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Things did not return to normal in the land of Oz for quite some while. For weeks the Ozians were apprehensive, even with their halfhearted acceptance of Elphaba. Elphaba herself was also having a hard time adjusting as well. After a full day of rest to recuperate from her spell casting Elphaba was back on her feet. Soon after Glinda had explained what had happened while Elphaba had been unconscious. At first Elphaba had been annoyed at her friend for taking such a risk, then shocked to hear of the Ozians reluctant acceptance, and finally a bit relieved that her name had been cleared after such a long time.

The first time Elphaba had gone out in public, Glinda had been right beside her, practically dragging her uneasy friend into the busy streets. Dressed in her usual black gown, cape and infamous black hat, Elphaba still seemed very imposing, and the Ozians became very nervous and apprehensive. Some had pulled their children close and walked in the other direction, and some had simply frozen in place, watching wide eyed to see what would happen.

Elphaba had felt extremely uncomfortable in this situation, and her cheeks had flsuhed a dark shade of green. Glinda, however; would not allow the uncomfortable moment to last and, seizing her friend's hand once more, had given the Ozians a cheerful smile and wave and gone on her way. Elphaba had continued trying to hide her face as she and Glinda had walked down the emerald lined streets, but Glinda would have none of it, trying to open her friend up to being in the public eye. Eventually, seeing that Elphaba was not going to turn and hex all of them to kingdom come, the Ozians stopped gawking every time Elphaba walked past, and soon they hardly paid her no notice at all.

For the first two weeks since the group had been back in the city, Dorothy, Boq, Elphaba and Fiyero had all been staying in the palace with Glinda. Of course, everyone had been given separate rooms except for Elphaba and Fiyero. However, this arrangement felt very cramped, and soon after they'd had to make other arrangements.

It was decided that since Elphaba was the rightful heir to the position of governor of Munchkinland, she and Fiyero would move to that province and take on the role that Boq had previously filled. The Munchkins, and all of the rest of the Ozians for that matter, had, not unexpectedly, been very wary of the pair at first, but had soon warmed up to them when they began to see the strength that Elphaba had as a leader.

A few months after beginning their new life, Elphaba and Fiyero had returned to their cottage in the woods to gather up the few possessions they had left behind. They had decided to take Fiyero's map of their home, and it now adorned the large wall in their new living room. It was when they were leaving the woods that Fiyero had suddenly kneeled down and proposed to Elphaba. Shocked, Elphaba had responded enthusiastically, and a large emerald ring now adorned the ring finger of her left hand.

Dorothy had also begun to make decisions for her future. Glinda had offered Dorothy a place to stay in the palace but she had declined, saying that she would rather strike out on her own. Respecting the girl's decision, Glinda had then offered to find her an apartment in the city. Dorothy, however; had something else in mind, and perhaps it was fitting that she had become the first human to move into the Animal town of Roselburg. Ozians and Animals alike were shocked by her decision, but her friends and all of the Animals immensely approved of her choice. She and Toto moved into a small home that Glinda had graciously offered to pay for, and she'd gotten a job at one of the local shops. Her life was back on track and it seemed like she'd finally found what she'd been searching for in her return to Oz.

As for Boq, he and Glinda had been slowly growing closer, unbeknownst to both of them. They had ignored the knowing looks and smirks that Elphaba and Fiyero gave them, Boq knowing that Glinda could never fall for him and Glinda telling herself that nothing was happening between them. Perhaps that had made it all the more surprising when she and Boq had unexpectedly shared a kiss while having a friendly conversation one afternoon. It had actually not been as awkward as one would expect kissing a tin man to be, and Glinda found that she'd actually enjoyed it in some strange way. After that the two had become nearly inseparable, and soon after Boq had moved into the palace with Glinda.

Other things were beginning to happen in the land of Oz as well. With so much support from her best friend, Glinda had found her confidence had boosted a great deal, and with Elphaba by her side she had finally passed the act that would make Animals equal citizens of Oz. This had been met with uproarious protest at first, but it had eventually died down, and the Ozians had eventually accepted the Animals back into society. Slowly but surely, the Animals were beginning to spread out, and could now be seen outside of the small town that had originally been built for them, although Roselburg was still the area where most of Oz's Animals dwelled.

