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Sasuke blinked. Then he blinked again. His eyes were very slowly widening as he let the information register in thie brain. "Twins?" he said, practicing the use of the word that he would now be using regularly. A smile and a nod came from his wife. "Twins." She nodded again, worry now surfacing to her face.

All eyes were on them, waiting for something to happen. Sasuke, not remembering everyone was there with them, reached out and sifted a hand through Sakura's pink tresses and smiled softly before pulling her to him in a hug. "This is great," he whispered in her ear, and she could tell he meant it. Clenching the back of his shirt in her hands, Sakura buried her face in the front of it, smiling. After kissing the top of her head, Sasuke realized that there was a massive group of people gathered in the kitchen, staring out at the two. Once he glared, though, everyone turned away and started conversing about random topics.

When Sasuke pulled away from his pink-haired spouse, Mikoto bounded out to great her two sons, grinning, and she said cheerfully, "My babies are back!" Roughly, she pulled them both into a hug at the same time, their heads accidentally smacking together.

The two of them groaned, rubbing their sore heads once their mother let go of them. She was smiling innocently as if nothing had happened.

Fugaku had also arrived at the house before his sons had gotten back. The older man walked out of the kitchen with his crutches and poked them in the stomach one at a time. "Welcome back. How did it go?"

Itachi sighed and Sasuke rubbed his forehead. "Successful. We caught the rogue ninja and everything is back to the way it should be," Itachi replied.

A proud smirk crossed Fugaku's face. His sons had never failed a mission, they made him proud every time. Mikoto rested a small hand on his back and gave him a soft smile that also held a bit of pride.


The two shinobi stood near the end of their bed, their foreheads pressed against one another's. "I'm glad you're home," Sakura whispered, closing her eyes. Sasuke's warm hands were on either side of her stomach, her arms wrapped around his neck. "I missed you so much."

"I missed you, too." The ghost of a smile graced his features. "And them, too," he added, rubbing her stomach lightly. "We're going to have twins."

Grinning, Sakura's eyes fluttered open to see Sasuke staring down at her rounded stomach. Feeling her gaze, he looked up. Her shimmering green orbs were warm and loving. "You're happy," she stated. Just by looking at her husband she could tell what he was feeling most of the time.

His lips brushed her's momentarily. "Of course."

Her eyes closed once again and she let out a content sigh. Sasuke's thumbs rubbed her stomach as his hands remained stationary. Sakura's hands moved from his neck and into his hair.

He kissed her, his hands never leaving her stomach.


Itachi pulled his wife close, burying his face in her hair. This earned him a giggle from Hinata, who turned slightly and reached behind herself to sift a hand through his hair. They had just crawled into bed and were getting ready to go to sleep.

"It's great to have you back home," Hinata whispered. "I missed you."

Smiling softly, the man murmured into her hair, "I missed you and Atani." His arm was draped around her, holding her to him gently. His fingers twitched slightly in their position on her stomach.

Shifting, he kissed her neck lightly before settling back down in the previous position. It wasn't long before the man started to drift off to sleep, exhausted from his mission. Just before he was completely asleep, he felt a smaller hand rest itself on his.


Emerald orbs fluttered open to be met with an intense stare. Her whole body tensed for a second, but then it finally registered in her mind who it was.

"How do you keep getting into my house?" she hissed at her former sensei.

He let out a noise that sounded like a hum. "It's my little secret."

The light from the moon was suddenly obscured by clouds, the room becoming pitch dark. Sakura sunk into Sasuke warm embrace, trying to forget about the man that was standing near the edge of the bed. When he didn't leave, Sakura then said, "What do you want?"

"Your reactions to me waking you up are highly amusing," he stated.

The pink-haired woman gave a sigh. "Doesn't Kurenai get mad when you randomly leave the house in the middle of the night?" There was silence for a second.

"She went on a mission." He paused for a few seconds. "I was actually expecting you two to be awake when I came here. What's up with the sleeping situation? You night owls went to bed early."

Sakura rolled over in Sasuke's embrace, her face now pressed against his bare chest. Why did this perverted man have to bother her so frequently?

He poked her back. "Go away, Kakashi. Sasuke is sleeping so soundly. He was exhausted from the mission, if you must know. Now leave and be on your merry way. If you don't leave...well, then, I'm going to wake Sasuke up and we'll have to teach you a lesson."

"Oh, sounds like fun."

"Of course that wouldn't work on a pervert like you." Sakura gave a frustrated sigh. "Seriously, go away and don't bother me at night again. I'm pregnant and I need my sleep."

The man straightened up and walked over to peer out the window, his arms crossed. He was silent for a minute, Sakura closing her eyes and wishing he would listen to her. When he turned again, he smiled at the couple laying on the bed. His two former students seemed so happy together.

"I suppose I can leave you alone from now on. You should expect visits from me during the day though." The man walked over to the door hesitantly. "I miss having you three as students, you know. That's why I have to bother you at your homes now. I can't do it when we train anymore."

Smiling weakly, Sakura sighed. "I miss those days, too. We got to see each other a lot more than we do now. But everyone grows up, and I am happy with my life, and I can see that you are, too."

"Yes, I am."

He opened the door and Sakura called softly, "Come visit whenever you want, Kakashi. I don't mind." He chuckled lightly and closed the door.

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