Part II—The Consequences

Part II—The Consequences

The doorbell buzzed loudly in their ears. Bulma snuggled into the man beside her and groaned with annoyance. After a blissful night of endless sex in an endless array of positions to be awakened by the buzzing of a doorbell was downright annoying. Bulma thanked herself for putting that bell on the door to her room though. If not anyone could have walked in and seen her with the man next to her. Not a very pleasant thought.

Vegita felt like killing whoever was at the damn door. He, or whoever, had been pounding and ringing the damn doorbell for at least ten minutes. Vegita's eyebrow ticked in increasing annoyance. Obviously the person knew Bulma was in her room and had no intention of leaving until she came out of it.

When the annoying buzz sounded again Vegita almost bellowed. He turned to the contended woman beside him and said with a voice still hoarse from the night before, "Aren't you going to answer the damn door?"

Bulma peeped open an eye at him and smiled like a satisfied cat. "Iye."

Vegita growled as the pounding resumed. Bulma only smiled at him and began to trace the lines of the muscles of his chest with a fingernail. "If it bothers you so much Vegita, why don't you answer the door?" Her sultry eyes twinkled as she lifted an eyebrow. Her swollen lips twisted into a teasing smile.

He glared at her. "Because this is your room."

Bulma smiled. "And the pounding doesn't bother me, it bothers you. And you don't want to be bothered now do you?" Bulma stretched against his side, her body moving against his and allowing him full view of her well loved body…as if he hadn't seen all of her there was to see already. His eyes flared.


Vegita stood up and headed for the door with one of Bulma's sheets wrapped around his waist. He could hear her stifling her laughter. He growled but ignored it.

Yamcha stood at the threshold his patience growing thin. How deeply could Bulma sleep anyway? He had been pounding and ringing the bell for over ten minutes and he hadn't even heard the sound of rushing water! What the hell was she doing? And if she was trying to sleep in she could have at least told him to leave her alone!

Just as Yamcha was about to pound on the door again, it slid open. Yamcha opened his mouth in satisfied greeting but his words and voice died as he stared at the person who had opened the door.

Vegita stood before him in nothing but Bulma's sheets.

"Nandato?" Vegita said gruffly, his voice hoarse.

Yamcha stuttered in disbelief for a few moments as he tried to make sense of the situation he found himself in. Finally he got one phrase out just as Vegita was starting grow impatient. "Is Bulma home?"

Vegita lifted an eyebrow and said, "Hai, but we're busy."


Vegita's eyes narrowed. "You're bothering me, weakling. And if you don't leave now I'll blast you to oblivion and then get back to what I was doing. Got it?"

Yamcha just stuttered in stupefied astonishment. He blinked in complete and utter confusion and disbelief. And the door swished shut in front of him.

As he turned to leave shock and confusion overwhelming in all directions, he could hear Bulma's laughter echoing hysterically behind him.

* * *

Gokou stared at the furious image of Bulma before him. Vegita, Gohan, Piccolo and himself were training in another gravitational room. Bulma had just recently contacted him and was now demanding to speak with Vegita. This was all very curious to Gokou. A month ago Yamcha came raving to him about Vegita being in Bulma's room wearing only a sheet, but he hadn't believed him. Who would? Vegita and Bulma? That just didn't happen. It was an absolutely insane thought. Muten-Roshi must have gotten Yamcha drunk and he had been seeing things. But now Gokou was facing a furious Bulma demanding to speak with Vegita and he couldn't help but be curious as he told Vegita to get the communication room.

Vegita entered, wondering what the hell Kakarotto wanted to speak about when he saw Bulma's image. His face went pleasantly blank. What could she want? They had only had a fling that one night. What could be so important that she had to speak to him about?

"Gokou, please leave."

Gokou eyed Bulma curiously, but left the two alone. But after the door closed he pressed himself against it to hear what the topic of conversation was going to be. Piccolo and Gohan looked at him curiously but he motioned them to be quiet. Gohan pressed himself against the door as well. They hadn't needed to press against the door.

"Nandato?" Vegita asked.

Bulma's eyes narrowed. "'Nandato?' 'What is it?'" Bulma's voice began to rise in pitch. Her eyes blazed with fury at the man before her. "I'M PREGNANT, ASSWIPE! THAT'S WHAT IT IS!"

Vegita blinked in stunned surprise, but quickly recovered his surprised expression. Instead he bellowed, "NANI?!"

"I…am…pregnant. Do you want me to spell it out for you? P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T! PREGNANT! Wakarimasu ka?"

