Erin looked around at the people standing near her and her friends. Everyone was dressed in black, and most of them had tear staind faces. Erin felt horrible that she wasn't able to save the other tweleve students at the school. The guilt was killing her inside, but she refused to show it. She wished that she told them and get everyone out of the school. Although, at the same time, she knew even if she did tell them, most would have ignored her.

"Michael Buck was the most intellegent student in our school. He had the potential to make it very far in life. He helped out with all the school activities and many other things in the community. Michael was a very well known student that had many friends."

As the principal spoke, a women not very far ahead of Ian and Erin started to cry again. Erin figured that it was his mother. The man beside her gently put his arm around her shoulders as she wiped away her tears. After the principal was finished, he called upon Michael's parents to come up and talk about him. The sobbing women looked at her husband, and they walked up together.

"Michael was our only child," Mrs Buck sobbed. Her hands shook as she looked down at the paper in her hands. It was easy to see that she was having problems. "He meant the world to us. He was our pride and joy. Michael had a wild imagination, he wanted to be a writer. Not only could he write, but he could draw too. And play the guitar. He taught himself."

She took a deep breath, more tears streaming down her face. Shaking her head, she handed the paper to her husband. After clearing his throat, he started to read where she had left off. "He cared for everyone. If he saw something or someone that was hurt, he made sure they got the attention that they needed. He was always like this, even when he was a little kid. He was very interested in Buddhism, and as most of you probably know, he quoted Buddha very often. With almost any subject, he could come up with a quote from Buddha. His favorite of all time was, 'You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.' It was the one that he used the most. Atleast, around home."

Mr and Mrs Buck gave each other sad glances as their son's favorite song started to play. They slowly walked back to their seats.

"Thank you Mr and Mrs Buck." The principal walked back up to the microphone. After a few moments, he started to speak again. "Chelsea Croy wasn't the most liked student. She was very quiet, and usually kept to herself. She was in every Art Class that Bluegrove University has to offer. Her art was amazing. We all know that she would have gotten very far with her art. Almost every waking moment of her time, seemed to be spent on her art. It was her passion, and it was her life. Would Chelsea's parents like to come up and say a few words?"

Everyone looked around the crowd. After a few seconds, Ian finally said, "She doesn't have any parents, sir."

"Any guardians or friends of hers want to come up?"

No one said a word. Since Erin was somewhat a friend of hers, she walked forward. She sighed as she got to the microphone and looked around. She wasn't really one to do stuff like this. But, she felt bad for Chelsea. "Chelsea's dad abonded her at a young age. I believe she was one. Her mother was left alone to take care of her. When she was ten, her mother died. She was brutaly murdered. Thats when Chelsea was sent to live with her aunt and uncle. They didn't pay much attention to her. Thats when she became really into art. Her aunt and uncle are rich, and they gave her the money to come here just to get rid of her. She was a great person, once you got to know her. Since she was shy, it was hard to find that out. I know that if she tried, she could have had many friends."

As Erin finished, she had tears in her eyes. Chelsea reminded her of herself, but Chelsea was better at art. She left the stage and walked back to Ian.

"Ahh, thank you, Erin Ulmer. That was something about Chelsea that I never knew." He looked down at the list of names and sighed. There were still ten names to go through. It was getting hard on everyone, including him. "Rohan Shaw was a class clown. Everyone knew him, and most people loved him. No matter how down someone was, he could make them laugh with something. Rohan was never sad, atleast, he never showed sadness. Everywhere he went, he wore a smile. Even when he got into trouble, his smile would hardly fade. He always looked on the brightside."

Before he could even finish, Rohan's mother was staggering to the stage. It was easy to see that she was drunk. She grabbed the microphone away from him. It was hard to understand her she was so drunk."My son, was the light of my life. He kept me sober, and and and happy, and alive. Without him..."

She was pulled off the stage before she was able to finish her sentence. She started to scream at the teachers that were holding onto her. They pulled her as far away from the others and waited for the police to show up and get her.

Rohan's girlfriend stood up and walked slowly towards the stage. Her hands shook as she opened the paper that her speech was on. "Rohan was the most amazing person that I have ever met. He will always have a place in my heart. It was rare to see him sad. Although I know it is really hard, I know that if he could say one thing right now, it would be, 'Don't be sad that we have died. Look on the brightside, we are going to be in a better place.' "

Mr. Armstrong thanked Susie as she headed back to her seat. He adjusted his glasses as he started to read the next name on his list. "Kendra MucCullough was a very popular girl. Her homework didn't always get done, and her grades weren't the best. She was invited to every party, and was not afraid of anything."