About a month later, Elphaba had finally been ready to make good on her promise to Boq. She had been holding on to the Grimmerie since the day she'd defeated Morrible, but she had not opened it again, as things had been too hectic and she hadn't had the time. One day however, she picked up the book and went to meet Glinda at the palace. The guards let her in immediately, recognizing her and obeying Glinda's orders.

After Morrible had been defeated, the mutinous guards that had assisted her had been imprisoned. The three guards who had stayed faithful had been promoted, and now shared the title of Captains of the Guard. Soon after Glinda had appointed a new group of young men to fill the open ranks, and their loyalty was to Glinda alone.

For the next week, Elphaba had worked with Glinda while trying to find a spell that would change both Boq and Fiyero back to their original state's. With Elphaba's help, Glinda had been progressing rapidly in her understanding of the ancient text, and her magical skills had strengthened as well. Soon after, they had found a spell they had deemed appropriate, and this was the day they had chosen to finally test it out.

Boq and Glinda stood in the foyer of the large palace, Boq's joints rattling with nervous anticipation as they awaited Fiyero and Elphaba's arrival. After having been through so much with Elphaba, Boq had replaced his trust in her, and the two had been able to form a sort of friendship. Eventually Elphaba had told Boq the truth about what had happened on the day he had become tin, apologizing for Nessa and begging him not to hold a grudge against her. Boq had accepted the apology readily now that the truth had finally come out.

Elphaba and Fiyero entered the large hall a few minutes later, and the friends greeted each other, all feeling the same anxiety as Elphaba placed the large book on the floor and kneeled in front of it. Hands shaking, she opened the spell book to the page she and Glinda had marked. Her eyes had scanned the words a few times before she had begun to chant; hoping with all of her might that the spell would achieve the desired effect.

She stopped after she finished the spell and looked up hopefully, waiting for something to happen. For a few moments all was still, and Fiyero and Boq looked at Elphaba questioningly. Suddenly, however; there came a blinding flash of light, and everyone in the room shielded their eyes against it.

Boq and Fiyero were thrown from their feet as the strange aura enveloped them, and they could feel something inside of them changing. This lasted for a full minute, before both men dropped to the floor, unconscious but fully human.

It was two hours later when Boq and Fiyeo finally awoke to the sight of two worried women hovering over them. They sat up quickly, both examining their hands as if they'd never seen anything quite like them in their life. Fiyero jumped off the bed immediately and gave Elphaba a hug before pulling her into a long kiss. As many times as she had kissed Fiyero in his straw form, Elphaba had to admit it was the best kiss she'd experienced in a long time.

"Sweet Oz Fae, you did it! I never doubted you for a second," he said breathlessly, admiration shining in his eyes. Elphaba blushed a bit and looked away at the praise.

Boq had risen soon after, and given Elphaba a quick, friendly hug, beyond excited with his new (or old, depending on how you looked at it) appearance.

"Thank you so much Elphaba. I can't believe I ever mistrusted you," he said as his face broke out into a huge smile. He really did consider Elphaba one of his best friends at this point.

Not wasting a second, he then turned to Glinda and pulled her into a kiss as Fiyero had Elphaba only moments before. Pleasantly surprised, Glinda had responded in much the same way that her friend had to Fiyero, returning the kiss just as enthusiastically.

When they were finished, Boq produced a small box. He kneeled before Glinda, smiling hopefully up at her, "Glinda," he started, dropping the formality of "Miss" for the first time, "I never thought that I'd ever have the courage to ask you this question, but I've never loved anyone more in my entire life. I was waiting to see if Elphaba could change me back before I asked you this…asked you if you would…marry me."

He smiled shyly up at Glinda, opening the box to reveal a small ring set with a small pink diamond. Glinda felt her heart melt as she looked down at him, and responded with an enthusiastic, "Of course I'll marry you Boq! Even if you hadn't been changed back it wouldn't have mattered to me. You should know that by now!"

Boq, enthralled, had picked Glinda up and spun her quickly, causing her to squeal. Elphaba and Fiyero had watched the two, smiling as they held each other's hands.

Glinda then shuffled over to Elphaba and enveloped her friendd in a hug, "Oh Elphie! I can't believe all of this is really happening. I'm so terrified that I'm going to wake up and find out this was all a dream!" she squealed.

Elphaba smiled and examined her friend's ring as Glinda stuck her hand out, Elphaba's own green ring shining brightly in contrast. The two both smiled knowingly. Pink goes good with green.

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