Hello everyone! My friend wanted me to write a story about the Uchiha clan. Well, in this story, Itachi never killed his family and ran off to join the Akatsuki. So, this is their life without the Uchiha Massacre. My friend likes ItaHina and I like SasuSaku, so it worked out perfectly. I'm used to writing in first person, so this story might be written poorly. Also, the characters will seem a bit OOC. I hadn't planned on putting this here on but I ended up deciding otherwise. I would appreciate it if you didn't flame. Thanks! And please review!

"Where did Sasuke go?" The eyes of Uchiha Hinata scanned the area of the house that she could see with her pearl-colored eyes. Her best friend and sister-in-law, Uchiha Sakura, sighed sadly.

"He went on another mission." The pink-haired woman observed Hinata's actions carefully. Occasionally, a hand would come to rest on her stomach or she would pat it lightly. "Do you want it to be a boy or a girl?"

"Either," Hinata chuckled, caressing her slightly rounded stomach gently. "I just want it to be healthy." She paused for a moment before grinning at the woman sitting across from her in an armchair. "When are you and Sasuke planning on having one?"

Before answering the question, Sakura shrugged. "Whenever he wants to."

"When is that?" Once again, Sakura shrugged, not really knowing what his thoughts were on the situation. "You two haven't talked about it at all? You've been married for three months."

"No, we haven't discussed it. I honestly think he is shy when it comes to this kind of stuff. Most men just blurt all their feelings and thoughts out to their wives. Sasuke usually does talk to me about how he feels and confides in me but he hasn't ever brought up the subject of having a baby. I think he's too shy. I'll just let him work up the courage to talk about it."

Hinata rolled her eyes, a small laugh seeping out of her mouth. "Itachi was like that too at first. It was around the third month of our marriage that he finally snapped. One day he said loudly, 'Hinata, I want to have a baby.' I happened to be drinking water at the moment and started choking." The two woman shared a laugh, a smile remaining on their faces when the laughter subsided. "And here I am, two months later, with a baby that is about two months old in me."

"I just can't believe Itachi would announce that," Sakura giggled. "He seems to be a lot more shy than Sasuke. I guess there is a large difference of courage when it comes to different subjects."

Hinata nodded then sighed drearily. Their mother-in-law was supposed to come and visit them sometime soon at Sakura's place. Mikoto hadn't arrived yet though. Suddenly, the door was flung open, causing the two women to jump.

"Hello!" Mikoto chirped, inviting herself into the house and shutting the front door. "How are my daughters doing?"

"Fine," both replied at the same time. Mikoto sat in the empty armchair, smiling brightly. The woman was always cheerful, no matter what. If someone was fighting, she would scream at them to stop with a smile plastered on her face. Although she was aging, she was still beautiful.

"How is my grandchild?" she then asked, eying Hinata's stomach.

"Fine," Hinata giggled. "My morning sickness isn't as bad as it was last week. I think my body is finally starting to adjust to the change after two months." Mikoto shook her head.

"I can't believe I'm old enough to be a grandmother." Her onyx orbs drifted to stare at Sakura. "How is my other grandchild?"

"Mom," Sakura whined, noticing the teasing look in Mikoto's eyes. "Your other grandchild is non-existent." There was silence for a second before Sakura spoke again. "Are either of you thirsty? Hungry? Do you need anything?" Both Hinata and Mikoto shook their heads as a response.

"So," Mikoto started, relaxing in the armchair. "Where are my babies?"

"One is out on a mission," Sakura answered for the second time in one day. She looked quite depressed about it.

"And the other is at home relaxing," Hinata added. "Is dad out on a mission too?" A hint of sadness was etched in Mikoto's features but she still smiled weakly at the two.

"Unfortunately, Fugaku broke his leg," the black-haired woman sighed. "The old man was walking down the stairs and ended up tripping. I had been outside working in the garden and heard him squalling. I ran inside and found him at the bottom of the steps, struggling to get up. Luckily, Kakashi had been strolling down the street in front of our house at the moment. He helped me haul Fugaku to the hospital."

Sakura gasped at the explanation and Hinata winced, thinking about how bad it would hurt to break a bone at that age. "Is dad going to be okay?" Sakura asked with a worried expression. Mikoto nodded then stretched a bit before jumping up from the chair and jogging out to the kitchen. When she came back she had a donut in her hand and was eating it quickly.

"It's been years since I've had one of these!" she exclaimed, shoving all of it into her mouth. "Sakura, can I have another one?"

"You can have them all, mom. I'll just buy more." Mikoto ran back into the kitchen as Sakura and Hinata exchanged glances. Next time Mikoto came over, Sakura was going to hide the donuts.