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"You'd think I'm ignorant of your past actions? I'm sorry, but you've disobeyed me for the last time." Rakio said, smirking at his dying partner. She was covered in blood with stab wounds, it was clear that she wouldn't last much longer. He had placed her body near a lake, as he had hoped that the wind would push her into the water. He wanted her to die slowly for what she had done, the water slowly filling her lungs... while she was struggling to stay alive as life was slowly spilling from her wounds… Satisfied, he walked off as he thought to himself, "Sigh, I've yet killed someone rather important, and it would cause me some time to find a replacement for her. Damn it!" Well, it was just one of those times that it was your turn to disappear for awhile.

"I will be back for what I came for..." he said to the wind, and he walked on, to where no one would know or ever find him again, till the time is ripe for him to resurface once more…

Kantarou was freaking out, he was at loss. Sugino had come by trying to calm him down. Youko had finally smacked him, and it sort of worked.

"Oh sensei... do you have my paper yet?" Kantarou's editor, Reiko had come inside the house and had seen everything, including Sugino. "Uhh...not yet, I umm.." Kantarou stammered, trying to think of some lame excuse to cover up this time. This was just not the time to do some stupid writing! His 'love life' is at stake!

"Woah, sensei is so into the demons that you hire a guy to dress up as one? Well, you really know the things you learn here..." she said, looking about, especially at Sugino, who had unsuccessfully tried to hide.

"Yes well you heard him, I'm sure you're pretty busy so you must be going now!" Youko said trying to push her out the door.

"Uhh well, I'm not here just for that, there's someone here in town looking for you, Youko-san" she said.

"Me?" Youko answered, looking confused. She was sure she did not know many people from town who would look for her…

"Go on Youko, I'll be fine here…" Kantarou said, without his usual bubbly laughter. Youko stared at him, she wanted to stay. After all, it was clear that something is wrong with Kan-chan…

"Well you heard him let's go" Reiko said, oblivious to the fact that Kantarou was not normal and had instead pulled Youko out the door together with her. Kantarou sighed, his bangs covering his eyes, he would go to the rock to unseal Haruka once more, hoping that it would be the last time.

"You know you're not strong enough to get there and use your abilities to unseal him once again. It will drain you much more than last time…" Sugino said. "That's why you're going to fly me there"

"I was kind of hoping you were not going to suggest that, Onikui would kill me. But seeing this… Alright, fine let's go."

During the whole ride there, Kantarou knew that Sugino was stating the truth. Even though he was cured, it was because of that scar he was able to do a lot of things. But now that it didn't hurt anymore, he would have to use his own strength to break the seal, and he wasn't sure if he was strong enough to do so. However, for the sake of Haruka, he was willing to try, even to die trying. After Sugino had dropped Kantarou in front of the boulder, he began preparing to take off again.

"Sugino-sama! Where are you going?!" Kantarou yelled at him, trying to get his attention.

"I don't think Onikui would want to see me…" was all he said and he flew off.

Kantarou gulped. He had actually counted on Sugino to help him if he can't do it alone; now he has to do it all by himself. Swallowing hard, he took out his beads and stood right close to Haruka's imprisonment. It was like he could feel Haruka's presence telling him not to do it. Sorry, Haruka… He did a few chanting words, when his hands started to glow. He did more chanting with hand symbols. "I'm getting weaker", he thought, as he chanted, "No… have to hold on… Haruka needs… me…" Soon, he heard a crack and a scream "KANTAROU!!" everything from there went black…

Haruka had woken up from his imprisonment to find Kantarou fainting. He cried his name to get his attention, but Kantarou gave no reaction nor any acknowledgement. He panicked, "Argh! Didn't Sugino stop you from coming?!" Haruka could feel that he had basically lost most his powers, but he still had his wings and for that he was grateful for, after all, his wings were dead useful. He took Kantarou and flew back to the house, as quickly as possible.

No one was home, so he had to take care Kantarou on his own. He placed Kantarou on the bed; he could only feel a slight pulse from him. Haruka knew it would only take time before he would awaken. It seemed like hours and Youko still didn't show up. Haruka had gotten some tea to help try calm himself down, but it wasn't of much help.

"Haruka...?" he could have sworn he heard his name called, very softly that he had to strain his ears to hear it. He walked back into the room from kitchen, and sure enough Kantarou was awake.

"Oh my god, Kantarou!" Haruka exclaimed and had rushed over to him to give a breath-taking hug.

