent kissed and caressed Re-l and the way that Re-l smiled, truly smiled when they looked at each other was deeper then I had seen with father and mother. I could see myself nestled between their bodies and listen to their breathing and feeling…at home.


Had home been Romdo, or was it here on this boat? I couldn't answer my own questions but I knew that when I returned to Romdo I would know, I would know if father loved me and I would know where I wanted to be.

Iggy walked off when he heard Re-l tell Vincent she loved him, he was angry but there was nothing to do. We're AutoReiv's we can't actually be with the people we love; we simply have to stand with them. We're Companions.

Vincent stepped out and smiling softly at me stretched and told me that when I wanted to come in knock and closed the door.

His smile made me feel funny and warm, his smiled like father did.