Kendra's twin sister Cheyenne got up. For once, she was not where any makeup. Her brown hair was a mess, and looked like it hadn't been brushed in a week. She stared at the piece of paper in her hands for the longest time before she started to read. "Kendra inspired my greatly. She definately got the better half of the egg. She was the type of person who was always the first to dance on the dance floor, and liked almost every type of music. Although, her favorite music was rap, and her favorite artist was Eminem. Kendra could not go a day without listening to Eminem. Her favorite song by him was Lose Yourself. She knew every word, to every song that he sang. We even went to all his concerts. Atleast, all the concerts he did near here. One time we even met him. The picture she got with him, was her favorite picture of all time. She kept it beside her bed in a frame at all times. Everytime she went out of town, or spent the night at someones house, she'd bring it with her."

This time, instead of Mr. Armstrong getting onto the stage, it was the football team. The eighteen boys stood there silently, with sadden looks on each of their faces. They had lost their two best players to the shooting. And for once, each of the boys were wearing suits. Most days, they were wearing their football gear, or big baggy clothes. It was strange to see them actually dressed up. Some could say that they cleaned up rather nicely.

"Jordan Westwick and Tyler Harland were the two best teammates that played on Bluegrove University."

"Yes, although the team has seen many great players, these two have helped us win every game," a second boy added.

"Although they are gone, we believe they made each and everyone of us on the team stronger. We will win the big game coming up, just for those two," the first boy said. It was easy to tell that he was holding back tears. He had been very close to both boys. The three were inseperable until the day of the shooting.

"We all know that it may be hard to win this game without them. But, we believe that we can do it," another boy said, realizing the others fallin expression.

"All that we have to do is believe!"

"AND JUST WIN!" a boy yelled.

Erin shivered as she looked at the guy. He reminded her a lot of Lewis Romero from back in McKinely. She knew that it wasn't him since she had been to his funeral. But, she had the strange feeling that they were related in some way. Since she wasn't too much into sports, she hadn't realized that he was so fimilar until that moment. She also did not know his name. The only reason she would even care, was to find out if he was related to Lewis in any way. It was rumored that all of Lewis' family was very into sports, especially Football.

Erin sighed and looked over at Ian as the footballers talked about how great Tyler and Jordan were.Tyler had been the captain of the football team before he had died. This made the team stay up there longer then anyone else. Mostly because, they discussed who was going to be the new captain of the team. They thought that the school should have a say in it.

Finally, the boys got off the stage and headed back to their seats. Erin grabbed Ian's arm and pulled it towards herself, looking at his watch. A small sigh escaped her lips, "They were up there for forty-five minutes!" she whispered so that only Ian could hear her.

"I know," Ian replied, rolling his eyes. "I hate them. They annoy the hell out of me."

"Me too," Adriane nodded in agreement.

Yet again, Mr. Armstrong did not go onto the stage. This time, it was the cheerleading squad. Atleast, what was left of them. Erin rolled her eyes. She heated the cheerleaders. They had always annoyed her. Neither her nor Ian understood why girls like them were so popular. But, even though she hated them, she felt horrible that four of them had been killed.

One girl stood up close to the microphone. She looked horrible. For once, her hair and makeup weren't done. Her hair was a huge mess, and her cheeks were stained with tears and black mascara.

"We didn't just lose cheermates, we lost our best friends," the girl named Sheila sobbed.

Another girl got up beside Sheila. She too, looked awful. Larege bags formed under her eyes, and she too had horrible, messy hair. She looked a lot like Sheila with the way she was dressed. Although, she did not have mascara stains.

"Allison Lawerence, Jess Peterson, Melissa Barton, and Bailey Nyackwere four very amazing cheerleaders, as you all know."

"Allison was a great captain. She will be very missed."

"She taught us the most amazing cheers and routines."

"And as you all know, her and Tyler were dating."

Both Ian and Erin rolled their eyes as Alyssa added, "They were the cutest couple in the school. If not in the town."

"All four of these girls were amazing. Each were beautiful, and had great personalities. Everybody loved them."

