Chapter 2: Dreaming Of You


Her voice was calling to him in the darkness…but she was still unobtainable to him no matter how hard he tried, the darkness never ended.

"Shido-san? Shido-san, please answer me!" her voice rang out causing him to turn and take off running toward its source.

'That voice, it's so familiar,' thought the vampire as he continued to head toward her voice, his eyes widened when he came to the end of a corridor to find a beautiful girl with flowing auburn hair and a black Victorian styled dress standing with her back to him, his blood ran cold, "R-Riho?"

She slowly turned, her brown eyes large, as she brought her hand to cover her mouth, "Shido-san…you came?" she whispered in awe.

He felt as though his feet had a mind of their own as he started toward her, he could make out the flowing tears streaming down her cheeks, her eyes glistening as she took a step toward him.

"Riho…where have you been? I've been searching every where for you…" informed her sire, reaching out his hand to her.

"You really came for me," stated the young vampire, holding out her hand to grasp his own.

His hand never came though, for she was snatched away by the darkness once more and her cries echoed throughout the corridor…


Shido sat up with a bolt; it was that same dream again. Every time he fell asleep whether at his desk or in his coffin he would have the reoccurring dream, and each time he saw her face and her glistening tears his human heart would tighten.

Why did she have to plague his dreams? And what was the darkness that caused for her to be unobtainable to him? Was it his guilt that created the sick scene or was it something more?

'Riho…I miss you more than I thought I would…' thought the vampire as he sat at his desk, 'How long has it been since you left me?'

His eyes drifted to the calendar, he could now see that it was June, Riho's favorite time of the year when all of the flowers would be in full bloom, especially the sunflowers—her favorite. She had died in April, and a week after her death was when the dreams began.

At first he would find himself in a manor and her voice would echo throughout the establishment. She was always calling for him, calling to him with that voice so sweet and loving that he would race to the top of the stairs to find her. How she would cry and he could hear her sobs ricochet down the multiple hallways, she would whisper her desires of seeing him once more, and when he would call her name he would hear no reply.

It wasn't until recently that he had been able to see her, for she would appear to him, beautiful and her features frozen in time before him, in an elegant black dress with white ballroom gloves, her flowing auburn hair trailing down her back as she stared at him in disbelief. When she came to him it was so real, far more lucid than any dream, it was as though she was really standing before him, reaching out to him, and pleading to return to him yet some unknown force was preventing her from doing so.

His thoughts were broken as the front door flew open to reveal Yayoi in the doorway, "Shido, we've got a case and it looks to be right up your alley," she informed, before walking into the office and placing a manila envelope on his desk.

Shido took the envelope and upon opening it pulled out its contents. He arched an eyebrow, his eyes falling on a stack of crime scene photos.

"Yayoi, these people…"

"Hai, they all appear to have suffered from severe blood loss," she replied, pointing precisely to the victims' necks, "do you think Cain is in town?"

"Cain's specialty isn't dumping bodies in alleys or gutters," began the lavender haired detective, "but it's definitely worth looking into. Is there a certain area where the killings are occurring?"

Yayoi couldn't help but smile, Shido was back, maybe not entirely but this case couldn't have come at a better time.


Riho awoke with a start, 'Shido-san…I have to see him…I need more than just our brief nightly visits.'

Her eyes narrowed upon hearing the door of her room open, she had to see him tonight, even if she couldn't risk talking to him…

Riho closed her eyes, if everything that Haru had said was in deed true then she couldn't risk seeing Shido. Haru was truly as power a vampire as Cain and as much as she wanted to run to Shido's arms, she knew first hand of dealing with a vampire of Cain's level.

Haru smirked as his lips left her own, things were going nicely. Her sire thought that she had died months ago, and once the preparations were finished they would be leaving this city and heading to Europe. It amazed him how easy it was to keep her at his side. It was true that she was very bound to Shido, but in time she would see that her sire could not give her the life that was desired of any vampire.

With her at his side his eternal darkness would be achieved, for she possesses powers far beyond her level of knowledge and he would be the one to help her realize her own worth. Far more than her pathetic sire could ever hope to.

One thing still bothered him though, why would she not feed with him? She would rather take her blood cold, long after the human was dead, then drink with him. Was she still bound by her human heart? It was truly troublesome…


It had been hours since Yayoi and Shido had split up to scout the area. Guni had gone with Yayoi so that in case of an emergency she could alert Shido. Shido had examined the latest body briefly before heading to the locations where the other bodies had been discovered. Something definitely did not feel right; it wasn't until he passed by a manor on his way to one of the sites that his sense of smell alerted him.

'That smell…' his eyes widened, at the thought, 'it smells like her…' he found himself mesmerized by the establishment in front of him and slowly opened the gates. 'It's just like my dream…'


She quickly caught her breath, leaning up against a wall in one of the corridors of the old establishment. It was only a matter of time before she was found and forced to return to Haru, but her desire to see Shido was enormously strong. She just needed to see him alive and well before she would be satisfied, just one last time to know if he was alright.

She knew that Haru would return and find the servant knocked out in her bedroom, so time was precious to her now. When she had first found herself out of the room she realized that her living quarters were underground of a rather large establishment, and as she had found herself up to the ground floor it was only then that she became aware of the fact that she was living in a run down early Victorian manor of sorts obviously hidden on the outskirts of the city.

Her breath caught in her lungs as she heard the front door open…


Shido began cautiously, stepped through the front doorway to find a poorly lit, spacious walkway. His vampire eyes were the only thing that allowed him to see a set of stairs before him, ones that he would have known anywhere. His eyes widened as a familiar essence invaded his senses before slowly starting up the stairs.


