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Kyo sat on the roof as he usually did when thinking. After the curse had lifted, it left a whole lot to think about. And now, it was Kyo's birthday, which he had just celebrated with everyone (i.e Tohru, the former members of the zodiac, Hanajima, and Uotani), which seemed to leave even more to think about, like the future, his future, his life. The party had taken his mind of these things though, and had he had to admit that it had been fun. He had received a couple of gifts and had really enjoyed spending time with everyone as they played games. Even Yuki had been there and they hadn't fought. Not that they had really interacted much at all.

Yuki was one of the things Kyo was currently thinking about.

The former rat of the Chinese Zodiac.

He knew that Yuki's curse had lifted as well as the others. what?

He still disliked Yuki, but the reasons for this seemed to have faded with the curse. There was no longer any more he could he could blame on Yuki from this point on, as he was no longer the 'Stupid Cat', just as Yuki was no longer the 'Damn Rat'.

What would they do now? Would they still hate each other like always, or was it somehow different now?

Did he any longer have any real reason to even want to fight him anymore? Was there no longer any reason for any kind of fighting between them? Or was that all that was left now that the bonds of the Zodiac animals was gone?

Would they fade from each others lives?

Kyo didn't know, and it confused him. He had always hated Yuki for ever being alive, but having Yuki there in his life had been something that had kept him from simply killing himself, even if it was only for revenge. Having Yuki in his life was...not something he was willing to lose.

Kyo shifted his weight with a small sigh, staring at the colors the sky was made up of now, dyed by the sun.

How did Yuki feel about it anyway? Kyo knew that Yuki had every right to hate him. What else could he feel towards someone who had always been so horrible towards him? Did Yuki still hate him though, or was Kyo the only one who had lost the true hate he had thought he always felt?

Kyo had grown. He knew this. With the help of Shishou, Tohru, and everyone around him, he had grown into someone who could accept things, change things, and so much more.

Yuki had changed too. It wasn't as if Kyo couldn't notice it. He had often caught Yuki enjoying his time at school as he never seemed to have before. There was his smile, first of all, that had once seemed so emotionless but now had formed into something with meaning. He was more open, and didn't seem to hate the world as much. His clothing had changed too. He no longer wore such uptight shirts as he had used to.

So what was this now?

Was he over thinking this too much for his own good?

What exactly was Yuki to him now?

To Kyo, Yuki was...

Yuki is...

What was the answer? He could say all the things he used to be; A challenge, an obstacle, an enemy, the Rat. Now though...

Kyo glared at the sky in frustration.

Why was this bothering him so freaking much? There should be so much more important things on him mind right now. Like Tohru. college, jobs, life.

Why was Yuki the one on his mind?

Sighing, Kyo got up from his spot on the roof and made his way to the ladder. As he climbed down, he attempted to imagine leaving all thoughts of the other boy on the roof. He made his way to his room on silent, still very much cat-like footsteps, hearing small noises downstairs mixed with smells of food that could only mean Tohru was making dinner. Not paying much attention to his surroundings, Kyo flopped down on his bed.

However, as he did so, he heard the familiar sound of paper crinkling and the presence of an object under him.

Pushing himself back up so he could sit on the edge of his bed, he slid the object out of under him.

He held it in his hands, the small note attached to it staring up at him.

For a while, all he could do was stare at it.

Feeling and emotions swirled around him, intertwining and becoming confused with one another as they mixed inside him.

Disbelief, anger, relief, happiness, confusion, frustration, sadness, pain.


It hurt.

In his hands sat a hat. A dark red hat. The material smooth and rough as all hats seemed to be, not a logo or anything tainting the surface. It wasn't store-bought, that much could be said, but it had the sense of being new. At the same time, it was painfully familiar. Pinned to the front of it was a slightly crumpled note.

To Kyo

From Yuki

What...what was he supposed to feel? Angry? Surprised? Sad? What was this? Why was this sitting in his hands now?

Kyo carefully removed the pin from the hat.

To Kyo

From Yuki

On the back of it:

Happy Birthday.

The last time a hat had been mentioned, or the hat had been mentioned, Kyo had not wanted any part of what was being said. He had blocked it out, pushed it away, and refused it. He would not listen.

But now...What was this?...He wasn't angry. Not really. He didn't find himself hating Yuki for this, he didn't find himself feeling anything else.

What was this?

Kyo failed to hear the knock on his door, his eyes and thoughts focused solely on the hat and the feelings that were dancing in and out.

Kyo did not fail to see the door open, nor the person who stepped inside the doorframe.

"Tohru says dinners-" Yuki stopped.

Kyo didn't look up at him. What would he say. What would he do? Should he be yelling at him, like he would have before, or-?

"Nii-san helped me make it." Yuki's voice was quiet, hesitant and careful.

Something wrenched inside Kyo, threatening to break.

Somehow, words managed to form from his mind.

"You made this...?" His own voice sounded quiet. It was strange to hear it. He wondered what it sounded like to Yuki, or if he was picking up any of Kyo's feelings. What did Yuki hear?

Kyo looked up at Yuki finally, not knowing what sort of expression was on his face.

What did Yuki see?

Yuki's head nodded in response to his question.

Inside, something inside Kyo finally broke.

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