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What Happens in Kyoshi…

By BlackVelvetBand

Prologue or In Fair Kyoshi, Where We Lay Our Scene…

Mist rose in pearly swirls from the undulating waters off the coast of Kyoshi Island. In the pale gray light of the dawn, a small blue-clad figure strode languidly toward the ocean. Breathing a contented sigh at the peacefulness only the early-morning hours could provide, Katara ran a hand through her wildly fanning hair; pushing it back from her face. Smiling, she watched another indigo wave crest white and crash to the shore, before quickly untying the sash holding her robe closed, allowing the garment to drop in an ungraceful heap at her feet.

She continued her way to the surf, clad only in her white wrappings. It's been too long, she thought as her feet finally met the lukewarm water, the salt spray caressing her face. Smiling even wider now, Katara took her stance and began to bend.

Agni! It feels good to sleep in, Zuko thought as he stretched arms up overhead. Tossing off the thin sheet that covered his body, he stood up and made his way over to the small balcony adjoining his bedroom in the large oceanfront house he was sharing with his small band of friends.

Zuko smiled wryly at the thought. If only his Uncle could see him now, the all-powerful Fire Lord vacationing for a week on Kyoshi Island with none other than the Avatar and his loyal "GAang." Of course, they'd had to claim that their visit to the island was purely business in order to cover up the fact that it was purely for pleasure. Zuko had left the arranging of this little retreat, and the subsequent lying to hoards of angry Fire-Nation nobles to Katara.

At the thought of the blue-eyed water bender, Zuko couldn't help but let an actual smile slip across his face. Damn her effect on him. Ever since he and Katara began to secretly explore their gradually changing relationship he found that his austere, stoic façade was easily broken just with the thought of her, and it only increased in her presence.

However, Zuko had his own unique effect on her, he mused as he leaned on the railing of the balcony. The smile on his face turned almost predatory as he remembered exactly how he'd turned the fierce water bender into nothing more than a puddle of her element the night before, on that exact balcony. His eyes darkened at the memory of how she had whispered his name with the little breath he had left in her body before he plastered his lips over hers once more in the pursuit of leaving her totally devoid of oxygen and trembling in his arms.

He would have succeeded too, if it wasn't for her stupid brother. Knocking up and down the hallway for ten minutes straight, screeching about how Suki had stolen his boomerang and refused to give it back, scaring Katara away from his balcony, afraid of being caught.

Oh well, Zuko thought, as he let his eyes roam over the landscape. The sky was tinged with pink, bringing out the gold-leaf paint on the statue of Avatar Kyoshi, making her fans sparkle. He judged he'd slept in about a half an hour past his usual waking time, which was sunrise.

As Zuko turned his thought to what he should do to occupy his time until his friends awoke, a movement on the beach caught his eye. Squinting into the distance he made out the trim figure of a woman, with long brown hair flowing in the breeze. As she moved her body gracefully, almost sensually in a turn, he realized that she was water bending. And Zuko only knew one brown-haired, female water bender…

Zuko stood for a few more moments, part of him watching in respect, but a larger part was admiring the other admirable qualities she happened to be showcasing. His eyes widened as he realized for the first time just all that he was able to see .―slim, tan arms, and her smooth flat stomach, even legs. What was she wearing? It looked like she had merely wrapped herself in strips of white cloth.

Zuko blinked, convincing himself it wasn't a trick of the light. The predatory grin from earlier returned full force. Zuko glanced once more at the figure before striding purposefully to the door without even bothering to put on a shirt. He had suddenly become possessed with an undeniable urge to go practice his fire bending on the beach.

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