Show: General Hospital

Title: Back then

Chapter one: Sleepin' with the fishes

Summary: "You found WHAT?" The perils of snooping in a teenage boy's backpack - a vignette into the past.


"You found what?" Alexis Davis stared at the man across from her, brown eyes wide. It was a good thing he had taken the mug of coffee away from her and set it on her desk. Otherwise she would have not only wasted premium caffeine (a crime she thought they should resurrect the rack for), but also ruined a four-hundred dollar cream silk blouse (that one was punishable by death).

Sonny Corinthos' jaw clenched and he settled his hands on his hips, a sure sign that he was pissed off. "Condoms – in his backpack," he replied, his voice tight with anger.

"What were you doing looking through his stuff?"

Sonny looked at her incredulously. "I know you're a lawyer an' everything, counsellor, and you're into protecting your privacy an' all that, but he was a teenaged boy alone with our daughter in her room - of course I was gonna look through his stuff!."

Alexis grimaced. "How many were there?"

Sonny looked as if he'd sucked on a lemon. "Two… in a box."

We all know what that meant. There had been more where those two had come from.

Alexis sat down heavily, and worried her bottom lip, a trait that their daughter had inherited from her. "Do you think he used the others?" She continued anxiously, "I mean he is a Spencer, he could've just nicked them from Luke," her tone was hopeful.

Sonny was not convinced. "If he's even thinking about having sex with my daughter, he better use them, not like he's even gonna get half a chance, after I kill him.

"Sonny!" In his line of work, you just never could tell whether his threats were literal or not. She was his lawyer, but as an officer of the court, she didn't think it was ethical for her to know her client's motive was pre-meditated, even if completely justified.

"What?" he demanded to know, dragging his fingers through his hair, disrupting its usual order. "Am I not allowed to over-react about this? She's sixteen and a Corinthos and a Cassadine! Do you remember what we were doing at sixteen?" he asked, gesturing back and forth between them. "We were preparing to give birth!"

Alexis blanched. "Point taken."

"Spencer's fish food."