Comic Party:

Fresh Ink!

Ch. 1 : Doujin Subordinate: Hanagawa-kun!

"Wakey, Wakey, it's time for Comipa! Wakey, Wakey, it's time for Comipa! Wakey, Wakey, it's time for Comipa!"

Yuusuke Hanagawa groggily woke up at 5:30 from a luxurious two hours sleep to the sound of his alarm. At nineteen years old, he was a sophomore at the Yazawa School of the Arts in their Manga Aesthetics and Foundation Class in hopes of becoming a great doujin artist. As he got dressed, he thought about today and what was going to possibly happen at today's Comic Party.

He had been attending Comipa for over three years now and every year something amazing had happened. Yuusuke had even seen the comic circle Brothers 2 vs. the comic circle Cat or Fish? have their great selling war for a spot in Monthly Comic Z! He admired Brothers 2 and Cat or Fish? for their skill and will to share their art with everyone and had always wanted to ask them to critique his work and offer pointers. However, he had a circle he was part of that he had to worry about, Iron Armor Press.

As he made his way into the convention hall, showing his vendor pass to one of the security personnel, he looked around. This large convention hall, every four months, held one of the biggest Japanese comic conventions in the country, and he was part of it. A few other vendors were setting up their tables as Yuusuke found his in the J3 slot of the doujinshi fan comic section. As he opened the boxes of comics that were waiting for him, he thought about the all-nighter he pulled last night. He loved his art and he had put his blood, sweat, and tears into making it for Comipa. Yuusuke knew that he couldn't be here with no confidence in his work and he knew that if he hadn't worked hard for this moment then he had no reason to sell his work to fans of the circle. As he set up his table a tall muscular guy who seemed the type to inject himself every morning with some sort of growth hormone along with a bowl of nails to eat walked up to him.

"Hey, Hanigawa-kun, are you ready yet," he asked with a deep voice that was borderline yelling.

"My name is Hanagawa Mr. Irugoma and not quite yet, we'll be ready before the doors open though," said Yuusuke with a tone that meant he's used to hearing this person's bark.

"Well hurry it up," yelled the man," there's going to be a massive crowd today."

"Okay, I just have to lay out the books that we have some extra issues on. I also have to lay out some original sketches of the characters that I worked on last-"

"Original what? There's no place on my table for some trash that you made last night Hanagawa! Just lay out the books and get the money box ready!"

"Yes sir I'll just put these-"

"Look, you're my assistant, you're good but you're not a doujin author. I make the doujin; you ink and help me sell. Got it?"

"Yes Mr. Irugoma."

Yuusuke had been attending Comipa for over three years now and every year something amazing had someone else. He was only an assistant and one day he hoped to branch out and make his own doujinshi. One day…