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Crack pairing #1: AxelXCloud

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If you've ever been in the city at night, it's beautiful, and if you're lucky, you will find yourself in an empty city without much noise. Sure people often talk about what a shame it is that you can't see the stars for all of the pollution, but for a city boy, the neon lights of fast food restraints can blend to be a sight much more beautiful than the heavenly body above. One such city boy was currently strolling down the street, his spiked red hair reflecting the glowing neon signs above.

His clothes were a cross between modern-day gothic and gay. His long black trench coat was only fastened half-ways up his chest, revealing no shirt beneath. It was long enough to cover up his fairly-tight leather pants, but not long enough to hide the thick black boots the boy wore. Anyone who didn't know him would immediately suspect him a delinquent, the kind of rapscallion to pick on little kids, and even go so far as to steal candy from a baby. But to those who knew him, Axel was a fairly gentle soul who liked strange clothes and was obsessed with flames.

The red-head had a certain destination in mind, a sort of rendezvous if you will. He was to meet a friend of his at the subway, and if the suitcase in Axel's hand was any clue, he wasn't planning on coming back any time soon.

The subway was empty when the pyro-manic boy entered it. He bought his ticket from the empty machine and settled himself down to wait on one of the many empty benches the place offered for the comfort of it's customers.

'Comfort my ass.' Axel thought as he lit up a cigarette. 'This place makes my tush hurt just thinking about it.' A wisp of smoke rose from the burning cigarette to curl around his pierced nose and mesh into the air. Axel watched it lazily, not caring about the nicotine just yet, he was too absorbed in watching the smoke.

A few minutes turned into hours. Nearly a whole pack of cigarettes lay at Axel's feet, like so many little white corpses. A tendril of smoke rose from each of them. The redhead himself was asleep, having lost interest in the minor entertainment the smokes provided.

Needless to say, the redhead didn't notice as another person entered the empty subway.

This man was blonde, and only a few years older than Axel. His spiky gold hair shown with an unearthly radiance, like a sort of halo. This of course, was due to the florescent lighting in the subway, but it made for a shocking effect nonetheless. The blonde man, Cloud as he was known to his friends and enemies alike, strode toward the sleeping pyro, smiling as his thick boots crunched over the remains of Axel's entertainment.

"Wake up Axel, I'm here, sorry I'm late." The blonde said, kicking Axel's boots. When no reply was forthcoming he kicked harder, forcing the red-head awake.

"Cloud?" Axel asked, dazed from sleep. He rubbed his eyes tiredly and shook his head, trying to restore visibility. When he got to the point where vision was possible, he found himself looking into the eyes of an angel.

Cloud smiled lovingly at his boyfriend and cocked his head to the side, looking for all the world like a forlorn puppy. "What? No hug for your long-lost boyfriend?"

"Oh…right…" Axel hopped to his feet, smiling sheepishly at the older man. Without hesitation he threw his arms around the blonde, kissing him squarely on the mouth.

Cloud nearly jerked back in surprise. Axel's lips tasted of smoke, ashes, and tobacco, and he smelled like a chimney, but to Cloud, those smells and tastes were familiar and comforting. They were something he could live with if it meant being with the man he loved.

After a moment they pulled apart, Axel beaming happily at his boyfriend. "I missed you so much Cloud…I can't believe we're finally doing this ya know? I mean, we haven't seen each other in almost a year, and…and now you're back, and we can start all over again…just me and you."

Cloud felt his stomach clench as tears appeared in Axel's eyes. Though Cloud knew they were happy tears, he couldn't help but feel guilt for causing them. After all, if he hadn't left a year ago then they wouldn't be meeting like this again, and there wouldn't be any problems.

A sudden noise shifted the boys' attention to the subway tunnel. The noise grew in size until it was a thunderous din, heralding the subway train. The transportation vehicle came to a screeching halt, the sudden whoosh of it's doors filling the air. Cloud smiled at his boyfriend and took his hand, leading him toward the train. "Ready for a new life?" He asked.

Axel huffed a fake laugh, "Of course I'm ready, I've wanted out of this hell-hole since I was born."


The train was empty, as would be expected at this time of night, so Cloud and Axel were free to hold each other and kiss without receiving disgusted looks from other passengers. Because they were alone, they could sit in the calming quiet and just enjoy each others presence.

"Cloud…" Axel ventured as he picked at the strap to his long coat. "Where were you for so long? Why did you never write?"

Cloud evaded the question effectively by kissing his boyfriend tenderly. "Let's not think about that right now ok? I promise to tell you everything in time."

Axel knew he should be curious, especially since this was the man that he was going to spend the rest of his life with, but the calming atmosphere and the sweetness in Cloud's voice, he couldn't bring himself to question his love.

"Ok." he conceded as he laid his head against Cloud's broad chest. Cloud smiled at him, pulling him closer.

"I love you," the blonde cooed. He stroked Axel's spiky red hair affectionately before kissing him gently on his forehead. When Axel responded favorably by smiling at him, he continued kissing down his face before landing on his lips.

The kiss soon became heated and passionate. The boys soon found their positions switching from cuddling to making-out. Axel's back went from laying comfortably against Cloud's chest to being pressed into the cold plastic of the seat, Cloud's hot body on top of his. He had lost his coat somewhere in-between, and his emerald eyes spotted it on the floor not too far away.

Cloud's mouth distracted him again though as his and his lover's were pressed together in another heated, almost violent kiss. Cloud was a hard lover, (no pun intended) he was rough, but also unbelievably gentle. Axel loved him so much…

Axel's breath hitched when he suddenly felt Cloud's hand against his crotch. "No…Cloud…not here…" The red-head's jade eyes looked up at Cloud pleadingly. "Not yet…"

Cloud felt his pants grow a little tighter, but he let the younger boy have his way. "Fine…" The blonde growled, moving to let his boyfriend up. "But when we get to the hotel…" Axel shivered as Cloud's finger traced it's way down his bare chest and stomach, coming to a rest on his pants.

"I don't think so Cloud…I mean…I haven't seen you in a year you know? I think we need to get to know each other again…"

Cloud barked a laugh. "Know each other? Axel, if you didn't know me would you seriously come to live with me?"

"Yes…" Axel huffed. He turned away from Cloud, his bright eyes scanning the interior of the high-speed subway train they were on.

Cloud watched his red-haired lover for a while, unsure of how to respond to him. The boy had changed in the last year, it was a wonder Cloud could recognize him at all. His hair had grown out, and his sense of style had skyrocketed. Even the comforting smell of cigarettes smelled stronger. And his body…Axel hadn't been so muscular when Cloud had left him last.

Axel jumped when Cloud's arms snaked their way around his stomach suddenly. He could feel the older man's face burying into his back, the soft golden hair tickling his skin. "I'm sorry…I got ahead of myself." Cloud mumbled. "You're right, we need to get to know each other, and ourselves better…"

Axel stared down at the floor, smiling contentedly at the carpet there. "Thank you Cloud…I love you…"

"I love you too Axel."


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