"Yayoi, this is getting us nowhere!" whined Guni, popping out from Yayoi's hair, "Maybe Shido's having better luck than we are?"

"Perhaps we shouldn't have let Shido go off on his own," questioned Yayoi, "I wonder if he can really handle this if he does come across a vampire or even a breed?"

Guni let out a sigh, "Yeah, he's been so down since Riho's death, I've never seen him like this."

"Riho became a constant in Shido's life, Guni, it's only natural that he would take her death to heart," she replied, walking back to her car, "I'm returning to NOS, perhaps some new leads have come in."


Shido turned the corner leading down the corridor, his could feel his blood turning cold, each intricate detail was the same as in his dream, his footsteps softly echoing as he moved.


Riho gasped quietly, and quickly headed down the corridor, she was certain that Haru had returned and if she was caught there was no hope of ever seeing Shido again. She had overheard Haru speaking to one of his servants about Europe and departing sometime soon, and if she didn't take this chance tonight then she would live all eternity never knowing if Shido was alright without her.

The darkness was blinding, if it wasn't for her vampire eyes she would have surely tripped or gotten lost within the walls of the manor's labyrinth. She stopped as the hallway before her split off trying to decide which way to head.

However, her decision was hastened as she heard footsteps coming toward her. She quickly opened the door to the first room she saw and quietly closed it behind her, as she slowly backed away from the door.


Shido was certain now that this was the manor from his dreams and each step heightened his anticipation, the familiar essence was wafting through the corridor and he could see the end drawing closer.

It felt like a lifetime before he reached its ending and turned left, however, his keen sense of hearing alerted him of a noise coming from the right, in one of the rooms to be precise. He cautiously stood outside of the door to the room and prepared himself for a battle, as he slowly took the knob in hand and turned it.

The door slowly pushed open as he stood in the doorway, within the room he could make out a dusty bureau, a table and two chairs positioned near the window, and a tattered sofa, indicating that the room must have been a sitting room at one time. However, none of this mattered when his gaze locked on a silent figure standing in the corner of the room cast within the darkness.

He opened the door wider to allow the moonlight shining through the hallway window to fall into the room, and his eyes widened in response as he found a girl with flowing auburn hair and a black dress standing in the corner with her back to him.

His movements were slow and forced as he found himself walking toward her, the words caught in his throat, before managing to speak, "…Riho…"

Slowly she turned toward him, her eyes falling on the form of the lavender haired vampire; she stood in shock for a moment before the tears finally fell from her brown eyes and cascaded down her pale cheeks.

"Shido…you're really here?" her voice was no more than a whisper, before her eyes widened in awe at his actions.

Shido was in front of her in an instant, if she was really a breed then he would be dead soon, but he didn't care, he would take the risk. She was so close to him now, his hands resting on her arms, his lips so close to her neck, as he inhaled her essence.

It was that same familiar essence, the one that he had become so accustomed to waking up with every morning, there was no way a breed could mimic her scent. He was her sire after all, his very blood coursed through her veins. He looked up the moment her tear drop made contact with his cheek.

"Riho…" he breathed her name and crushed her to him as he wrapped his arms around her crying form.

Her wide brown eyes let loose an on sought of tears, realizing that it really was her sire before her. He was alright and she had gotten her wish.

"Shido-san," she whispered, wrapping her arms around his back, and holding him close, "Shido-san, I missed you so much…"

Shido couldn't get enough of her essence, she was really there, this wasn't a dream, he ran his fingers through her soft auburn tresses, "Riho, how can you really be here?"

She pressed her cheek up against his own and cried, "I don't have time to explain, Shido-san, and I would have come to you if I could. I wanted to see you so badly."

He felt her hand cupping the side of his face as he held her closer, "Riho, who is keeping you away? What happened when you left my office? I saw your body at the morgue."

"His name is Haru," she whispered almost reluctant to speak his name in the presence of her sire, she could already feel his body tense up, "he's…"

His body became rigid as the question was uttered, "Did he touch you?"

She pressed her cheek against his once more, "…Hai…" she gasped feeling him move away from her, her worst fears were now running through her mind, as she watched his eyes.

"Gomen nasai, Riho. I should have never ignored you for so long, you were dream walking and I was too caught up in my own emotional turmoil to realize that you were suffering as much as I," he apologized, his eyes softening, "I won't let you suffer anymore."

Her eyes followed his in confusion, "You still want me?" she questioned, almost in disbelief.

"Riho, you pledged yourself to me for all eternity, and I can't live an eternity without you," he whispered, watching as the tears continued to flow down her pale cheeks, before bringing his hands to cup the sides of her face.

"I can't leave him," she whispered, the tears continuing to fall, "he'll kill you…his control over me is too strong, I can always hear his voice in my head."

"There's no stronger bond then the one that you and I share, Riho," he informed her, wiping away her tears, "trust me enough to protect you, I won't leave here without you."

"…But…" her voice was stopped as she felt his lips upon hers, letting out a sigh, "you don't have to do this…I've been with him, I know you must hate me…"

Shido's emerald eyes bore into her brown orbs, "I could never hate you, Riho…it makes me sick to think that he's touched you, I won't lie, but believe me when I say that I'm not doing this for any reasons beyond the fact that I want to," he informed, watching a small smile appear on her face before closing her eyes once more, before he covered her lips with his once more.

"…Shido…" she breathed his name, before wrapping her arms around his neck and holding him close, "please don't leave me…"


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