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Prologue: Even In Death


"…Gomen nasai…" she whispered, her eyes downcast, as she stood before him, "It's not like that!" she pleaded, shaking her head to avoid the tears that threatened to seep out as she now found his back to her.

Shido couldn't bring himself to look at Riho, therefore, he had turned his back to her. Their fight had started over a woman who had been seen hanging around Shido, claiming to have some sort of supernatural case that needed his attention. The case had eventually led to a breed; however, Riho's distrust in the woman was what had elevated the situation.

Shido was still in shock after the incident with Cain and the visions that he had placed in his mind, that he had allowed his anger to get the better of him and had snapped at the one that he feared the most to lose, accusing her of merely being jealous of the woman in need and that she was acting like a child. Even now he was sorry for what he had said.

Guni watched on, floating between the pair as she looked at Riho with her pained expression and then to Shido's back.

"…I'm so sorry that you think that way of me…" Riho managed to speak before slowly heading for the door.

"Riho wait!" cried Guni as she watched the young vampire open the front door, "Shido!" she pleaded, floating in front of him, "You can't just let her go like this!"

A click was heard as the door closed behind Riho…

"…Shido…" whispered Guni, true at first glance one would never have guessed that she had been a fan of the little twerp, however, it pained her to find two people who she cared for being in such pain. "…Why did you…"

Shido let out of a sigh, his shoulders slumping, at the thought of hurting Riho, "…Don't worry Guni," he tried to come off as being humble, "I'll apologize later tonight when she returns home."

Guni had a hopeful smile appear on her face in an instant, "…Phew…you know Riho really does care about you, I don't think she was being jealous, Shido."

Shido sighed again…no…there had been some things about this case that weren't adding up…


'…Gomen nasai…' she thought as she quietly walked down the empty side street, '…It really wasn't like that Shido-san. If you always think of me as a child, then I suppose that you will never love me, will you?' she thought bitterly, as the tears threatened to spill once more.


"…She's finally alone," came a voice in the shadows.

"You're positive that her sire is not in the area, sir?" came the reply of a young man who was not as confident as his master.

"…Positive…" came his master's answer as he smirked, watching the unsuspecting girl, "She is beautiful, however, she also holds the key to making my eternal darkness a reality…"


Yayoi had just left the scene of the latest crime as the tires of her car squealed into the parking garage to Shido's office building. She got out of the car and slammed the door behind her before running toward the stairwell.


Shido was looking over the daily newspaper, however, his thoughts were of a certain brunette who he had managed to push away earlier that day. He would certainly have to apologize the moment she arrived home.

It was then that he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Guni grinned in anticipation, "Riho's back, now you can make with the begging for her forgiveness," she teased.

Shido sweatdropped, but as the door flew open to reveal Yayoi and not Riho a serious look appeared on his face.

"…Sh-Shido…" managed Yayoi, out of breath, as she entered the room and trying not to lose her composure, walked up to his desk and placed her palms on the desk top.

"Yayoi?" questioned Shido, as he looked at the NOS Agent standing before him, "Has something happened with the case?"

"…Shido…" she tried once more and took a deep breath, "…There's been another casualty…a young girl…"

"I'll get my coat," he said before standing, only to have Yayoi gently push him back down, "…I just came from the scene…" her voice was breaking, it was taking all of her willpower to not blurt out the information.

Guni hovered beside Shido and could see the emotion in Yayoi's eyes as she tried to make him sit. "Yayoi, does it look like a breed did it?"

Yayoi couldn't bring herself to nod or shake her head as she stared into Shido's eyes, "…The girl…" she took a deep breath, "…it was Riho…"

Shido's eyes widened in shock after hearing Yayoi's statement, "What are you…what are you, talking about?" he mumbled in disbelief as Yayoi leaned back to give him room.

Guni, trying not to show her alarm decided to make with the jokes, "Haha…very funny Yayoi, seriously, what happened?" she questioned, crossing her arms over her chest.

Yayoi didn't know if she could bring herself to describing the scene but she knew she would have to try if she were going to bring the vampire to acceptance. "…It's no joke," she whispered, her voice almost lifeless, "…I received a call from NOS not long before I arrived. A young girl was found dead…"



"A girl?" questioned Yayoi, from her car phone, "I'll be right there!"

