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Bella's PoV

Edward and I were sitting in our makeshift room, on the bed. I was still a little wary, as Alice dropped the bombshell that she moved our wedding to, what was, six or seven hours ahead of the time.

"Bella! Time to get ready!!" Alice yelled from her room. I rolled my eyes, and looked at my soon to be husband.

"Do I really need nearly six hours to get ready?" I muttered, and Edward laughed.

"Honey, I think you might want something other than a sports bra and capris on to go to a salon." Edward told me. If I were human, I would've been blushing. I went to my giant closet, and grabbed a teal colored shirt that went with my pink gaucho-like capris.

"Better?" I asked. He nodded, and I left the room, looking back at my fiancée, seeing him for what would be the last time as an un-married woman (a/n: well, you get the point.). "Love you."

Alice was pretty much waiting to bombard me as soon as I closed the door. "Come on! We've got to go!" she said, pulling on my wrist. One hand had a pair of socks, and another a pair of Nikes.

"Fine…take me away." I said, sitting on a stair, pulling on my socks and Nikes.

"That isn't hurrying, Bella. Come on!" she said. I rolled my eyes, standing up. I didn't know why she was freaking out, I mean, I am a vampire, and it doesn't take that long to put on tennis shoes.

Suddenly I was pulled, quite hard, towards the front door. Jasper and Emmett were sitting in the living room, watching t.v., and they smiled sympathetically at me. I grinned in thanks before I was drug out the door.

At the Salon…

"Sit here, young lady." an uptight woman with her hair in a strict bun stated, pointing at a chair. I sat quickly, not wanting to upset her. She seemed like a woman that you didn't want to cross.

"Okay, miss. What are we doing today?" a woman asked me. Alice handed her the picture we found for my hairstyle. (a/n: pic in profile)

"This is what you want, correct? Do you have the headband to be used?" she asked Alice, who immediately produced the crimson colored band. The hairdresser nodded, and went to work. (a/n: I'm not describing the process, since I can't…)

My hair was transformed, and I was pulled away before I could see what it looked like. Then, I was plopped into a chair that was surrounded my makeup. I sighed, and closed my eyes, waiting for the feel of various brushes on my face.

When they didn't come, I opened my eyes. Alice was looking at me curiously. "What?" I asked her. She didn't answer; instead she picked up a little pat of eye shadow. I guess she was just thinking about the color that would match best with the dress, and still look good on me. She rubbed some of the makeup on my eyelids, and moved back to see how it looked on me.

"Are we good now?" I asked her, and she nodded before grabbing a little bottle of clear, but extremely shiny, lip gloss that she smeared on my lips. Alice again stepped back to see the affect it had on me.

Rosalie walked up then, her gorgeous blonde hair done in intricate curls that fell down her back. She nodded in approval, and took over the job from Alice. She took a large brush, and dabbed a bit of blush on it, swiping it across my cheekbones.

"That's perfect!" Alice said, which meant I was finally done. I snuck a look at myself when we walked past, and I could tell my hair was gorgeous, but I didn't get enough time to look at my face. "Come on, we have to be somewhere."

Before I knew it, I was shoved into the back of a car. Alice slid gracefully into the driver's seat and Rosalie got shotgun. "Where on Earth are we going?" The car had stopped at a red light.

Both girls turned around and looked at me. "Bachelorette party!" they both said. My eyes went big.

"Why? I don't want to go!" I stated, rather loudly for our hearing. Suddenly my new favorite song came on. "I love this song!" I said excitedly.

"Me too!" both Alice and Rosalie said.

I turned the volume up pretty loud, and we all started singing the song. It was probably strange to hear three gorgeous girls singing along to Love Today by Mika. The windows were rolled down and everyone on the street turned and stared at us. We were on our way to the Twilight club. (a/n: my friend created the place…)

They promised that I would have a good time. The girls promised me that they would drag me onto the dance floor since I was bound be a better dancer now that my humanity went bye bye.