"Haruka...can't breathe..." Kantarou said, not being able to breathe.

"Oh, I'm sorry" Haruka let him go, but only lightly enough so he could breathe.

"I thought you were left me…"

"So did I… I was scared that I would not be able to see you again…" Kantarou said, snuggling closer to Haruka, tears filling his eyes.

"Hush, it's okay now… I'm here with you, right? Nothing's gonna take you away from me again, no one will." Haruka hugged Kantarou tightly, emphasizing on his statement.

"I'm so sleepy… need sleep now. Let's go to-!"

"I'M HOME!" Youko came crashing inside the room. The couple quickly distanced themselves, just quick enough to prevent Youko from seeing anything. "Well welcome back Haruka" Youko said cheerfully, it was obvious that she was so happy that she had forgotten why he was gone in the first place.

"Umm...thanks." Haruka replied uncomfortably.

"So...uhh Youko, why are you all cheerful?" Kantarou asked, sleepily.

Youko blushed, a little to much till her tail and ears had popped out. "Umm well...I met a neither demon today, but Reiko-san didn't realize it. But umm... yeah…" she said, fidgeting. It was so unlike Youko to do that…

"OH MY Youko in love?" Kantarou exclaimed happily and was about to get up,
but Haruka pushed him back down.

"You're not strong enough to get up yet" Haruka said. Kantarou just pouted.

"Well, erm, I shall leave you two...alone then." Youko said; she had a very sinking feeling she did not need to be in the room. She closed the door behind her, turning back into lovesick mode. Haruka lightly kissed Kantarou on the lips.

"You better get some sleep, you are sleepy, aren't you?" he said.

"What if I don't want sleep..." Kantarou said, flashing a look that Haruka knew from anywhere... his master was, well, horny.

"I don't want wear you down anymore then I have to… You've just drained yourself too much just now too…" he said.

"So?" Kantarou said as he grabbed Haruka's shirt and he pulled him down to kiss him. Haruka pulled away just as fast.

"Look, I don't want to do this to you, not yet" he said.

"Please, Haruka?" Kantarou said, in his sweet childish voice with big puppy eyes. He just knew Haruka can't resist this!

"Alright, fine. But warn me if you get too tired." Kantarou nodded, silently thinking to do the opposite. He just wants to enjoy!

"Argh!" Kantarou gasped in pain all of a sudden.


"Haruka, can't move.. Hurts…" Kantarou whimpered, his full body weight leaning against Haruka now, losing consciousness.

"Which part of your body hurts? Damn it… Youko, we need you!" Haruka shouted, his panic clearing showing on his face.

"What now? Don't tell me you can't decide who's gonna be the seme and- KAN-CHAN! What… what happened?" Youko said while opening the door, but gasped in surprised when she saw the scene.

"Get someone here; quick!"

"Got it… Kan-chan, hang on!"

All this while, Kantarou was drifting between the world of the living and dead. He could hear their voices; but no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't answer them. Suddenly, a bright light appeared, temporarily blinding Kantarou…

"How's his condition?" Sugino had now reappeared, holding Muu-chan in his arms. The atmosphere was tense, and everyone was sitting surrounding Kantarou in his room, making it a little cramped, especially with all his paperwork lying on the floor when he and Haruka are… …

"The doctor said that with the sudden loss of his original power source, it was already very dangerous to unseal someone when his body was still trying to recover and search for an alternative source of power for his spiritual energy , if not, unlock it from the depths of his mind. Or so he says…" Youko said, while her face was all scrunched up in trying to actually understand it.

"I told him it was too dangerous, he just wouldn't listen! Stupid human!" Sugino said.

"You what? You mean you were the one to bring Kantarou there, despite my warnings? Why you…" Haruka bared his fangs.

"Wait; there's more concerning what the doctor had said. When Kantarou broke the seal, he had used too much spiritual energy, and his body was unable to withstand it and he fainted. Now, his body is still trying to recover its energy, and the spiritual energy too. It works better if it has something to feed on, preferably a bond. If not, Kan-chan will lose his power to see demons, either that or the use of his eyes or his memory, since it affected his brain. It's still too early to decide the outcome."

"Kantarou…" Haruka whispered, clutching his cold hand tightly in his own. Meanwhile, everyone filed out of the room, leaving them to their own time.

Even though they might not know it, the "bond" that they shared was no simple bond. After all, which human and demon has such bonds? Needless to say that they didn't finish each other off soon, Haruka isn't the Onikui Tengu for nothing you know.

