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Morning heralded a new disappointment for a certain blonde. He woke up, not to the heat of his brother's warm body, but to the heat of another, cooler person. In fact, everything seemed to have cooled down. A glance out the window showed fog, or maybe smog, covering everything. You couldn't see a foot out the window, and all that dark was making everything so damn cold.

'Axel was never cold…' Roxas thought to himself. 'But he's gone isn't he? He left me…' Tears began to form at the edge of Roxas's eyes. They weren't angry tears, they were disappointed tears. Once again he had been abandoned…

Something next to the blonde moved, and Roxas yelped as a pair of arms suddenly wrapped around his small frame, pulling him against someone's chest. His heart started to pound, was this Axel? Had it all been a joke?

"Morning sleepyhead…" came Tidus's deep but comforting voice.

"T-Tidus?" Roxas yelped. It took a few moments for him to remember the events of the last night. "I…I…"

"You're in my room…calm down."

A quick glance to the arms covering his bare stomach made Roxas start to feel sick. When had he taken off his shirt? He couldn't remember…and…Tidus was hugging him…that wasn't right, it was too gay.

"Let go of me" Roxas finally growled.

"Why? If I let go you'll run away, probably after you're brother. I'm not going to let you."

"Why the hell not? Let go dammitt!!" The younger blonde pulled against the older's grip, but Tidus wouldn't let go. After a while of frantic struggling with no success, Roxas just gave up, letting the older boy pull him closer.

"Stop hugging me, it's gay."

"No, if I let go of you, you'll bolt."

"So what? Why do you care so much? You're just my neighbor."

"Exactly, I'm a neighbor that cares, I'm not going to let you run off in a blind rage. Most likely you'll just get yourself killed."

"I can take care of myself!"

"You're 14 Roxas, if you could take care of yourself you wouldn't be so upset about Axel leaving."

Roxas calmed down at those words, though they should have angered him more. He could take care of himself…couldn't he? But Tidus made a good point. If he truly could take care of himself then he wouldn't miss Axel so bad. Hell he couldn't even get a regular job for another year at least. Without Axel, he could get taken away by child services, be thrown into foster homes that collected children for the money. He wouldn't be able to leave that hell for another 4 years, when he turned 18...

All at once Roxas felt the tears start to come down his face. This was screwed up. This was more than screwed up. He couldn't live on his own. He was 14 dammit!

"Shh….it's ok Roxas…I won't let anything happen to you…" Roxas felt light fingers brushing some of his spiky hair from his face, but it didn't make him feel any better, in fact, it made his stomach clench.

"Don't touch me." He growled warningly.

Tidus stopped, examining the boy in front of him. Maybe he was being to friendly…or maybe Roxas was just upset. "Roxas…"

"My brother may be gay Tidus, but I'm not, let go of me."

"And what makes you think I'm gay? Or that I'd be interested in a little boy like you? You're 14 Roxas, I'm 20."

"I'm not a little boy!"

"Yes you are, you're a stubborn little brat who can't face facts. The facts right now are that your brother is gone, and I'm trying to help you, yet you continue to hide like a little baby!"

"I'm not a baby!" Angrily Roxas jumped up, knocking Tidus down on the bed. The younger boy straddled him, and, before he could really think about his actions, kissed Tidus square on the lips.

Tidus's eyes widened, and he pushed Roxas off of him with a disgusted look on his face. "Dude what is wrong with you? I told you I'm not gay!"

Roxas stared at him with wide eyes. "But…but…you had your arms around me and…"

"Do you honestly think that means I wanted to kiss you? You're six years younger than me and the wrong gender! Damn…I can't believe you kissed me!"

"Well what did you expect me to think? I'm confused dammit! I want Axel back, and I want everything to go back to the way it was! I'm sick of this dammit! Dammit!! Dammit!!! Dammit!!!!"


Somewhere miles north of the city, Axel and Cloud shared a rented car heading out on the highway. Axel had a cigarette in his mouth, and Cloud had both windows open to get rid of the smoke.

"Axel, can you please wait to smoke until we get out of the car? This thing is going to stink to high heaven…"

"So? You paid for it. We should be able to do with it what we like, besides, it's a nervous habit of mine…" The red-head let that sentence trail off as he watched the smoke drift out the open window. Trees rushed past his vision in a green and brown blur.

"Nervous habit? What are you nervous about?" Cloud asked as he turned the car off the main highway. "Nervous about living with me?"

"No.." Axel dropped his cigarette out the window and let out a long sigh. "I'm nervous about my little brother…"

"You have a little brother?" The blonde asked. "I didn't know that…"

"Yeah, I left him all alone when I came to live with you…"

"You what?!?" Cloud gave Axel a sharp look, but the red-head looked just as placid as he usually was. "Axel how could you leave him? Don't you have any conscience at all?"

The red-haired demon pulled out another cigarette from his pocket and lit it up. He puffed on it a few times, his eyes following the little clouds of smoke, before glancing out the window again. The scenery had changed now, from the lush green forest to the leftovers of a terrible fire. Dead trees stood mangled and twisted, their shattered corpses littering the landscape.

His thoughts drifted off some to those trees, they were destroyed beyond recognition after fueling a fire so much greater and more powerful than them. It hardly seemed fair, but it happened, a lot, and to more than just trees.

"No." he finally replied. "I think mine burned up in hell."


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