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Chapter 1: A New Legacy

In the Hokage Tower

"Arashi, what are you doing?" Sarutobi inquired. Even though he was no longer the Third Hokage, he still stopped by the office in times of danger or for a social call. He was being ignored by his successor who was scrambling around the room looking for certain objects.

"Scrolls … Checked"

"Seals … Checked"

Arashi, the Yondaime Hokage of the village, was so engrossed in his work that he forgot that someone was in the room with him.

"Ramen … checked and double checked".

Sarutobi chuckled at that remark. He knew that the Yondaime has an obsession with it. Whenever Arashi heard the word "Ramen" or god foretell "Free Ramen", he would disappear from the office to Ichiraku Ramen Bar faster than Tsunade running away from debt collectors.

"Ahem, Arashi," Sarutobi raised his voice, trying to get his attention without catching him on surprise.

"Oh hey old man, I didn't see you there" Sarutobi shook his head, this was the man who was suppose to be the Hokage and yet, he was as carefree as a dog searching for his bone.

"Arashi, I've been standing here for 10 minutes listening to your so called check list."

"Heh, sorry old man, I was too busy thinking about important things." Arashi was still running around the office, searching through his drawers, the bookshelf, just about anything if he could remember what he was looking for. Sarutobi again laughed but he realized this wasn't a proper situation to be doing this.

Sarutobi looked at the young Hokage for a minute. "What are you going to do about Kyuubi outside your window?" Arashi stiffened for a moment when Sarutobi mentioned the beast but relaxed, with a playful gleam in his eyes. Sarutobi noticed the gleam in his eyes, which he immediately recognized.

"Oh no… Arashi, tell me your not going to humiliate Kyuubi. He is supposedly the king of the Bijuu. I seriously don't think you have the time to mess with him while he's off destroying the village." Sarutobi glared at Arashi, hoping that he would have matured, as he became Hokage.

Arashi walked over to the window, looking at the utter destruction the beast was causing.

"You have known me since I was young. I always do things with a certain flair to it. While as the Yondaime Hokage, I must do all I can to ensure the survival of this village." He turned around to look at his predecessor.

"We have been fighting the Kyuubi all night and it doesn't look like it will go down any time soon. We also have a lot of casualties on our side." Sarutobi walked up to Arashi who was still looking out his office window. "I hope you have something else planned because we're running out of time and ideas." He placed his hand on Arashi's shoulder to show that he believed in his ability to protect the people.

"Well, when physical attacks don't work, there are also mental attacks. A wise person once said to me, "When the odds are against you, never play your trump card until the end." The time to show our hand is now."

Sarutobi stood there smiling at the statement. It sounded so wise and insightful. He wondered who could have given Arashi advice. "Who was this wise person?"

Arashi grinned and replied "Tsunade-hime."

Sarutobi flinched at that answer. He couldn't but help wonder why Arashi would listen to Tsunade about gambling advice. "Arashi, do you know the nickname that was given to my student?"

"The Slug Master!" replied Arashi, not really seeing the point that Sarutobi was trying to get across.

"No, she has another nickname. She's known as the Legendary Sucker." Arashi's faced went paled but soon dismissed the idea. "Sarutobi-sensei, that doesn't matter because advice is advice, it comes from experience."

"So what is this "trump card" that you're holding in your hands Arashi?" Sarutobi was really curious to find out. Regular kunais and shurikens can't pierce the Kyuubi and it seems to be immune to jutsus.

"I'm planning on showing Kyuubi why he should fear the name of the Yondaime. If I should humiliate Kyuubi along the way, it's an added bonus." Arashi grinned. He always wanted to go out with a bang and with his plan; it will be just a bang.

"Arashi, I thought your prankster days were over once you became Hokage" Sarutobi stood there shaking his head. He couldn't help but feel relax in Arashi's presence. Arashi has been known to keep the spirits alive, even in situations like this.

"Old man, you know what they say, once a prankster, always a prankster." Arashi flashed a smile. Arashi looked out at the window, staring at the mayhem that the Kyuubi was causing over the village.

"Kakashi, come here, I need you to do me a favor." Arashi yelled out the window. Kakashi then appeared in a puff of smoke next to Sarutobi.

"Arashi-sensei, the situation is getting out of hand, we can't hold Kyuubi back any longer, are you almost done with your plan?" Kakashi looked to his sensei for some sort of answer. In reality, they weren't really holding the Kyuubi; it was more of them marching in to the Kyuubi's mouth for dinner.

Kakashi then noticed that Arashi was not in his cheerful, joking state. Instead, he saw his sensei with the look of determination on his face.

"Yes Kakashi, I want you to get my son."

Sarutobi wondered why Arashi would want to see his son, unless it was the… "Arashi NO, you can't be using that jutsu, especially on your own flesh and blood."

"Sarutobi, I have put a lot of thought into this decision, I can not ask any other parent to make the same sacrifice that I am making. A child should never have to carry such a burden on his or her shoulders at a young age. That's why I can't ask any other parents to make the same sacrifice but I know that my son will be a hero. I will always be watching over Naruto and that's why I also want you two to watch over him for me until he's able to stand on his own feet. I want the village to see my son as a hero, not the Kyuubi."

"Arashi… I…" Sarutobi started to speak but Arashi asked again, with a more firmed tone. "Will you watch over Naruto for me?"

Sarutobi couldn't do anything but nod his head. "Yes, I will. I'll make sure of that. What about Jiraiya?" Sarutobi wondered why his former student was not present during the time of a crisis.

Arashi smiled as he thought of his sensei. "Jiraiya's currently away from the village doing his so called "research" but he'll be back to look after my son. I've sent a message to Jiraiya before. Who seriously does not want the chance to train the son of the Legendary Yondaime?" Arashi laughed as he said that and looked over to Kakashi to see what his response was.

Kakashi also nodded his head, not wanting his sensei to worry.

"Okay then, Kakashi, get Naruto and meet me at the battle, when I give the signal, hand me Naruto and get out as fast as you can. Is that clear?"

Kakashi didn't quite understand the plan but nodded his head and disappeared. Arashi took one last look at his friend, his father-like figure, and said good-bye. Today was the day that Kyuubi was defeated but not without casualties. Konoha suffered major losses, buildings destroyed, deaths for family and friends and most importantly, this was the night that the Greatest Hokage in the history of Konohagakure mocked the king of the bijuu one last time before he sealed it in his new born son named Naruto.

Several hours later

As Sarutobi took one last look around before he resumed active duty as Hokage, he whispered to no one in particular "Rest well Arashi, I'll watch over Naruto no matter what…" and thus he continued walking through the village surveying the damage.

Authors note: woo the first story I wrote and it was long, I thought long and hard on how I wanted this scene to play out and it seemed to turn out better than I pictured! Well this is how I imagined the scene would have went before episode 1 of Naruto. Just so you know, the pairings won't be coming into effect yet but I'm thinking of an OC but if you readers want something different, feel free to run them by me, that's fine as well and I'll look into it. Will update frequently.