Ch. 9: "This is the big time!"

The snows of winter gave way to the green of spring as a new year gave a bright ray of hope for anybody wanting success. As Yuusuke walked down to check his mailbox he thought about what Yuu had said at Wintercomi. "After Comipa go over to the Comipa Preparatory Committee and ask that at Springcomi you and Irugoma have your tables next to each other."

"Like hell that will ever happen," he said groggily as he opened up his mailbox. As Yuusuke flipped through his mail back in his apartment he saw a letter from the Comipa Preparatory Committee. "This must be my exhibition ti-," he started happily as he opened up the letter. However, his face fell to the floor when he saw the tickets.

Comic Party: Springcomi Vendor Pass


Circle Name: Moga-chi

Creator: Yuusuke Hanagawa

Genre: Parody

Location: J4/J5

Special Requests: "Please pair me up with Steel Armor Press 'k?


Special Request: »ACCEPTED« DENIED

After breaking four phones from pushing the buttons to hard Yuusuke was able to call Yuu, "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING," he screamed into the phone while re-reading the ticket.

"Well since you didn't do it I did."


"Stop yelling, your making my neighbors knock on the wall. Now look, you have to sell next to Irugoma so that you can see what makes him a great salesman. Despite that fact that he's a non-talented ass he still sells his books. Why is that?"

"Because I did all the inking," said Yuusuke as he got out some paper for his manuscript.

"Hey, don't inflate your ego like Eimi," said Yuu sharply, "he sells books because he knows how to catch a crowd's attention. This is the big time and you need to know how to attract big crowds!"