Vegeta and Bulma

[Hello! My name is R. Cybelle Gil and this is just one of my fan fictions on this delightful Saiya-jin family!  I'm a Dragonball Z fanatic and I've written two fan fictions! (Maybe you can catch the other, ^_~).  Any way this story is about the why and how of when Vegita and Bulma hooked it up.  In a way my story is about how Veggie finally settled into his role as husband and father.  But there's a love story (obviously!) involved so I hope you all enjoy it!  Don't worry guys!  Vegita is still his normal bad ass self, so don't think I changed him because this is a 'love story'!  It's still the same old Veggie!  Enjoy! (You can tell this is my first fan fiction because I only mention that I've written two. ^_^ silly isn't it?) J]

Vegita and Bulma

Part I—First Glance

            Bulma grinned at Vegita from a distance.  He had terrified her earlier…when he had first arrived on Earth and even on Namek…but now he didn't seem so bad.  He had a shit load of arrogance, a huge attitude and an even larger ego.  She grinned more widely.  And now he was stuck here with no place to go.  Guess he would have to learn to deal with it.

            Vegita was sick to the stomach.  All these stupid bunch of Nameks that had been revived, all these stupid earthlings and Kakarotto's silly half Saiya-jin child.  If he didn't get away from them soon, he knew he would go insane.  Yet the only one making him the least bit uncomfortable was that green-haired woman and her bold attitude.  Before she had been trembling in horror of him, now she was treating him as if there was nothing wrong.  As if he had never killed people she cared about.

            He shook his head and growled to himself.  Who cares about a human woman?  Kakarotto was still fighting Freezer and probably having a great time of it.  He clenched his fist in rage.  It was he, he the Prince of the Saiya-jins who should be defeating Freezer; not that low-class soldier Kakarotto!  Damn it straight to hell!  Vegita's eye ticked in furious annoyance.  He could barely stand the fact that Kakarotto was beating him in this.  Something he had dreamed about for years.

            The green haired woman then began to bellow as the ship that was to take them to her home approached. He couldn't believe he would have to stay here and wait for Kakarotto to return.

*          *          *

Around a year later…

Vegita had returned to the Earth after a futile search for Kakarotto.  They had witnessed the destruction of Freezer by the strange young man that looked like Vegita.  Now the males wanted to train in a gravity machine and of course…Bulma had to make it.

"Vegita is good-looking, isn't he, dear?"

            Bulma looked up from working on the gravity machine and turned to her mother with a perplexed look on her face.  Now where had her mother come up with that conclusion?  The blonde curly-haired woman giggled like a schoolgirl and grinned at her daughter.  "Well, isn't he?"

            Bulma looked away from her mother and turned to the surly Saiya-jin who was growling at Yamcha while they both waited for her to finish fixing the machine that would allow them to train beneath a large amount of gravity.  Gokou had been there earlier, but Chichi had dragged him away.  Probably back home to their bedroom.  Chichi had been way too sexually frustrated since he'd been gone.

Yet they had used so much the first time they had exploded the circuits of the damn thing before they could even get in.  They were very insistent on getting her to hurry and finish fixing it… the rude Saiya-jin was the most verbal in his insistence.  She almost burst into laughter.  She'll never forget the look on his face when she had shot his verbal abuse back into his face.  Bulma shook her head and scowled getting back to work.  Good-looking?  Hardly.  The man had the personality of the offspring of a turnip and a lemon.

            Bulma's mother didn't quite think in the same vein, obviously.  She giggled.  "He'd make wonderful husband material if someone would get him to smile…" Bulma scowled at her mother.

            "If you like him so much, why don't you marry him?"

            The woman only continued to giggle.  "Oh, iye, Bulma-chan.  I meant for you!"

            Bulma blinked and turned back to where the surly Saiya-jin and the guy she had had a crush on for most of her life were.  She tilted her head.  Her mom did have a point though.  Next to Vegita, Yamcha wasn't much… Bulma shook her head.  Where had that come from?  Her mother hadn't said anything of the sort!  Then why had she thought it?  Bulma sighed and continued on her work.  There was nothing she could do.  She thought the annoying Saiya-jin was good-looking and that was that.  She just hoped he and Yamcha wouldn't do anything stupid once she was done with the gravity enhancer…

            That had been too much to hope for.  Bulma quickly turned off the main power to the damn machine and ran inside the training room.  Yamcha looked like he was about to get the skin peeled of his body and Vegita was in no better shape.  Baka.

            Bulma stared down at the two of them like they were the biggest imbeciles on the planets, and at the moment they were.

            Bulma's mother came rushing in with the first aid kits and tossed one to her daughter as she ran to help Yamcha.  Bulma kneeled beside Vegita and tsked.  She shook her head, a smile twitching on her lips.  "What in the hell gave you the idea that you could just walk in here and put on 400 times Earth's normal gravity?  Hmmm?  Or were you looking for some female attention and did it on purpose, because no intelligent being would do such a stupid thing… Unless he was you, of course."  Bulma grinned.  "At the rate your going looks like you'll be having to make the best of your stay here on Earth."

            Vegita growled.  Bulma grinned and began mending the Saiya-jin…because he sure as hell couldn't take care of himself!

*          *          *

            Vegita couldn't stop thinking about her.  He was training with Kakarotto in the gravity-enhancing machine, but he still could not remove the image of…Bulma…from his mind.  He only remembered her name because she had screamed it at him far to many times to count.  He smirked as he blocked one of the punches coming at him.  For an earthling she had a very Saiya-jin personality.  Not like he'd ever tell any one of that opinion.  But the thought of it still made him laugh.  Who would have thought that of all the women in the universe, it would be this one that struck his interest?  And not only in the normal sense, but also in a very sexual sense too.

