The Sapphire Ninja Chronicles

By: Silver

Summary: Previous titled "The Shadow Ninja Chronicles". First Naruto story. Naruto wasn't the only one that had a spirit sealed inside of him. Naruto had a twin sister, who had the nine-tailed fox's eternal enemy sealed of her, the Sapphire Spirit. They were separated at birth and now both spirits are being drawn together. What will happen when Naruto and his sister, Yune, finally meet? NejiOC, NarutoHinata, SakuraOC, InoShikamaru, KibaOC, GaaraOC, SasukeOC, LeeTenten.

Silver: This is my first ever Naruto story. I can't think of a better title, but you will find out why I chose the title for this story as the story progresses. Please be kind and don't...flame me about the correct details of this story. I had to rewrite this story like 4-5 times already with the help of two of my friends, who are my beloved Naruto experts. But let me explain something to you all before I start this story. Yune is my character. She is purely made and if she sounds like anyone's original character, it's just a mere coincidence. I don't read much Naruto fics and I don't need anyone yelling at me blaming me for stealing their character. Thank you and enjoy the story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. I only own Yune and any other OC's that appear.

"..." - talking

'...' - thinking


The two ninja leaders stood before a table and on that were two babies. Both babies had blonde hair and blue eyes. Althoug they looked alike at first glance, they had slight differences. The older baby, Naruto, had three stripes on each cheek while his sister, Yune, had two thin, blue lines on her back. The two lines almost looked like wings.

The third and fourth Hokages finished cheating as both babies cried, Naruto's cries were the loudest. The Fourth Hokage looked down at them, brushing a tear out of his eye.

"Is it wise to separate them?" He asked, looking at his superior, "Sarutobi?"

The Third Hokage, Sarutobi, nodded, "If they are raised together, the nine-tailed fox demon and the Sapphire Phoenix will clash as they grow up."

Hearing his words, the younger ninja leader shook his head, his eyes still on his two children, "What's going to happen to them?" He asked.

"Yune will be adopted by the Haruno family," Sarutobi answered, "as for Naruto..." He paused in his sentence.

"No one will take him in because of the nine-tailed fox demon sealed inside of him."

"But if Yune and Naruto-"

"No, they cannot be raised together, you know that!" The Third Hokage cut his sentence short, "Now I am going to take Yune to her new family."

Sarutobi lifted a hand, but before he could even touch Yune, the younger Hokage stopped him.

"Wait, can't I at least say good-bye ro my own children?" The ninja leader asked.

Sarutobi sighed, rubbing his forehead. After a minute, he nodded.

"Two minutes." He said before walking off.

Once he was alone with his children, the Fourth Hokage took off his head band, revealing the same hair and eyes as his children. He leaned forward and kissed Yune's forehead first, whispering quietly.

"Yune, don't hate your brother just because of the village. I'm sorry for everything." He then kissed his son's foreheadm "Naruto, don't let the villagers bother you. One day, you'll learn the truth and hate me for it. And for that, I am truly sorry."

The ninja stood straight and ruffled both his children's hair, "I love you both very much." He whispered as the Third Hokage returned.

"It's time." He said.

Silver: I know this chapter is short, but it's only the prologue. I'll add more as soon as I finish up the first chapter. Let me know what you think. Leave a review on your way out. Oh before I leave, I would like to thank my two friends, Brian and Rini for helping me with my Naruto story thus far. Thank you! I hope you leave a review on your way out. Ja'ne.