We got to the club, and walked up to the bouncer. Rosalie flirted ungraciously, and he let us in almost immediately to the frustration of the females in line. We took off our jackets, and they were immediately taken to the coat room by some lust filled men.

We strode to the middle of the dance floor, and began dancing to a really old Avril Lavigne song (Sk8er Boi), essentially torturing the men in the room. The spotlights moved to us, and the crowd parted to give us room. The three of us were smiling, and having the time of our lives.

Soon men flittered over to us, pretty much begging us to dance with them. If they weren't begging us to dance, they were making vulgar comments. It wasn't five minutes later when Rosalie suggested we take a count of how many guys we had approach us. Altogether, that was interesting.

By the end of our escapade, Rosalie had a total of fifty-six men, Alice had forty-three men, and I (and this threw me for a loop) had fifty-eight men.

"How did I get more men than Rosalie?" I muttered. I could not fathom why people would want me over Rosalie (even if I was a vampire).

"Bells that would be because you're hot." Rose told me. I rolled my eyes, and Alice nodded in agreement with Rose. Then Alice looked at her watch.

"Okay, we blew about three and a half hours there, and thirty minutes for hair. I'm totally fixing your makeup again, which shouldn't take too long, so that means we should have about an hour and a half to blow." Alice told us. "Actually, make that an hour, since we have to get your dress on."

"Why on Earth are we taking so much time to put on a dress?" I asked. "Wait a sec, everyone has to get ready. Duh." I hit my forehead. Rosalie laughed a little at my 'antics'.

"I see we have brought at least one leg to the dark side. But you should come over! We have yummy animals! Not like those other dark sides that have cookies." Alice said, frowning at the word 'cookies'.

" Alice…I seriously do not know what I'd do without you. Or how I survived sixteen and a half years without you." I stated, giggling the entire time. "Let's get going."

(a/n: I'm skipping forward to the ceremony. Now would be a good time to listen to the song that inspired this story, My Best Friend by Tim McGraw (and I don't own him or the song).)

I stood behind the large oak doors of the church Alice booked for the wedding. Alice and Rosalie stood in front of me, acting as my bridesmaids and flower girls. I had chosen to walk down the aisle by myself, since Charlie couldn't be here.

The intricately decorated wood doors slowly opened, and the bridal march began to play. My veil was draped over my face, hiding it slightly. Alice and Rosalie stepped forward, and I walked forward as well.

Jasper looked at me, and beamed. He could feel the excitement and happiness (tinged with a little nervousness) just rolling off of me. I locked eyes with my Edward, and smiled. With each step, my smile got a little bigger.

Although the walk seemed to talk a long time, I was at the altar before I knew it. Since I didn't have anyone give me away, that part was skipped. I tried to listen to Carlisle as he began the ceremony, but Edward kept smiling at me, dazzling me a little bit each time. Enough, at least, to knock me off the train of thought.

Suddenly, a few key words floated through my ears. "Do you, Isabella Marie Swan, take Edward Anthony Masen Cullen to be you lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish for all of eternity?"

"I do." I said with a smile.

"Do you, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, take Isabella Marie Swan to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish for all of eternity?" Carlisle asked.

"I do," he said, looking in my eyes with a smile that made his entire face glow with happiness.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Carlisle stated.

I smiled from ear to ear. Finally, after James, Edward leaving, Jake, the Volturi, and Victoria, we deserved some happiness in our lives.

Edward listened to the song Alice started after Carlisle finished the ceremony. "Bella, you will forever and always be my best friend."

There you have it. My Best Friend is finished. I hope you liked it (and I'm very sorry for making you wait a really, really long time to finally get the ending.

Band is evil in that way, isn't it?

-KtA (Krystina the Alien)

There you have it. My Best Friend is finished. I hope you liked it (and I'm very sorry for making you wait a really, really long time to finally get the ending.

Band is evil in that way, isn't it?

-KtA (Krystina the Alien)