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Okay, so maybe something inside Kyo hadn't neccesarily broken as much as it had come free.

Kyo found that despite how it had always been between them before, with all the fighting and dislike, he actually enjoyed being around Yuki. Being friends with him - those words still felt a little strange to Kyo - was something that he wasn't used to, of course, but he was slowly getting used to it so that he could open up more. Yuki was certainly helpful in that aspect, as he no longer seemed to have any problems with being open around him, thus allowing Kyo to relax more.

Yuki did feel much more at ease around Kyo now, knowing that he did not in fact hate him.

Yuki found also that he found the time he spent with Kyo...fun, in a way. It was almost like being around a much more level headed Manabe. Of course, Kyo was still hot-headed and sometimes their personalities would clash warningly, but Yuki enjoyed being around Kyo. Though it seemed that Kyo still had a little trouble with relaxing around him, Yuki valued his friendship with Kyo. Though, Yuki had to admit the strange thought of if Kyo and Tohru were to marry (which would most certainly happen), would he see Kyo suddenly as a father figure as he had Tohru a mother figure?

This though always mangaged to make him laugh.

One day, as Kyo and Yuki were waiting for Tohru to get done with her job together, Yuki told Kyo about this.

"I've always seen her as a mother figure..." Yuki said as means of further explanation at Kyo's silence. "...so since you two are together..." Yuki trailed off, wondering if it was a bad idea telling Kyo in the first place.

"Me? ...your father figure?" Kyo's voice sounded choked up. Yuki turned to look at him.

Just as Kyo finally cracked and began laughing.

"Are you kidding me? Ahahaha!" Kyo's grabbed Yuki's shoulder as he doubled over, still laughing. "Your father!"

"It's not that funny..." Yuki muttered.

Tohru suddenly appeared in the doorway of the large building and walked towards them. She looked a little surprised to see Kyo laughing so hard his hat almost fell off.

"Uh...um..." She said uncertainly, wondering if she was interupting.

Kyo turned upon hearing her voice though, and he sombered up a bit, though couldn't keep himself from smiling.

"How was work?" He asked, still chuckling, beginning to walk towards home.

For a moment Yuki just stood there, as he had a few months ago, staring after Kyo as the red head adjusted the dark red hat on his head.

That was the first time he had seen him really laugh.


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