Sapphire Ninja Chronicles

By: Silver

Summary: Previous titled "The Shadow Ninja Chronicles". First Naruto story. Naruto wasn't the only one that had a spirit sealed inside of him. Naruto had a twin sister, who had the nine-tailed fox's eternal enemy sealed of her, the Sapphire Spirit. They were separated at birth and now both spirits are being drawn together.

What will happen when Naruto and his sister, Yune, finally meet? NejiOC, NarutoHinata, SakuraOC, InoShikamaru, KibaOC, GaaraOC, SasukeOC, LeeTenten.

Silver: Chapter Four! Sorry to keep you waiting! I would like to thank Sakura2693, Skyheart, Yimi Makuya. I'm sorry!


Silver: Do I have too? (Lawyers glare coldly at me) Ok, ok! Um... -nervously glances at the lawyers- I don't own Neji, team 7, or Naruto for that matter -whispers- I actually do own Neji. (lawyers growls) Ok, I only own Yune! Happy?!

"..." - talking

italics - flashbacks/dreams

'...' - thinking

Chapter Four

Naruto tapped his fingers anxiously on the ground. His two team members sat nearby. He sat up.

"Where is Kakashi-sensei?" He whined, "I'm getting bored."

Sakura gripped her hand into a fist as Naruto whined again. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Kakashi-sensei, hurry up already!" Naruto yelled, which only earned him a "Shut up, Naruto" from Sakura.

"Kakashi-sensei said he'd be a little late." Sakura said, glaring at him.

"He's always late." The blonde replied, crossing his arms.

Sakura rolled her eyes as the Inner Sakura felt the same way as Naruto.

'Where the hell is Kakashi-sensei!?" Inner Sakura yelled.

Sasuke's black eyes looked over at the path as footsteps approached. It was Kakashi.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura and Naruto yelled in unison.n

Kakashi looked at them boredly, "Sorry for being late." he said.

"What were you doing? Reading your boring novels?" Naruto asked, looking at his sensei.

Kakashi was always reading a book, even during a training session. His teacher shook his head.

"No, I was fetching the newest member of our team." The Copy Ninja answered, his uncovered eye looking at the boy.

Sakura's face lit up, "Is it a girl?"

Naruto grinned sheepishly, "A new member? Maybe I can get him to be my new training partner!"

Sasuke shook his head, 'Both of them are annoying.'

'Cha! If it's a girl, she better not steal my Sasuke!' Inner Sakura growled, flames surrounding her.

"Now that I got your attention, I want you three to make her feel welcome." Kakashi stepped to the side, revealing the new member.

Sakura's and Naruto's eyes widened Sasuke glanced over.

"Yune-chan!" Naruto yelled excitedly as their new member was revealed.

"Don't be so friendly with my sister, you idiot!" Sakrua yelled, chasing after Naruto as he ran up to Yune.

Yune sweatdropped as both of them came running up to her. She quickly moved her hands before yelling.

"Substitution Jutsu!"

Naruto hugged her only to stare at her in surprise. In his arms was a life size doll of Yune.

"Yune turned into a doll!" He exclaimed, shocked at hugging the doll.

Sakura growled, looking around for Yune, "Yune, get your butt out here!"

Yune smled nervously, peeking out from behind Kakashi, "Sorry. Both of you spooked me." She said as Naruto sighed in relief.

Kakashi smiled, "That was a nice substitution."

"T-thank you, Kakashi-sensei." she looked at Sasuke and her other team mates.

Naruto was first to speak. A grin was on his face.

"Yune-chan, I thought you were on Bushy brows team?" He asked.

"Naruto!" Sakura glared at him as Yune sweatdropped.

"I told Lord Hokage to put her with us, Naruto." Kakashi placed a hand on her shoulder, "Yune, I'm going to test you and see what you learned from Gai, ok?"

Yune nodded, "Yes sir."

Kakashi looked over at Sasuke, "Sasuke, I want you to train with Yune. Test her skills in dodging."

The black haired boy stood, his eyes staring indifferently at the blonde. He walked up to Yune as Sakura fumed.

"Kakashi-sensei, why don't I get to train with Sasuke? Yune will get hurt!" Sakura said jealously.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Just be quiet, Sakura."

Yune looked up at him curiously, "So, you're Sasuke of the Uchiha Clan."

Naruto and Sakura exchanged looks as Sasuke sighed.

"I knew it, another stupid fan girl."

Yune frowned and she lunged at him. Before Sasuke could do anything, four Yunes had pinned him down.

"What the hell?" Sasuke struggled as the original Yune towered over him.

"Actually Sasuke-kun, I find you annoying. Sakura goes on and on about you so much that I find myself hating you...a lot. I do admire your Sharingan skill. After all it's the famous mirror wheel eye that allows it's user to copy their opponents' movves."

Sakura squeaked in surprise as Naruto looked at her sister in admiration, "She, she took down Sasuke in one minute."

"Awesome, Yune-chan!" Naruto cheered.

Kakashi chuckled, his gaze on Yune and Sasuke, "Smart and cunning."

"Get off!" Sasuke growled, glaring at her.

Yune got on one knee and peered into his eyes. She looked at Sakura.

"Honestly Onee-chan. What do you see in this jerk?" She asked.

After struggling for two minutes, Sasuke gave up and fumed. Yune smiled and patted Sasuke's head.

"Good, Sasuke-kun." Yune cooed ruffling his hair, "I"ll let you up. Only if you say 'Yune Rocks'."

"What!" Sasuke looked up at her in shock as Naruto snickered.

Kakashi scratched his head, "How did Gai handle her?"

"Say it!"


"Say it! I said say it!"

"Damn it..." Sasuke looked away, growling, ""

Yune giggled as her clones disappeared. She did the peace sign, a smirk ono her face.

"I rock, I rule." She said as an annoyed Sasuke stood, dusting off his pants.

"You're annoying." He muttered.

Kakashi shook his head. This was going to be a long day...

Japanese Words

-kun - used at the end of a boy's name.

-chan - used at the end of a girl's name.

Onee-chan - big sister.