Title: The New History of Magic

Summary: After the war Hermione is the only one left standing. With ntothing left for her she goes back in time to the summer after Voldemort's return and end s up teaching herself History of Magic. HGSS

Rating: T

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Pairings: HG x SS, HG x DM (one-sided)

Notes: There is an OC in this story? Not Mary-Sue, promise!


Hermione cried silently as she cradled Ron's lifeless form in her arms. His hair redder than ever, caked with blood and his eyes wide open and unseeing. She looked down at his face one more time before slipping his eyes shut and picking up his wand, the tape still wrapped around it from their second year. She looked around, the only thing standing besides her was the castle but even that was crumbling.

The forbidden forest burned in the background creating smoky haze that hid the top of the castle, all the windows alit with flames. The white tomb was charred and half destroyed. The lake was the only thing not burning but everything in it was dead, the corpse of the giant squid floating eerily.

Hermione moved over to where Harry was lying by a pile of dust that had once been the Dark Lord. Around him there were the remains of the Horcruxs and also, carved into the ground by magic was a circular array. When the right spell was cast the magic would activate sealing the broken soul together and allowing it to be obliterated leaving no traces left. Not even for reincarnation.

Harry was lying face down and the earth around him was stained red, she bent and rolled him over. She looked into the once shining emerald eyes that were now dulled and half rolled up into his head. She brushed the hair that was matted to his forehead away and moped up the blood around his scar. She saw his glasses, broken and cracked, half trodden into the ground lying not far away. She summoned them to her and repaired them placing them on Harry's now closed eyes and lying him down too. He deserved to lie complete. She levitated him over to Ron and kneeled before both of them.

"I am so sorry," she sobbed, her voice quite and cracked from the screaming of spells and the crying that followed. For all her brains, for all her intelligence she hadn't been able to keep the two most important people in her life alive.

She looked at them once more and thought about her future. She could return to the wizarding community and help to rebuild the Ministry and Hogwarts but it would take years. After Dumbledore had died they had searched for the Horcruxs, they had found them, but for every day it took them to find them…someone died. Ginny survived the raid on the burrow long enough to see Harry again. Hermione could only hope she died happy in his arms having been shot with a slow killing curse.

Following that, the Death Eater's had pushed their way up in the Ministry, hiring their fellow Death Eater's and eventually taking over the entire Wizarding world's political system. With Rufus Scrimgeour quietly assassinated Voldemort really had taken over. It was up to the Order of the Phoenix, headed by Harry and Professor McGongall they had managed to take down most of the Dark Lord's powerful allies, the weaklings that joined him to save their skins hollered the Imperious curse when it looked as though Harry might take him down after all.

Hermione stood up slowly, picking up Harry's wand, they were all there was to keep. Then something occurred to her, something she had read about a long time ago. A way to transport yourself back in time. It required a complicated array, a blood sacrifice and about an hours worth of chanting. She thought about it for a while and the more she thought about it…the more the idea appealed to her.

If she could somehow warn Dumbledore…maybe this whole mess could be prevented. Or better yet, if she could warn Sirius, or Harry…or just get rid of Umbridge to start with. Hermione looked around her…blood sacrifice check.

---Time Lapse---

About two hours later Hermione had drawn the array, above 10m across, and considering she had to draw it from memory she was hoping for the best. There was nothing left to love here though. If she failed she could join Harry and Ron.

Hermione stood in the circle, three wands clutched to her and then a thought dawned on her. She held up her wand and cried, "Accio invisibility cloak, accio Marauder's Map, accio Golden Trio Map."

Three pieces of paper and some silvery material flew at her from all sides and surprisingly enough she managed to catch them all. After Voldemort had overtaken the Ministry, she, Harry and Ron had got together to make a map of the Ministry in much the same fashion as the Marauder's. A sad song echoed through her ears and Hermione felt compelled to look up and there was Fawkes, the blazing phoenix came down to rest on her tired shoulder and wept. He sang and he wept and the tears fell on her and she felt refreshed but not happy. Fawkes nudged her before flying to the white tomb and immersing himself in the flames, he would not return again. Hermione looked at her shoulder, on which lay a single feather, long and a brilliants mix of reds, oranges, yellows and golds.

With these items clutched close to her she began the chant and an hour later there was a blinding flash and Hermione disappeared and that world was left to rebuilt itself from the ashes of ruin.


Hermione landed with a thud and fell to her knees before she could stop herself. She stood up and dusted herself off wondering when she was and where. Before walking out of the alley she shrunk the three wands, Fawkes' feather and the two maps to key chain size and placed them in the pocket of the jacket she was wearing. She then performed a cleaning charm on her jeans, top, jacket, shoes and hair to help remove the majority of the blood but she really needed a bath. She wrapped the invisibility cloak around her and thanked the powers-that-be that she hadn't grown otherwise her feet would most defiantly have been visibly.

She then walked out into brilliant sunshine and an array of colours the likes of which she hadn't seen since Diagon Alley was raided and destroyed. Hold on a second…this was Diagon Alley. People passed her and she heard snatched of conversation, "Have you read the Prophet recently, the thing's their saying about that poor Potter boy, he'd only a child afterall…"

"Liars the both of them, guess that Potter boy just wants more attention can't be getting much since you-know-who isn't around to kill him again…"

"My nephew's not going back to Hogwarts this year, with the Headmaster going round the bend it just isn't safe. My sister is sending him over-seas…"

"I can't believe what they've written about Albus Dumbledore, he was there when I went to school…"

Hermione moved forward to where a copy of the Daily Prophet was lying just outside Flourish and Blotts. She picked it up. June 30 1995. Her summer holiday had just started, she'd be going into fifth year this coming September, this was the summer that Harry was attacked by Dementor's in little Whinging…the one's Umbridge sent.

Holding the cloak tight to her and throwing the Prophet into the first bin she found Hermione strode off towards a certain abandoned phone booth. Money, shelter and what exactly she was going to do now could wait till later but first, there was something at the Ministry she needed to investigate.


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