Disclamer: I don't own Rapunzel or her story.

Pairings: Rapunzel/Prince (unhappy)

Rating: T

"The tortured beauty"
She knows it's a cliché.
She only finds herself pretty on some days,
but others seem to flock to her.
She wants to tell them,
"Beauty isn't worth it,
power isn't worth it,
control isn't worth it…
and I'm not worth it."

Think of all the beauties in fairytales…
think of Rapunzel.
What if after the prince rescued her
she missed her long hair, the tower, the witch…
or what if in the prince's strong arms, she felt just as trapped.

"The portraits of women are too simple" Virginia Woolf would say,
and she'd be right.

Maybe Rapunzel wants to run away… from all of it…
"I thought I wanted love,
but that stupid 'take your breath away' thing
means I can't breathe at all.
I'm gasping for breath,
please let me go.
I don't want your 'happily ever after'