"What will happen if Kantarou never recovers?" Sugino wondered out loud. It was pretty unusual of him to be so… never mind. Muu-chan sighed, it was really disturbing to see Kantarou so weak…

"Oh that, you don't need to worry. I made that last part up; I figured that they really need some help in their relationship. Though Kantarou is still really weak and he can't use his power for at least a month…" Youko giggled slightly.

Sugino and Muu-chan shook their heads, well, never underestimate the power of a fox demon, especially a female one at that.

Haruka stayed close to Kantarou all night. When he had a fever, it was Haruka who was panicking and taking care of him. He held him close when Kantarou whimpered from the aftereffects of a nightmare. Soon, it was dawn, and Kantarou begun showing signs of waking up.

"Ha…ruka…" Kantarou whispered, his voice croaky and sore from the lack of water.

"Kantarou, are you awake? Don't move, I'll call someone!" Haruka made movements to go, but a small movement caught him.

"Don't go."

"Okay I'll stay… You want some water?" Haruka asked, and after seeing Kantarou nodding his head, he poured some water into a cup from the teapot that Youko placed there the day before.

After drinking the water, Kantarou threw himself into Haruka's arms. "Haruka! I missed you!... There was this scary white light that engulfed me, then I saw that demon which gave me the scar… And then I remembered that there wasn't any scar any more and you were…"

"Hush hush. You're safe now… I shall never leave your side again… I… I love you-u… Kantarou."

Kantarou gasped. He sobbed more, soaking Haruka's clothes with his tears. They stayed like that for sometime till-

"Haruka, I- Kan-chan! You're awake and… you're hugging Haruka… I guess I will leave you guys alone then…" Youko said as she closed the door softly.

"I love you too Haruka, ever since I had set on my eyes on you…" He cleaned his tears dry, and stared dreamily at Haruka. He lifted his face to meet his eyes, and began edging closer to Haruka's face. Their lips are meeting, they met and- Haruka pulled away.

"No, we can't do this. You're still too weak and-"

"Haruka, I want to do this. I want you to make love to me."


"Trust me."

"Fine. Just tell me when you want to stop. I don't want to tire you unnecessarily when you have just woken up."

"Fine." A mischievous glint flashed in Kantarou's eyes as he found his way to Haruka's neck, nibbling him slightly there.

Lemon scene, don't read if you don't like this stuff!

Kantarou pulled on Haruka's shirt to kiss him, and this time he didn't pull away. Haruka licked his master's lips and Kantarou slipped his tongue into Haruka's, inviting him in.

By then all hell broke lose.

Clothes being ripped off from every direction while they are still kissing and by this point it's not some small sweet kiss either. Haruka pulled away a bit and started to nibble on Kantarou's neck. Kantarou shifted a bit and started to moan, "More… Haruka, more!"

"We haven't even started yet." Haruka smirked; his master was just too horny sometimes.

"Well, don't you dare stop!" Haruka smiled, it always seems that Kantarou would get angry with him when they were in bed together.

Haruka then started sucking on Kantarou's left nipple, while messing with other with his right hand. Kantarou arched his head back, and was trying not to scream out loudly. Haruka smiled with this and had taken his right hand all the way to where he knew his master would lose it. He touched the tip
of it and he heard his master groan.

"Damn you."

"Love you too, Master" Haruka said, trying not to laugh.

"Stop messing me with and just take me already!" he hissed.

"As you wish, Master…" Haruka shifted upright and Kantarou got on below of him.

"You ready?" he nodded, he placed himself at the entrance and pushed himself in, Kantarou cried just a bit. Haruka let him get comfortable having him there and he pumped himself in, slowly and out.

"Faster, Haruka!" he cried.

"No, but you're still to weak to handle it" Kantarou glared, Haruka sighed and went faster into him. Kantarou had his head back and moaned. They were both panting, and was about to lose it.

"We won't last much longer" Haruka said after a lots of thrusting in and out of Kantarou . Kantarou just bit him on his neck, to keep himself from screaming too loud. After one final thrust, they both came and fell over on each other. Panting heavily for a moment, Haruka relaxed for a while before slowly slipping himself out, not wanting to hurt Kantarou. Kantarou had already fallen asleep. Haruka sighed, "And you said you weren't tired… Baka."

End of scene

Haruka covered the both of them with a blanket and gave a peck on his master's forehead and smiled. Maybe this wouldn't be a bad thing after all.

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