Chapter 1: The Early Memories

"Wake up Davis!" Dennis was yelling at his elder brother, Davis, and shaking him who is still on the bed.

"What?" Davis checked his alarm clock. "Oh my God! It's 9am! We're late!" Apparently for the first time in a long while his alarm clock did not ring. "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?"

"I sleep next to you, so I use the same alarm clock as you, dumbo!"

"Why didn't you tell me to set the alarm clock last night?"

"Hey! I'm not responsible for the alarm clock. You are!"

"Still you should have reminded me to set the alarm clock!"

"How would I know? I thought you already did! Anyway you're lucky I managed to wake up first. Otherwise we will be ultra late."

"Oh my God!" Davis cried. "Why are we still arguing? If we don't hurry, we will be ultra late!" Davis dashed into the bathroom and closed the doors behind him.

"Hey! I'm supposed to be in the bathroom first!"

"Oh shut up Dennis! Go hurry up, brush your teeth and wash your face in the bathroom in the kitchen."

"How should I do that when my toothbrush and towel are in this bathroom??"

Davis opened the bathroom doors and toss Dennis' towel and toothbrush towards Dennis. "Now go!"

"What about toothpaste?"

"Use our mum's toothpaste in the master bedroom's bathroom."

"Squeeze some toothpaste onto my toothbrush. I'm lazy to go there."

"NO! Go get toothpaste there!!"

With that, Davis and Dennis rushed their daily morning routine and within a minute, they are in the kitchen. Their mum, Mrs. Sire, was there.

"Hurry up, my sons. It will be embarrassing if you don't make it in time."

"We got it, mum." Davis grabbed a toast which Mrs. Sire had prepared and stuffed the whole toast into his mouth.

"By the way, mum," Davis talked with his mouth full. "Why didn't you wake us up when you knew we were so late?"

"Sigh…" Mrs. Sire exclaimed. "You all are grownups. Surely I expect you guys to wake up on your own and not me calling you guys to rise and shine right?"

"You're right, mum," Dennis remarked, getting a toast for himself as well. "Guess we better get on our way then. Later, mum!"

"Yeah see you later mum!" Davis called at Mrs. Sire, still with his mouth full as he grabbed his belongings and run towards the front door together with Dennis.

"Don't forget to call home if any need arrives!" Mrs. Sire called back at them as they head out into the morning sunshine.

As Davis and Dennis ran towards where their school was, Davis said, still with his mouth full but slowly chewing, "Come on Dennis. We are already late by an hour. We gotta run faster!!"

"What the hell did you just say?" Dennis replied. Because Davis was talking with his mouth full, to Dennis it sounded like, "Chrome o Drennis. Wre rer alrardy rate bry arn hrour. Wre grotha run fraster!!"

"Run!!" Davis cried, with a chunk of the toast swallowed so it sounds better.

Finally they reached the front gate of CUHK (Chinese University of Hong Kong), the place where they study in. Davis looked at his watch. It's 9.30am.

"Oh my God! We took 30 minutes to reach school from home! Why did we take so long? It's all your fault, Dennis! You run so slow!"

"What? Don't we always take around this time to reach school?"

"But that's via walking, dumbo!"

"What's with all the fuss?" came a booming voice.

Davis and Dennis jumped at the sound of the voice. They turned to come face-to-face with the principal…

Mr. Gerry McClester was the principal of CUHK. He was the father of Woody, Davis and Dennis' best friend, but he did not just treat Woody well. He treated every student of CUHK equally as well as he hardly punished any student. When a student did something wrong, instead of shouting out of control and sending him to harsh punishment, he would usually have a talk with the student and tell him what was right and wrong nicely and in a loud and calm tone. Every student of CUHK liked him very much.

But this was the first time Davis and Dennis were late, and the two brothers did not remember any student being late. They were thinking that they might be punished by Mr. Gerry.

"Oh, so it's Davis and Dennis," Mr. Gerry remarked. "I'm sure you know what time is it now?" Mr. Gerry looked at them in a strict way.

