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I hate you
Chapter 1

When she woke up he was still asleep looking as if he were having a delightful dream. She spread a small smile before getting up for the day. She'd been married to the Fire Lord for about two years now and she was still getting use to waking up in a room so huge. She walked in the bathroom and brushed her teeth and washed her face. Gods…She looked horrid in the morning. She thought as she picked up a comb. Her hair was a mess from the night before spent with her husband. She gently stroked the tangle's out screaming at every pull.

"KATARA"! She heard him yell from the bedroom.

"Just a sec", she growled, putting her hair in to a perfect bun and wrapping a blood red ribbon around it.

She spun around to see what her husband wanted only to be started by the appearance before her.

"Zuko", She screamed, holding her heart as if she were experiencing a painful heart attack.

"You scared the living day lights out of me"

"Why didn't you come when I called?", He asked angrily, marching in all macho.

Katara eyed him as if her were crazy. She couldn't believe that this is what made him so angry. "You came marching in here for that?" she asked . "I told you to wait a second", She screamed putting her hands on her hips. "Do I always have to be at your side when ever you call me, My Lord?" she asked sarcastically glaring at an angry Zuko.

Before she knew it her back was against the bathroom wall with her hand above her head held by Zuko. She looked up into his eyes only to see fire flaming from within.

"Why do you insist on talking to me like that?" he whispered, raising his body heat.

Sizzles began to run through Katara's wrist. The pain was unbearable.

" Zuko, your hurting me" She yelled. Her cry was only met by another raise in his body temperature.

"Please Zuko, Stop" she screamed, tears falling harshly. "Stop. Please. Stop. Let go. Please let go." She cried again.

Finally his hands dropped her burned wrist and Katara slid to the floor. It tore him up inside to see her cry. But she had it coming. She'd been talking to his all kinds of ways and she knew how he didn't like that. He had too much pride. Respect was what he wanted. He was so caught up in his thoughts, he didn't realize that he was hurting her.

I …I…I'm sorry he said sadly.

"Leave me alone", she screamed whipping tears from her face and picking herself up.

"I hate you" she screamed walking toward the bathroom door.

"Katara! Wait!"

"I HATE YOU" Was all he heard before the large doors to the bedroom slammed shut.

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