Erin rolled her eyes again. She looked at Ian and whispered, "bull-shit." He laughed and nodded his head in agreement.

The cheerleaders kept talking for about a half an hour. Erin rest her head gently on Ian's shoulder as the girls spoke. It grew very boring, very fast. Especially since Erin hated these girls. No matter how bad she felt for them, she didn't want to listen to them babble like the bimbos they were. She was happy when the girls finally left the stage.

Erin sighed as it came the time for her and her friends to get on the stage. The next, and last, two people were a gay couple. Hardly anyone else in the school would accept the two. If she had seen them die in her permonition, she would have saved them as well. She wished that she was able to save everybody. Even the people she didn't really like. She still felt horrible that they died. Especially for their families.

Ian grabbed Erin's hand and looked at Cameron and Katie. Cameron nodded as if he read Ian's mind. The four of them headed towards the stage.

Erin unfolded the paper in her hands. As she did so, her hands shook violently. She knew that talking about these two was going to be harder then talking about Chelsea. These two were much closer friends to her.

"Although many of you may disagree, Jeff Preeper and Bryston Griffith were the cutest couple in this school. The cutest couple, ever. They were also two of the sweetest people in the world." Erin spoke as a few guys in the crowd booed.

Ian gave them all a dirty look. Then he looked back at Erin as if telling her to go on. But instead, she handed the paper over to Ian. "These two boys, were very good friends of ours. And they were truly amazing. They could act, sing, and dance, and were very good at all three."

Katie took the paper, and tried not to cry. Even though she was tough, she was not ashamed to admit that she cried. But, she forced herself not to, "Although they were gay, and of course, we all knew it since it was obvious, they could act as great heterosexual men."

"If you had only seen them act, you would never have known that they were gay." Cameron added, tears streaming down his face.

Erin looked over at him sympathetically. She knew how he felt losing two of her best friends. But figured it was probably harder on Cam. He was gay too. Bryston and Jeff were the two that helped him come out of the closest.

"They seemed to be great at everything that they did." Erin said, taking Cameron's hand in a comforting way. Just to let him know that he had his other friends still.

"And more of you would have seen that, if you just tried. If you just saw passed them being gay. Being different." Ian added to Erin's comment.

"There is nothing really wrong with being gay. Everyone is the same inside. Gays, blacks, everyone."

"Love and friendship are not about race, gender, sexuality, or anything else of the sort. I know that everyone here could have gotten along with these two boys, had they tried."

The four looked at each other sadly as they finished up. Slowly, they all started to climb off of the stage and back to their spots. They got back and faced the stage again as Mr. Armstrong got up. After a sigh and a long pause of silience, he started to talk again. "Now, if any of you would like to come up and pay a final rememberance to those that we lost, please do so now."

Erin grabbed the two flowers that she had brought. She couldn't only bring one, she hadn't only lost one person that she loved-she lost two. Both Jeff and Bryston were very close friends of hers. She wished that she had a flower for Chelsea as well, since she wasn't sure if anyone brought her one. Chelsea had been a major outcast, as she had pointed out while she was talking about her. As she lay her two flowers by the memorial stone, she started to cry. She hated to cry infront of people, especially this many people, but she couldn't help it. Not at that moment. She felt like it was partly her fault that she didn't save them.

Ian grabbed her and held onto her tightly. He was sad aswell, but he couldn't cry. Atleast, not while he was trying to comfort Erin. Ian could tell that she was blaming herself for their deaths. He kissed her forehead gently then started to whisper in her ear. "Erin, it's not your fault."

Erin cried into his chest. "Yes it is. I should have warned the whole school."

"'s not your fault. You didn't know. You didn't have time." he whispered "Don't feel guilty."

"Ian...I should have saved them. I should have tried."

"If you did, you would be dead along with them and probably many others."

"Your right...I guess..." Erin sighed, her face still burried in his chest. She could feel the stares of everybody standing around them. She knew that they were probably wondering what her and Ian were talking about. All the she hoped was that they didn't think that she was the killer. Although, she was sure that they wouldn't. The voice was a mans, and he had been much larger then her. In more ways then one. He was taller, and more buff.

I have never been to a funeral or anything of the sort, so this chapter was kinda hard. Hope that it is still good! And sorry that it took so long to get up! also, sorry it's so short! got stuck