Losing Faith

Chapter One

The day had started normal enough. At least, as normal a day could start when your a nine-teen year old miko that guards a jewel as a living.

Life didn't use to be like this though. In fact, until my fifteenth birthday, I was just an ordinary schoolgirl cramming for tests and hanging out with my friends.

But on that fateful day, just four years ago, my whole life changed. It was as if everything I had ever been taught not to believe was true. My whole lifetime of beliefs shattered the day I met him. The inuhanyou, Inuyasha. It had started when he mistook me for his dead lover and tried to kill me. Afterwards we became friends, albeit reluctantly, but friends all the same.

Throughout our quest we met many friends and allies, including a demon exterminator, a monk, a kitsune kit, a neko matta, and the icy lord of the western lands.

All was well for awhile, but then came the final batlle. It was a tough battle in which many died. We won the battle but in the process lost most of our friends. Shippou, the kitsune kit, and Kirara, the neko matta, were the only ones beside myself that made it out alive. Ever since that day, my life has never been the same. And today. the seemingly normal day, changed my life forever.

My names Kagome Higurashi, and this is my story.


This is my first story ever so it might not be that good. But please read and review.

In the next chapter we''ll find out exactly what's happening to change Kagome's life once again.

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