Hey everyone sorry for the long long wait I had a serious writers block and on top of all that school got in the way. I will keep you guys updated as much as I can with this story and all my other stories. To keep you guys updated Yugi is gifted with the ability to be an animal empath he feels everything they feel, act, and he even goes into heat whenever animals have a mating season. Yugi found out that he is now in heat.

Previously on the last chapter

Yugi quickly sat up from the bed breathless and sweaty.

Oh god oh no!! I'm in heat again!

Yugi sat up from the bed he was sweaty and hot

"This can't be happening" Yugi said to himself

He walked to the bathroom cupped his hands with cold water and splashed it over his face he looked up at the mirror and saw his wet chubric face

"I hate this!!!" Yugi screamed

He felt himself getting weak in the knees he collapsed on the floor. He knew that his blood and rushing through his body at a rapid pace and his heartbeating like he just finished running the marathon. This is one of the things he hated about being in heat.

Yugi laid on the floor panting and trying to fight the strong urges he is feeling it was too much for him to bear. He felt nothing pure heat and lust.

He slowly brought himself to his feet feeling his knees buckle he opened the medicine cabinent and saw a bottle of sleeping pills on the counter. He quickly grabbed the pills and a glass right next to it filled it up with water. He took out four sleeping pills and quickly swallowed each one after taking sips of water.

Yugi slowly walked back to his bedroom and laid on the bed

"I can't believe this is happening right now I must keep myself in check" Yugi said to himself.

Yugi was lost in his own thoughts for a couple of minutes until he finally felt the pills he took take it's effect. His eyelids felt heavy and felt his body relax on the bed he slowly closed his eyes and wandered though out the night.