As she pulled into the crime scene, police officers were trying to hold people back behind the yellow tape. Yayoi showed her badge to one of the officers and was allowed access.

"What do we have here?" she began, standing next to one of the officers.

"Young girl, beautiful little thing too I'd imagine," began the officer, as he slid up his glasses after handing her the crime folder.

"Any idea of what she died from?" Yayoi could see the officer cringe after she had asked her question. "That bad?"

"…Ma'am, I don't think you really want to know about this one…" warned the officer, trying to spare her.

"Sir, it's my job…" she replied before heading toward the body in mention. She sat down and carefully pulled back the blanket to reveal, "…Riho…" she nearly fell to her knees in shock. "…Oh my god…"

Yayoi looked down at the lifeless body of her young friend. Her throat had been cut leaving her surrounded in a pile of crimson, and hardly a place on her body spared from what would appear to be knife markings.

"…Yeah…it looks like they didn't want to take any chances of our poor little thing living, so they slit her wrists too…" whispered the officer, taking his hat from his head as he looked down at the poor young woman before him.


"…Shido…" whispered Yayoi after she had informed him of the horrid image that she had witnessed.

Shido merely sat in his chair in awe; no this wasn't right, it wasn't supposed to be like this.

'…She was supposed to be with me for eternity…right?' he thought, 'This is some horrible image created by Cain, I'll wake up, soon…and when I do I'll find Riho in the kitchen making coffee or arguing with Guni…'

Guni had tears in her eyes, "…No…not Riho…it couldn't have been!" she pleaded with the NOS Agent. "It's not possible!"

Yayoi averted her gaze as she looked down in shame, which only confirmed the worse to Guni. She looked back to Shido who had the same terrified look on his face, as he had when he had awoken from Cain's dream.

"I have to see her," he whispered, so low at first that Yayoi thought that she had been hearing things, until he repeated the statement.

"…Shido, no…you shouldn't…she's too…"

Guni wiped her eyes with the back of her hand; she knew what Yayoi was trying to say. Shido merely stood up, and grabbed his coat.

"Either tell me where she is or drive me there," he stated his voice almost void of emotion.


As Yayoi pulled out the drawer in the morgue, Guni popped out of her hair, only to later regret doing so.

"…Oh this can't be!" she cried out after taking one look at the lifeless girl before her eyes.

The smell of death was all around them, and Shido could not pinpoint Riho's exact essence.

Yayoi had to turn her head from the sight, it was far too much for a second glance. She thought it best to leave Shido, for having a woman there to watch him mourn wasn't nearly as bad as the thoughts that must be raging through his mind.


Shido looked down at the pale young woman before him, as he gently placed his hand on one of her own. No life would come from her now, and he could see why Yayoi had not wanted him to come. The girl that had pledged herself to him, to walk in eternal darkness, with him, was no longer beautiful to the eye after someone or something had finished with her.

'…Riho…no…this truly can't be real. You were supposed to stay with me…Gomen that I made you cry earlier…' he whispered, the tears now escaping as he brought her cold hand to his lips. '…I know now that you were just concerned about me…but please…if this is a dream let me wake up…'


Riho slowly opened her eyes, the smells around her were unfamiliar and she could sense someone in the room with her. Her eyes slowly focused, she felt drugged, and that was when her eyes opened wide in realization.



She had been completely absorbed in her thoughts of Shido that she had only sensed the presence of another too late. She winced as she felt an arm wrap around her from behind and another covering her mouth. Before she could bring herself to fight, she felt a needle in the side of her neck. Before losing consciousness she could make out the sound of a man, "…Beautiful…help me for you are the key…"


'…Where am I?' she thought, as she took in her surroundings. She was in a room, much similar to her bedroom at her old apartment; however, there were no windows and the door in the room, after further observation was obviously locked.

She took a step back trying to get her thoughts in order as she felt the presence behind her. Riho gasped as a strong arm wrap around her waist from behind, pulling her into the embrace of a man, his other hand rested on her cheek as he whispered in her ear, "How do you like your new home, beautiful?"


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