Hello everyone! I had some spare time this morning and I was felt like writing something with Sasuke and Sakura in it. I've written so many happy stories with them in it that I decided it was time for a sad one. I wrote this in only ten minutes, so please no flames if you think it's bad. I've been having trouble writing stories lately due to my high amount of stress. Sorry if it's poorly written. Anyways, please review!

Struggling, the pink-haired woman picked herself up off the ground. Bruises dotted her body and gashes bled crimson. Her green eyes portrayed hope which stung the mans heart. Sakura Haruno stood in front of Sasuke Uchiha, a kunai held firmly in her pale hand. Onyx was locked with emerald.

"Come back," she demanded for the second time. Those were the words she had used only ten minutes ago before she attacked him. "I loved you, I lost you, and now I want you back. Come back to Konoha where you belong."

"No." The simple answer from Sasuke made tears blur her vision. He hadn't wanted to hurt her so badly during their battle, but she had been so persistent. Eyes widening, he watched Sakura place the tip of the kunai against her chest.

"I still love you more than anything, Sasuke. I'd rather die than live without you. I was a flower and you were my light. When you left Konoha, I wilted. I'm nothing more than a withered flower. If the light will not return to help me grow, then what is my purpose for clinging onto my last bit of life?" The woman didn't let the man say a word. She thrust the kunai into her chest. Coughing up blood, her body slowly started to collapse. Before she could hit the ground, Sasuke caught her.

"Sakura," he whispered, still in utter disbelief. After scanning her body with his eyes, he fell to his knees with Sakura still in his arms, finally accepting the fact that it wasn't just a nightmare. Tears stung his eyes as he gazed down at her pale face.

A weak smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. "I've always wanted you to hold me." Slowly, her breathing was becoming more shallow. She forced her eyes to stay open for a bit longer, staring at the man she had loved for all her life. "Maybe I can finally be happy on the other side. Just never forget me, and never forget that I love you. You stole my heart, Sasuke, and you will always have my heart. Even after I die."

He heard her take her last breath, her eyes closing. His tears hit her cold face. The death of his former teammate and friend was his fault, he knew this. He lifted her up and tucked the top of her head under his chin, his strong arms wrapped around the delicate frame.

"I never got to tell you so many things," he choked out. Running his fingers over her pink locks made him tremble. "You also stole my heart, and you took it with you when you left this world. I not only wanted to kill Itachi to get revenge, but to also protect you. I was afraid that if I confessed my feelings before killing Itachi, then I would at one point have you die in my arms. I wanted to be with you forever. I never got the chance to tell you so many other things, but most importantly, that I loved you back."

Sasuke found the kunai that Sakura had stuck in her heart and gently pulled it out of the woman. "What is the purpose of light by itself?" Without hesitation, the man sunk the kunai into his own chest.