            This Bulma was an incredibly beautiful woman.  With a gentle touch, something he hadn't expected from a woman with such bluster.  She had loved tormenting him while she tended to him.  But he had never quite understood why she had done that.  She had taken care of him.  No one had ever done that to him before.

It was a major turn on for the Saiya-jin.  Verbal abuse—she could even challenge him with that feat—and a caring tender touch.  And Vegita didn't know how much longer he could continue without taking her to bed.  He decided he would wait one more week.  That should be enough time.  Vegita grinned as he thought about the look on her face and prepared himself for more training.

            A week later…

            Bulma had just come out of the shower.  She turned on the light to her bedroom as she entered and proceeded to dry her hair.  As she vigorously rubbed the water out of her hair, Bulma stared at the picture on her nightstand.  It was a group picture of the whole group, when Gohan was still a little kid and Gokou still hadn't discovered his Saiya-jin heritage.  It was before the entire mess had begun.  Bulma sighed as she tossed aside the towel and grabbed a brush.  She wondered when Yamcha would come around.  But after thinking of that for a moment her mind drifted back to Vegita.  She tugged on a tangle viciously.  She'd been thinking about the surly Saiya-jin ever since their confrontation when they all got back to Earth.  She had tried to take her mind off of him, but she just couldn't seem to get him out of her mind.  And her mother hadn't helped at all!  What had she been thinking when she was tending to his wounds!  She should have been helping Yamcha, not that … that… ILL-MANNERED… Saiya-jin!

            Bulma slammed the brush down on the nightstand and marched toward the mirror.  She stared at her reflection and shook her head, making her permed hair tumble about her shoulders.  What is wrong with you?

            Suddenly, Bulma sensed something.  She turned around quickly and grabbed the baseball bat she had hidden behind the dresser.  She adjusted the towel wrapped around her body and searched for the intruder with her feelings.  She wasn't as good as the guys when it came to sensing ki, but she could sense when someone else was in her bedroom that wasn't supposed to be there.

            Gripping the bat in hand, Bulma eased about the room, not making a noise against the carpet.  She kept to the shadows as she sneaked about her own room.  Suddenly she felt a movement behind her and swung with all her strength.

            The bat was caught before it hit the target.  Bulma, not looking to see the face of the intruder, dropped to the floor and tripped him, sending him down with a surprised thud.  She quickly jumped up, gripped the towel with one hand and glared down at the one who dared to intrude on her privacy.

            She stared down at a laughing Saiya-jin.

            Vegita could not believe the human wench.  He had been prepared for the swing of the bat, but she caught him completely off guard when she dropped to the floor and tripped him.  He hadn't even thought she would do that.  It hadn't even crossed his mind.  He had assumed she would have either seen him or given up.  She had done neither.  Vegita laughed harder as he slowly stood up.

            Bulma just blinked at him as she watched him get up, her hand still gripping onto the towel.  Vegita?  Vegita?  What was Vegita doing here?

            Bulma opened her mouth to state her confusion just as Vegita completely stood up and ceased laughing.  But nothing ever came out.  Before she could utter a sound Vegita had her pressed against the wall and was devouring her with his kisses.

            Bulma didn't even know what hit her.  One moment she was wondering why Vegita was in her apartment, confusing the daylights out of her and the next she was pressed between the hard wall and an even harder body with the softest, most persuasive lips.  Bulma was stiff in confusion for a moment, but before she could regain her composure and push him away, he had her lips open and his tongue was inside drinking from her.

            Bulma felt her bones become putty and her arms and hands release the towel and wrap themselves around the man kissing her so passionately.  Vegita's hand settled on her waist and dragged her against his body.  Bulma was reeling from the most incredible feelings and she let herself be taken away on the whirlwind that was overwhelming her.  She didn't even notice when her towel whispered silently to the floor at their feet.

            He pressed her even more tightly against his body as he dragged his mouth away from hers.  His lips traveled down her neck to her aching breasts where nipples beaded in ragged and uncontrolled desire.  Bulma was out of control as she felt his mouth devour her. She tossed her head back and gave and low cry, her nails raking down his back, over the already sweaty muscles.  Her heart pounded with the rhythm of his and both of their hearts were racing like a torrent river of hot blood.

            Vegita dragged his mouth once more up her neck and stared into her eyes for a moment.  The blue had darkened and misted and were lost in a haze of pleasure.  He could feel the nails digging into his back like gentle talons and felt her body writhe desperately against his.  He had her in his grip.  Yet… he groaned and devoured her lips once more, desperate for the sweet juice of her tongue, he was just as gone as she was in the daze.

Vegita's hands were everywhere.  She was so damn perfect.  And the Saiya-jin prince couldn't get enough of the human woman in his arms.  He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed.  He set her down and let his eyes take in every part of her body, from her face down to her toes.  His hands wandered over the smooth skin as his knee came up and parted her thighs.  She moaned eagerly and gasped in pleasure as he set his weight upon her.  Bulma writhed in ecstasy.

            She had been caught up in the look of his eyes as he had stared at her.  No one had ever looked at her with such blatant need.  The look in his eyes and the hunger set her even more aflame than she already was.  She stroked him back and met every one of his touches with a moan and a touch of her own.  She bit him as her passion began to escalate and burn her alive.

Vegita smiled as she went wild in his arms.  "That's it you aggressive Earth woman," he whispered hoarsely.  "Show me the hell in you."  He devoured every inch of her making her scream in ecstasy and he took her with all the heat in him and his Saiya-jin savagery.

Bulma succumbed and was lost.