This will be a complete novel length Phantom Phic. Hoping to go into great detail and there will be angst. Now why am I starting a new phic when A Smile More Beautiful Than Song is still far from completion? It's called inspiration! Hope you like this one, and R&R!

Perhaps some things are left better hidden within the depths of the mind. However, I cannot help but feel great relief at the removal of this great burden. I can only hope that my secrets will be forever contained within these soft, leather-bound pages.

I hope that now I can at last be released from the grasp of the past. Never to forget, No! Never that. Only to be given peace, to have the strength to move on, to have the will to halter the longing that I felt—feel and to replace the raging fire that once roared within my soul with a warm, kindling, flame.

Although the sky is still dark, I know that soon the soft corals of pink and tangerine will slowly penetrate my window. Yet instead of feeling the panic that had consumed me mere hours before I had revealed my secrets to you darling diary, I now only feel silent resignation and acceptance of my fate. I believe I can bear to face it now…

We were perfection. Perfection is like the blue moon. It happens once, if ever, in a lifetime, but when the stars align and the gods in heaven smile down upon us, our beauty is unrivaled by any other. Yet the beauty of the blue moon is brief, and it graces the nighttime sky for only the shortest of moments.

Perfection was not meant for this world…

Christine Daae, 1919