Stargate SG-1

Vala Mal Doran, Vala/Daniel

An entry on vala's journal

#39 "This space that i'm under it's making me wonder what is out there"

I feel like a prisoner.

I've been here for months and i have merely glimpsed this planet

I asked Daniel to take me sight seeing. He said no, he's too bussy with his dusty old books.

I think they're used to treating aliens like this cause of Teal'c.

But i'm nothing like him.

I don't simply raise an eyebrow to express emotions.

I talk and i whine and i express my feelings in a healthy way, unlike...

Well, just about everyone on this base.

I asked and so far i'm the third alien to join sg-1

The first one was Teal'c,of course, and then there was this guy, Jonas, who was some sort of fugitive from his country. Apparently it was his fault that Daniel died that time. And still they let him join sg-1, they took him outside, they let him travel and enjoy his stay. They accepted him easily into sg-1. but those were other times, other people were here. General Hammond. Whom i've heard great things of. General Jack O'Neill who led sg-1 for a long time before leading the SGC. Of him i have not only heard great things, i've also heard he was hot and that he has some twisted history with Colonel Carter. Daniel and Sam mention him often.

I didn't get to see anything when we went to Washington. I saw old buildings and a diner and our hotel. And the airport of course. And from what i saw in Daniel's computer there are many great things in that city. We could've taken a vacation.

Although i doubt they know what the word means.

Note to self: find a way of convincing Daniel to show me his fair planet, even if he thinks he's going to work.

Just wait and see, i'll beat the workaholic in him, even if it takes me years