The Journey's Just Begun

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Chapter 1 - Summer's POV

Some people may say that you probably won't end up with your highschool sweetheart. I think that Cohen and I are an example that proves that that statement is not always correct. You see, Cohen and I have been married for fourteen years. We're only thirty-three; young? Well, it's kind of more complicated. We didn't exactly plan to get married at nineteen. I got pregnant at eighteen and we thought it would be for the best, not only because I was pregnant, but also because we love each other. But, that's a whole different story, literally. Anyway, as I was saying, sure we were young, but you're never to young to find love, right? And believe me, our love tested to be true. I mean, we have been through so much drama. From the dramatic highschool romance, to teen pregnancy, even to near death experiences. But in the end, we pulled through. And all of that stuff doesn't really matter any more because now, Cohen and I are practically happier than we've ever been before. We are happily married with three kids. First there's our fifteen-year-old daughter, Madison Marissa Cohen.

-Oh, wait. That's probably something you're wondering. How I am doing about the whole Marissa situation. Well, it has been almost sixteen years since that tragic night. Things have gotten better and I have learned to deal better, but I don't think I'll ever get over it. I mean, Marissa was like the one person that understood me. I mean, there's always Cohen, but Marissa, she was with me through everything, my good and bad moments. We were best friends forever since the first grade. Forever sure ended rather quickly. I know for a fact my kids would've loved her. Oh, wow, boy do I know how to ramble on and get off topic. That's what being married to Cohen for fourteen years does to you.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, There's Madison, or Maddie as me Cohen and my two other kids call her. When I was pregnant with Maddie, things were sort of difficult. Wait, scratch that, VERY difficult. I was eighteen and during the whole pregnancy Seth was in a coma. Let's just say, our lives were pretty screwed up during that time. Then, on top of all the madness, Madison was born premature. Thank god she was alright. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. Taylor rushed me to the hospital and eventually Ryan, Sandy, and Kirsten showed up. Ryan had to help me deliver her. I found it kinda funny,'tough guy' Ryan was complaining about how I was squeezing his hand too tight. And then she was born, and suddenly all the madness was gone. After gazing into her deep brown eyes, I realized that everything was going to be okay. And it sure was, minutes later, I found out that Seth had woken up!

Madison is like a version of me when I was younger. And I have to admit, that's not always a good thing. It seems to me, that she has a new boyfriend every month, and practically has dated all the popular boys in the school. I'm not too harsh on her though because that would sort of make me a hypocrite in a way. However, I do try to keep a close eye on her.

Next, there's our eight-year-old son, Jake. Him, I'm not too worried about. He's sort of a mixture of both me and Cohen. He loves reading comics and playing video games, however, I like to think that he has a better social life than Cohen.

Then finally, there's four-year-old Riley. One word that she thinks of herself as; princess. Well, she sure is treated like one. Not only does she have Cohen wrapped around her finger, which is totally normal, all of our kids do, but besides him, she has me wrapped around her finger too! Everything she wants, she gets. Maddie and Jake say that I spoil her. I reply by saying I spoil all three of them, but they simply say that I treat her special. I personally think that when the two of them were young, I treated them the same way. Anyway, Riley looks up to Madison, which isn't so good. As I mentioned before, Madison probably isn't the best role model. I already see Riley turning into a mini- Madison- not a good image. I always ask Cohen why both our girls are spoiled little brats while Jake, our only male child, seems to be content with what he has. He just says that Jake takes after him, while the girls take after me. He says that's supposed to be a compliment! I think not! He's basically telling me that I'm a brat! That's so not true... I don't think.

So that's my perfect family. And what about Ryan and Taylor? Well, they're still dating, after many complications. Let's just say things happened, but nothing they couldn't fix. Right now, we're all wondering when Ryan's going to propose. They have been dating for fifteen years! I think it's time! And, Sandy and Kirsten? They're still together in love. The kids love visiting them.

So I guess you can see that my life seems pretty great. Sure, there are complications along the way, but we all get through the problems together. And though we get through all the problems, that doesn't mean that this journey we're on, called life, gets any easier along the way. And every day I wake up it feels like a new journey's just begun.


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