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Bella thought that she was home free with graduation approaching and the promise to have her changed into a vampire to be with her true love Edward for eternity. That's why she doesn't think twice about the small reception party for Emily and Sam's wedding - Sam, the leader of the werewolf pack of the Quileute tribe. With her best friend Jacob considering her an enemy for choosing to be with her vampire love instead of him, she has the difficulty of letting the pack see that she's not there as a threat to them.

However, the vampires, werewolves, and Bella overlook the simple fact that there is another vampire after her, one who wants her dead. They didn't think she would dare show up on the lands of the Quileutes, but are proven wrong when she does, and manages to get her hands on Bella and then escape into the ocean dragging the bitten Bella with her.

The venom of the vampiress was only supposed to change Bella into a vampire. But because of the amulet connection, Bella becomes something different, like a vampire but more. When it all comes to a showdown with the Cullen family, Quileute tribe and Victoria, the vampiress gets away - leaving Bella behind.

Suspicion is cast on the fact that Victoria simply gave up, but that's the least of their worries. There's still the mystery of what Bella is, how to fix her, and then there's the little fact that Bella and Edward are more like each other than they realized at first after one last mishap threatens to tear it all apart...

A/N 1/7/07: I redid Ch. 1, 2, 3, and 4 'Songs To Listen To', so they might be different now. Check if you want! Thanks for reading!

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This is the second brainchild of mine that has taken forever to work on, and I am still fervently working on it. I hope you enjoy this story, because this is one that I actually know when things are happening in it 'cause I wrote up a story plan. :)

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California, show your teeth



As a young girl, I had always thought I would see the world before my death. I had wanted to see places I had dreamed of or heard about, and when I met my angel, I thought it could be possible. If I were one of what my angel was, then I would be able to see that world he saw, be with him for eternity so we could see it together.

I never once considered that the chance to be together could be taken away from us.

Thinking we were immortal together after the red demon encounter was foolhardy, ironic. Once I was immortal, it hadn't mattered at the time that I was…what I was.

I was a different type of immortal than he, and the fate of our relationship was in the balance, dangling even more precariously than before. I was foolish not to realize that, to see it before – I couldn't even think it now for the pain it caused.

It was ironic that before, he had told me to always be cautious around him, for he was so much more powerful than I. Now I was the danger, the demon, and for him to be close to me again was a horrible fate for him to suffer.

Telling myself it was he and his family that I did this for did not quell the anxiety I felt. The urge to run away from this place was still great, for some reason unfathomable to me in my current state of despair. Not caring had become my specialty for this task; if I didn't worry, then it didn't matter.

But still I felt as if I were sealing away my heart, in this curse that had chosen me to carry it. The red demon had gone insane, but I was still whole…to a point. The shielding of my decisions from my sister made me different than them, less whole in some way; what kind of inhuman creature like me could live without a future?

Not for long, for the removal of this curse would cost me something according to those who determined that they could, but then it would be gone. And I would be free.

So he would be free and I could be with him for eternity.

The stone sculpture standing in front of me was tall and crafted so long ago; no person save I stood outside of it, simply looking up. There were people there, milling around me, but I did not see them, truly. And I only heard the wind howling past, even in this crowded marketplace outside of the temple.

The sun was falling down behind the sands that swirled around me, shifting the sari around me and tugging at my hood. My long, skintight gloves hid my skin as I lifted a hand to steady the cover over my face.

A disguise such as this was necessary in the place I had come. The locals wore clothes much like this, for the type of community and the environment. I did not stand out here, for women were to be covered as such or be thought of as shameless.

Even if he came now, he would not know which person I was – there was many a woman in the same type of sari as I, numerous ones in the same color. My skin was hidden from the sun, and my hair was properly up and pinned, according to the desert custom of this area.

The only hint would be my scent, but in this marketplace there were so many perfumes that I reeled in them even as I smelled the humans' own flavors hidden under the aromas that assaulted me.

The temple of sandstone had one door, as I remembered from the day before. Taking a last look at the twilight, through the robed masses milling around in the marketplace, I caught glimpses of the people as well; a local in his desert trousers and shirt, a foreigner in her sundress, a pale person – likely a scholar – standing in the shadows, trying to move forward yet keep out of the sun at the same time.

I turned back to the door, knowing that attempting to hide from the sun here was exceedingly difficult. In five seconds the sun would be setting, and then I would go in as instructed. Wondering why they had such methods for this ritual was useless, as I had already found; only they knew the secrets, and I was merely the subject.

My tail swished underneath my clothes in the tight skirt, just the tip. It would be unnoticeable to any of the humans, so I was not worried. My ears pricked up a bit as the sun finally faded behind the dunes.

Breathing in slowly, I moved with the liquid grace I had started to become accustomed to and reached out for the silver handle of the stone door. It was molded into a cat, with piercing topaz eyes and a slightly humanoid figure despite its catlike physique, and distinct traces of red from the corners of its' mouth drizzling downwards: ironic, in a way, but fitting something like me.

Unable to resist a bittersweet last look, I bid my farewell to the setting sun with a quick glance over my shoulder to it, catching the last ray of light as it fell across my hand. The sheer gloves covered my skin in such a way that it didn't matter. The glitter effect was visible only to me, with the vampire eyes sharpened with what I had become.

Sealing my breaking heart, I resolved to find him after this was done. I had something to do now, and I faced the door, preparing to go through with it.

A/N – I drew it out a bit, but I wanted to give you as much as I could. I chose this scene for a few reasons, but mainly I wanted to see what I could get away with. I hope not too much was revealed! Review, please, and tell me if this is good or not. Also, there were a few – actually, more than a few; I went foreshadowing crazy – hints in here, and also, a clue as to what is going to happen. And just so you know, this is from Bella's point of view. You'll see how, for those of you whom I know are going to ask that question about her… if you actually read, then it kind of jumps at you. :)