Back in Port Charles, Kellie and Dante continued to visit Sonny in prison and eventually trusted that he had changed. Four years in the D.A.'s office was more than enough for Jordan, as the pace kept him away from his family more often than not. Jordan decided not to run for reelection and opened his own practice for himself. When the kids got older, Kellie became a private investigator and also acted as a consultant for various law enforcement agencies. Both of them kept their schedules flexible, wanting their first priority to be their family.

Dante and Lulu eventually got married. Dante expanded his security firm over the years.

Sonny was released from prison for good behavior after 8 years. At this point, Sonny decided he could just retire of money he had sitting in offshore bank accounts.

Jason picked him up when he was released and brought him to the MetroCourt.

"Carly insisted," Jason said as Sonny groaned.

"I always get what I want," Carly said, peeking in the window.

"Let's get this over with," Sonny said.

Inside he was greeted by a number of friends and family. A little girl with her mom's blue eyes launched herself at Sonny, "Grandpa."

Sonny caught her in a hug, "You must be Haley." His eyes teared up.

"Mommy, I found Grandpa," Haley yelled and then realized Sonny was crying.

"Why are you crying?" Haley asked, "Did I hurt you?"

"No, sweetheart," Sonny said, "I'm just really, really happy to meet you."

He noticed Justin hanging around off to the side politely.

"Are you Justin then?" Sonny asked.

"Yes, sir," Justin said.

"Would you like a hug as well?" Sonny asked.

"Mom told us not to overwhelm you," Justin said, "Sometimes Haley can't contain herself."

"That's alright," Sonny said as he beckoned Justin over to him.

Justin ran and Sonny hugged both his grandkids.

When he finally stood up, there was a rounds of hugs and well wishes.

Eventually he found Kellie, Dante, and Jordan hanging out in the back.

"It figures I'd have to track the three of you down," Sonny said.

"A lot of people wanted to see you," Kellie said, "We figured it might be a lot."

"Jordan," Sonny said, "Are you still keeping Kellie out of trouble?"

"No one keeps Kellie out of trouble that she doesn't want to get into," Jordan said, "i wouldn't have it any other way."

"As long you treat her right," Sonny said, "Justin and Haley, they're something else. I can't believe that they knew who I was."

"We always knew you'd get out someday," Kellie said.

"We don't hide our past," Dante said, "We don't tell them you were in prison, just that you were lost for a long time."

"When they're older, we can explain the whole going to prison thing," Jordan said, "I'll leave you three to yourselves for bit. I think Haley's about to do something I'm not sure what."

Jordan took off after Haley.

"This is different," Kellie said.

"Thank you both for giving me a chance," Sonny said, "I know this part won't be easy. But I'm really proud of both of you and grateful."

Dante snorted.

"Oh come off it," Kellie said, "We both more that you pretend more than anything when it comes to Dad anymore."

Before Dante could respond Lulu screamed, "Dante, my water broke."

"I think my wife's in labor," Dante said, hugging Kellie, "i'll see you at the hospital later."

Dante hesitated and then hugged Sonny. Sonny and Kellie were left to themselves.

Kellie stood next to Sonny and let him put his arm around her as they watched Dante and Lulu work their way out of the MetroCourt.

"No handcuffs," Sonny said as he hugged Kellie properly for the first time since before he went to prison.

"I think you did alright," Kellie said.

Someone started playing music and Jordan came back.

"i'm stealing my wife for a dance and I'm not apologizing for it," Jordan said, grabbing Kellie.

"Go for it," Sonny said. He watched his friends and family as the laughed and talked with him. He watched Jordan and Kellie dance, whispering in each other's ear, kissing.

He smiled when Dante sent him a text of his newest granddaughter.

Lorenzo finally approached him.

"Thank you for taking care of Kellie," Sonny said, "I know you did the best you could even when…"

"I think we did alright," Lorenzo said.

The End

Author's Note: Thank you for following this little experiment that was originally supposed to be a lot shorter. I wasn't even sure I was going to finish this one. But then inspiration struck. I got to write more of the neat and tidy happy ending I'd thought I'd end up writing with "Crossing Into Dawn." If anyone is wondering, there are no plans to write-additional stories from this one. I'll be focused on the next installment in the main "Kellie Corinthos" series. I'll start posting "When It All Falls Apart" sometime in the next week.