Vegita just stared unseeingly at her for an instant. Then his eyes narrowed. "How…?"

Bulma lifted her arms into the air in exasperation. "By Kami, that's the stupidest question of the century! Geewiz—I don't know—Vegita. Could it have been the incredible night we SPENT TOGETHER?!"

Vegita almost winced from her sarcasm, but her mention of 'incredible' allowed him to keep control. He turned to the side and looked at her over his shoulder. His eyes gave her contemptible look. "What do you want me to do about it? It's not my problem, woman. It's yours. You're the one who got pregnant."

Bulma's eye ticked in annoyance. "I'm the one who got pregnant? If you hadn't noticed asshole, it takes two to make a baby and I've got one growing inside me that belongs to YOU! Don't screw with a pregnant woman! Pregnant Earth women are much scarier that you think we are!" Bulma too a deep calming breath as Vegita lifted an eyebrow at her. She rolled her eyes heavenward. "Give me patience!" she pleaded to the sky. She looked back toward him, her eyes narrowed. "Now to the only relevant comment you said. What do I want you to do about it? Oh, nothing much, Vegita. Just a name for my child. His father's name. Because there is no way in hell he's being born a bastard. And, oh, I don't know, maybe a wedding, and for you to be here for when he's born!" Bulma's smile dripped with sarcasm as she crossed her arms across her chest. "I don't think that's too much to ask."

Vegita smirked. He had to give credit to the woman. She had guts. "Marry you? Give the child a name? And be there for the birth? Is that all?"

Bulma looked as if she could strangle him if she was able to. Her eye ticked and her hand twitched in annoyed fury. "Hai. Iye. Maybe. Perhaps being a father to your kid won't be too bad either, Vegita." Then Bulma grinned, and evil smile spreading across her face. "Looks like your making the best of your stay here on Earth, huh, Vegita?"

Vegita growled at her.

Gokou howled with laughter on the other side of the door. Gohan blinked in confusion and Piccolo just shook his head, feeling sorry for the Saiya-jin prince.

* * *

Bulma thought Vegita looked fantastic in a suit. They were having a very quiet, very small wedding. Very few people knew that she was pregnant with Vegita's baby and that she was marrying him. Hey, it was those things that probably would never have happened but did. Anyway it was that surly Saiya-jin's fault. He just couldn't keep his hands to himself. But Bulma didn't care. She was getting married and she was going to have a baby in five months. Luckily it didn't look like she was four months pregnant.

She still couldn't get over how good Vegita looked in a suit. It seemed he was adapting to Earth life quite well for a Saiya-jin. For an arrogant, egotistical, stubborn-headed Saiya-jin. Bulma grinned. She had been worried he wasn't going to show. You never know with that big head. But he had. And he hadn't needed to be dragged in. He had come of his own free will. That fact alone gave Bulma hope for their future. It sure as hell brightened up her day! It was just getting better. She was, after all, already in love with him.

Damn, did he look good in a suit.

Vegita wanted it over and done with. When he noticed that it was beginning, he just hoped it would be over with quickly. He turned his head to get a glimpse of his…bride…just out of curiosity and ended up staring in shock that he did not show. She looked absolutely breathtaking. And that was the understatement of the century. Vegita's breath left his body and his heart began to pound. He ignored the thumping of that organ and turned his gaze away from the haunting beauty slowly approaching him. Haunting, because she was still lingering in his mind like a ghost. He focused on another organ, which had also come to life at the site of her. Vegita was counting the seconds to the wedding night. That was one thing he was going to enjoy about marriage. He could have her whenever he pleased.

And he didn't have to worry about anyone finding out.

Vegita then thought of another earthling tradition he had enjoyed to his annoyance. Who would have thought the earthlings would have such barbaric enjoyments like a bachelor party? Like it or not, he was growing accustomed to the damn planet and was beginning to call it home without even realizing it.

The wedding was quick and simple. Vegita liked that. It was convenient and it allowed for a less amount of time between that moment and the honeymoon. But he also was definitely enjoying looking at his bride. The reception afterward wasn't so bad. The drinks were very good. Who would have though Earthlings had such an interesting thing as hard liquor? Vegita couldn't believe he was actually growing used to this, but after pondering that thought he immediately forgot about it and dwelled on the wedding night. It was infinitely more pleasant to think about.

Bulma had the time of her life. And, like Vegita, was counting the seconds until they were alone. She turned to her husband and gave him a secret smile no one else saw but him. Vegita smirked.