"Um…er...W-We woke up late," Davis and Dennis stammered. From the strict look on Mr. Gerry's face, Mr. Gerry seemed disappointed.

"You two are late indeed. I don't like to punish students, but being late is something I don't usually accept."

"Uh-oh," both Davis and Dennis thought. "Does this mean he is gonna punish us? Hard? Oh no…what have we done…?"

As Davis and Dennis prepared to hear the worst, Mr. Gerry said, "But since this is the first time you are late, and you are two of the heroes who founded the Tai Hom Martial Arts School, I'll be kind enough to let you off."

Davis and Dennis could not believe what they just heard. "Wow," both brothers exclaimed in their minds. "Mr. Gerry did not punish us even though we are late. He really is a great principal."

"Thank you, Mr. Gerry!" Davis and Dennis heaved a sigh of relief.

"But the next time you two are late again," Mr. Gerry warned. "You know the consequences."

"We won't do it again, Mr. Gerry," Davis told Mr. Gerry.

"Yeah, Mr. Gerry. It's a promise," Dennis agreed.

"Make sure you two don't. I don't want to see you in this kind of situation again okay?"

Davis and Dennis nodded.

"Now go to your classes," Mr. Gerry instructed. "You wouldn't want to miss more lessons, do you?"

With that, Davis and Dennis ran towards their classroom for lessons…

"And please swallow your food before entering your classroom, Davis!" Mr. Gerry called out.

Oops…was the word that appeared in Davis' mind…

Davis, Dennis and Woody met up with each other during recess time.

"You two are really lucky," Woody remarked. "If it had not been the fact that my father is the principal of CUHK, you think you would be so lucky?"

"Well," Davis replied. "It's not like we intentionally want to be late. It's thanks to the stupid alarm clock..." Davis thought for a while. "…And Dennis."

"Hey!" Dennis pinched at Davis' arm, which to Davis did not seem painful at all. "What has it got to do with me? I'm not the alarm clock!"

"You should have checked the alarm clock when I did not do so."

"Well why didn't you check the alarm clock then?"

"I was too sleepy."

"Yeah, right. And who was the one who slept later than me last night?"

"Ok chill you two," Woody interrupted. "It doesn't matter now anymore, right? Just don't be late again."

Davis and Dennis stopped almost immediately.

"Anyway," Woody began, starting a new conversation. "I'll be helping you guys out at the Tai Hom Martial Arts School after school."

"Yeah that would be great," Davis said. "We really appreciate all the help we can get. Thanks Woody."

"Yeah thanks a lot Woody," Dennis agreed.

"It's no big deal," Woody told them as he made his way back to his classroom. "What are friends for? Ok I'll see you all later then."

After some seconds of silence, Dennis broke the silence.

"Hey, Davis. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. Shoot it."

"Do you remember back in the time when we fought alongside Woody and our other great friends? We called ourselves Little Fighter and we had so much fun fighting against the villains!"

"No, it ain't fun Dennis…" Davis groaned. "But what makes you reminded of the past?"

"Well Woody reminded me back to that time," Dennis replied. "And you too. I miss my friends…especially Firen and Freeze."

"I miss them too," Davis patted Dennis' shoulder. "Maybe some day we will reunite again."

In Davis' mind, Davis recalled back in the days when he and his brother first met Woody while out adventuring on their own for the first time with their mother's permission. Their father passed away when Davis and Dennis were very young. As they went along, they fought numerous bandits, hunters and other villains and met many great friends along the way like Deep, John, Henry, Rudolf, Louis, Freeze and Firen. But the most memorable moment was when Freeze and Firen fused into a character both of them named as Firzen. A force no one has ever seen before. A force so strong, it was enough to vanquish the evil Julian from the face of the Earth. Julian was an evil monster who can control the power of the souls and had the potential and ambition to rule the world. If Firzen did not come about, Julian would have taken over the world. Memories…

"Rhrrinnngggg!" The school bell interrupted Davis' thoughts.

"I guess it's time to head back to class," Davis told Dennis.

Dennis nodded and they made their way back to their classroom.