It was finally the end of the day for Yugi Moto. He had another busy day at school after recently graduating from Domino High School Yugi now attends the University of Domino. As an honor roll student Yugi ad the opportunity to attend prestigious universities in the United States but instead he chose the University of Domino. He chose to go to the University of Domino because he did not want to leave his friends and family and most importantly he did not want Yami to go insane over his possible departure. His relationship with Yami blossomed since he recently told him his secret about being an animal empathy. He was glad that Yami accepted his abilities and most importantly loved him for it.

An exhausted Yugi threw his bag on the floor and collapsed on the bed. "Home at last" he thought. As he was about to go to sleep he heard the phone ring.

"Hi Yami" Yugi said sweetly

"Hi angel how was your day today?"

"Fine I got an A on my exam"

"Oh that's so great aibou I am so proud of you I've always been"

"Thank You" said a blushing Yugi

"Are you coming home Yami"

"Not tonight I have to stay in Osaka and help Seto for the tournament"

"Oh I will miss you"

"Beside Joey is at Seto's mansion he'll keep you in company"


"You know what angel being away from you made me realize how much I miss your kiss you have no idea how much I yearn for you.

"Yami please" Yugi said in a squeaky embarrassed voice

"I'm like a fish without water without you here I feel like I'm drowning I - I need you as my water because you keep me swimming and you keep me warm.

"Oh Yami I love you so much we will see each other soon"

"I love you angel bye"

They both hanged up the phone and Yugi quickly went asleep.

It was an hour later and Yugi was sleeping soundly until he felt someone grab him by his mouth. The invader took out his gun and forced it on yugi's lower back.

"Don't move or I might just shoot?"

The invader grabbed Yugi around his waist and breathed on his face. Yugi could not take the victimization anymore. He flipped the invader over his head and landed on the ground.Yugi grabbed the gin and aimed at the invader.

"Please kid don't shoot! Please don't I'll do anything!!?"

"Shut up you bastard!!" Yugi said in a voice that did not suit him at all the gun was still aimed at the invader.

"Get your ass up!"

The invader quickly got up putting his hands over his head

"Please I'll do anything!! The invader pleaded

"Actually there is something you can do"

"What please tell me kid?"

"Take off your clothes!"


"You heard me make it fast I'm not in the mood for arguments!"

The invader took off his shirt and pants leaving him in his boxers. Yugi smiled at the invader's position.

"Nice pecks get on the bed"

The invader laid on the bed looking up at the ceiling. Yugi jumped on top of the invader and caress through his chest.

"I hope you are as good as you look because I don't like disappointment"

Yugi kissed his neck, shoulders, arms and chest leaving the invader shivering.

"Prepare yourself Mr. Criminal because I go straight to the main course Yugi said seductively.

Yugi took off the invader's boxers showing his manhood.

"Hold your breath because I do it rough!"


Yugi quickly sat up from the bed breathless and sweaty.

Oh god oh no!! I'm in heat again!