Temporary Truce

Summery: It's Valentine's Day, and Han decides to call a truce with Leia so they can stop fighting for just one, single day.

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It was a cold day at the Alliance's new base, Hoth, and Princess Leia was sitting in her room, thinking about her father, Bail Organa. She thought about her deceased father a lot when she was alone in her room with nothing to do. He had been a good man. All the people who lived on Alderaan were good. Now, thanks to the Empire, they were dead.

A knock on the door pulled Leia out of her musings. "Your Highnesness?"

It was Han. He was so obnoxious and stuck up! Why was he at her door, and now asking for her to let him in?

"What do you want?" Leia called out. She wasn't in the arguing mood, and she wanted to stay that way.

"I just wanna talk about something. It'll only take a second."

It was almost strange. Han didn't sound like he wanted to fight either. He just… wanted to talk. Well, she could use someone to talk to right now.

Getting up from her seat, Leia walked toward the door and opened it, to reveal Han holding a box of chocolate.

"Glad you finally decided to let me in," Han commented as he walked into the room.

Leia sighed. She could take only so much sarcasm today. Hopefully he wouldn't be too sarcastic.

"So did you want to talk to me about something?" Leia asked. She wasn't in any mood to dance around different subjects until Han came around to the one he really wanted to talk about.

"Yeah." The smuggler reached out, and gave her the chocolate box. Leia was confused.

"Hey, are you okay? You just gave me a box of chocolate."

Han nodded. "Yeah, I know. It's a symbol of truce."

Leia's mind took a double take when she heard this. Han wanted to call truce? Heck, she was almost disappointed. "You want to call a truce?"

"Well, not exactly," Han said. "Just a temporary truce for today."

Leia still didn't get it. "Why?"

Han grinned. "It's Valentine's Day, sweetheart." This got a sad sigh from Leia. "What's wrong?" Han asked.

Leia shook her head. "Nothing. It's just this reminds me of what my father used to do. Every Valentine's Day, he'd give me a box of chocolate."

Han nodded his head, knowingly. "Aw, I guess you miss your old man, huh?"


Han couldn't relate to Leia's sadness, because he'd never known his parents. Actually, his childhood memories were of living on the street, and later, living with thieves. Han and the Princess came from two completely different worlds, and it was probably because of this that they never got along. But at least for today, they could try to understand each other. After all, it was Valentine's Day.

The End

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