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ALSO, I need help on one issue with this story - WHAT SHOULD I NAME THE BABY?!?!?! I picked Vaan randomly for Sora and Riku's baby, and that REALLY doesn't work, (1) because the game i was thinking of that demyx had just gotten in the first chapter was FFXII, and (2) because Vaan barely even looks like SORA, much less RIKU!!!! The baby WILL be a boy, but I need a name. And should he look more like Demyx or Zexy? Or maybe a combination of both? PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE!!!! I'M VERY INDECISIVE!!!!

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Demyx groaned as he rolled out of bed. Looking at the clock, he was a little surprised that it was 11:23 am. I know there's something going on today, but wha-- Demyx's eyes widened. Aww, shit! Roxas' rehersal dinner! he's gonna kill me if I;m late! It starts at one, and its a 65 minute drive! Why'd he have to have the rehersal dinner in the afternoon, anyway? I mean, Zexy and I had ours in the evening! Smiling, he looked at his ring. A few days after he had told Zexion about the baby, Zexion had asked Demyx to marry him. Now Roxas was getting married, six months later. Roxas had just graduated from high school two months prior, and he certainly didn't want to waste any time. Zexion was extremely busy, what with school and his job. He had insisted that Demyx at least stop working for the duration of the pregnancy, and Demyx had reluctantly agreed. Luckily, now that it was summer, both he and Zexion were out of school, and so Zexion could work full time (not that this particular fact made Demyx squeal with happiness or anything), and Demyx could stay home and relax all day. (THAT was the part he adored)

"Ah, there's my shampoo. I swear, I can't see anything I'm standing dorectly araound. I'm too fat!"

"No, you're not. And if you don't hurry up and get in the shower, then you're gonna make me late, too, and I'll never drive you anywhere ever again."

Demyx whirled around, startled by the man who was leaning against the doorframe, smirking at him. "Leon!" Demyx ran (okay, waddled) over and gave him a hug. "Aww, you couldn't leave me here alone forever, could you?" Demyx asked teasingly.

Leon tilted his head, obviously contemplating doing just that. "LEON!!!!"

"Alright, alright," Leon laughed out, "Not forever. Just a few weeks." ((A/N: yes, i know that it seems highly OOC for Leon to be laughing, but in my mind, he does have a silly side.)) "Now get ready. I'm leaving in half an hour." With that, Leon turned and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. Demyx frowned at the closed door then pulled off his shirt. Half an hour?! it was already 11:30!


"Oof. I think my back is more sore than yours after having to get you out of that car, Demyx. Are you sure you're only having one baby?" This earned Leon another glare from Demyx. "Kidding! Geez, and they say women are more emotional than men..."

"Demyx! Leon! Glad you could make it on time," Roxas said, running up to his older brother. "Thanks for driving him, Leon." Leon gave Roxas a little smile and a nod, then walked off to find Seifer.

"Yo water boy! You been eating alot? You look a bit heavier!" came a familiar teasing voice. Demyx's eye twitched. "Glad you could find clothes big enough to-- OW! Geez, Roxas, what the hell was THAT for?!?!?!" Axel was clutching onto his foot, jumping around in pain. ((A/N: yes, Roxas stomped Axel's foot)) "Be nice, Axel," Roxas ordered, glaring, "He's pregnant. If I were pregnant, you wouldn't want people making fun of me, now, would you?" Still wincing slightly, Axel shook his head. "Sorry," he mumbled, not really looking sorry at all.

"Hey, you guys," Leon yelled, his head sticking out of the church doors, "c'mon! It's past one!"


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