Author's note:

No i am not giving up on my other storys, but I have al ot stcuk in my head right now, So I'll rpobably starting adding the first chapter of each story i want to write, and go on from there. If there a lot of people who like any of my storys, I'll probably updatet hat story itself more, just to make the readers happy.

p.s. sorry for the short chapter, couldnt think of anythinge else, I also am still looking for a beta tester!

Tactics- Kantarou's Sickness, Chapter 1

"Your demon is now gone for good Mrs. Lovintree"

"Oh why thank you Sensei, thank you. Please take this bag; I think it would be helpful for you"

"Why thank you, we'll be off now"

"Ok bye then!"


A neither demon, gone, a neither beautiful day, turns sour. This is a story of an exorcist named Kantarou. He had never killed a demon in his life (only on a few occoasions when his life was in completle danger anyways). Ever since he was little he was able to see demons, but no one believe him. Since then he was only abel to befriend nice demons. One named Youko, a fox-demon, came to live with him, but of course she was always treated unfarily.

Soon later Kantarou came across oni-eating tengu, who he was looking for all of his life. He named him Haruka. After awhile they were part of, well a some sort of family…Our story begins here, right after Kantarou and Haruka came from an mansion that was filled with demons. Like always of course, they had gotten them to leave.

"Well that was kind of borning"

"How can you call anything boring, Haruka?"

"Cause I can"

"You are just no fun" Kantarou said, giggling. Kantarou always acted like kid, even looked like one. But Haruka, didn't even know his real age, but wasn't going to ask.

"Let's just get home, its going to rain in a second" and right has he said that, it started to rain.

"Can you fly us home, Haruka?" Kantarou asked, giving him puppy eyes.

"Oh alright fine" Haruka then took out his black wings, grabbed Kantarou and they flew on home.

When they had both gotten there, they were both soaking wet. Youko, wasn't all to happy.

"What the hell?!?! Your gonna catch a cold with those cloths, but what ever you do don't move an inch" she said, and she ran into a room.

When she got back, she holding towels in her hand, but Haruka was still holding on to Kantarou.



"Why are you still holding on to Kan-chan?"

The two men stared at each other, blushed, then turned away. It was Kantarou who answered

"You told us not to move"

"Oh yeah, guess I did, silly me" She said, laughing. "Damn you Haruka" she mumbled.

"What was that"

"Oh nothing…anyways you can let go of Kan-chan now" He let go of him and she handed them both a towel.

"Now go and get changed both of you!" She seemed really pissed, so they both ran off to there rooms, not wanting to get her more mad.

Kantarou had put his cloths laying out in his room. He then had layed down in his bed, thinking.

"I wonder why Haruka blushed really deeply at me, from what Youko had said. I mean, I know I have a reason…but him?" he thought, and at the exact sametime, in the exact same house, but in a different room. Someone else thought the samething for Kantarou

"He's only human..why should he care?"

"If only I knew" Soon later, sleep came upon them.

Kantarou woke up with a very loud


Youko came in just a little after

"It seems you both got sick, oh well, let's get you to the fire to warm you up a bit, and I'll get you some tea" she said, not looking at all angry.

"Ok" he said, and he let her take him to the living room, where Haruka was already sitting, with his wings out.

"Ok stay here, Kan-chan and don't go anywhere else" she said, and she left towards the kicthen.

Kantarou, got closer to Haruka, he then realize he was asleep. So he had started to take out all the extra water that was still in his wings, at the sametime he kept on sneezing. But he didn't stop, since it was his own fault. Soon after, his wings almost dry. But there was nothing more he could do, so he put his hands on his lap and turned back to the fire.

"Don't stop" Haruka said, Kantarou turned around to see Haruka siting only inchs from his own face.

"Umm…is there something you need Haruka?"

"All I want is…."