Only For You, Daddy


Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist.

A poem about how Elysia is trying to be strong for her Daddy…

I hid my tears,

From the truth,

I hated myself,

Because I was weak,

Pretending everything was going to be okay…

I'm sorry Daddy,

I hid my tears,

Just for you,

Trying to make you proud of me…

The sad eyes,

The pity remarks,

The looks of sorrow,

I'm sick of them all,

So to make them go away,

I hide my tears…

I'm so sorry Daddy,

That I made you worry,

I'm frustrated,

Don't want to make you feel unappreciated…

I hid my tears from the truth,

Trying so hard,

To pretend that the pain isn't there,

I'm sorry Daddy,

I hide my tears for you…

The End

I wrote this for my daddy. His cancer came back so I'm gonna need some prayers! Thanks!