Chapter 9: Battle Memories of Rudolf 1

An hour before Jessie met Stinky in the school backyard, in the room where Davis, Dennis and Woody were…

"So how are you two feeling now?" Woody asked both of them.

"Much better than before after all that sleep!" Dennis, now in full clothing, stretched his whole body in an attempt to relieve fatigue.

"I feel the same way," Davis, also in full clothing, agreed.

"That's good," Woody breathed a sigh of relief. "So what's the plan now? Find the assassin?"

Davis and Dennis' facial expressions changed from a relieved to a serious mode.

"Now that you mention it…" Dennis clenched his fists. "I just couldn't believe that I couldn't even beat an assassin who seems to act like some Mr. Know-It-All."

"He may be a Smart Alec, but he's not one to be underestimated." Davis warned.

"Still…" Dennis banged both his fists on the springy bed. "I can't believe we couldn't beat him even though he was outnumbered by two to one."

"That's why I told you to strategize first." Davis told Dennis. "But I just know your typical personality. You don't listen when you're pissed."

"You're right…But I just can't stand his damn attitude."

"Ahem!" Woody interrupted Davis' and Dennis' short conversation as they turned to his attention. "Nonetheless we should really strategize. I would like to hear from you guys from your observation of that assassin's fighting style."

"Hmm…" Davis and Dennis tried to recall their battle against Felix. "Felix…" Davis started.

"Who?" Woody scratched his head.

"The assassin…"

"Oh…sorry," Woody mumbled. "Continue."

"Well…I know our speeds are no match against Felix's speed…that includes you, Woody."

"How so?" Woody twitched his right eye.

"His speed reminds me of Rudolf's speed…but Felix is more cunning than Rudolf."

"I see…so Felix is pretty fast."

"Yes," Dennis followed up Davis' statement. "But despite Felix's speed, he doesn't seem to be as flexible as Rudolf."

"Come to recall…" Davis said. "I know Rudolf moves very quickly in battle, since he's a samurai after all. And I know from my experience in our battle when we first met…"

It all started when I reached the final basement of Stanley Prison as I attempted to rescue all the civilians that were imprisoned here. I had the master key to unlock all the prison gates after bashing up a mere guard who had the key. I was about to unlock one of the prison gates when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and that was when I met him…

"What do you think you're doing?" the samurai demanded. He was a few metres away from Davis. He had his hair tied with a hair band, making a hair tail behind. He wore a blue kimono and was equipped with two katanas on the right side of his kimono. His footwear was traditional Japanese slippers.

"I'm trying to unlock this prison gate," Davis replied.

"I'm not blind," the samurai growled. "Don't you know what the consequences are if you unlock the gates?"

"I don't care about the consequences. Because I know what I'm doing is right."

"A cocky guy…I see." Rudolf grabbed the handle of one of his katanas as he got into fighting stance. "We have met a few times but don't really get to talk much and formally introduce ourselves. Now I shall introduce myself."

"Good idea," Davis agreed. "I'm Davis."

"I'm Rudolf," the samurai followed up.

"Nice to meet you. Now if you excuse me…let me unlock this gate first." Davis went back to working on the lock of the prison gate.

Rudolf instantly became annoyed. "What do you take me for? A fool?"

"Well…since you said that…I guess you are."

"What?!" Rudolf's face turned red as if water inside him had reached boiling point. "That's it. The battle starts now!"

Rudolf dashed towards Davis and when Davis turned around, he was suddenly gone. Not too long later, he sensed the cold feeling of shiny metal on both sides of his neck.

"I know you're caught off guard. And I could have easily killed you right now. But that won't be fun, would it?" Rudolf smirked.

Davis was silent and expressionless as Rudolf jumped over Davis while putting his katanas back into place and turned back to face him again.

"Looks like I don't really have a choice, do I?" Davis put the prison gate key into his jacket pocket and got into fighting stance.

The prisoners groaned with fear as Davis and Rudolf prepared to fight each other.

Davis and Rudolf stared at each other with stern, fiery eyes. The more worried of the two was Davis, because he used to learn in junior high school that samurais usually were very fast and he knew his speed was nothing compared to Rudolf's, so Rudolf had the clear battle advantage.

Rudolf made a vague smile before starting to dash forward at what seemed like rocket speed towards Davis. Davis might know how fast a samurai was theoretically, but he didn't know that a samurai was this fast.

As Rudolf closed in on Davis, Davis almost couldn't react in time and hence only barely managed to shun away from Rudolf, just in time to barely miss Rudolf's fast katana attack.

Rudolf stopped, put his katana back in place, and turned around to face Davis. "Not bad…though I'm disappointed that you only barely dodged my attack."

"Look who's the cocky guy now?" Davis said with sarcasm. "I'm only just warming up."

"Yeah, right…you're more shaking than warming up." Rudolf took a step towards Davis. "I can sense fear in you."

"Bullshit!" Davis cried as he fired a blue energy ball towards Rudolf with his right hand.

Rudolf easily evaded the blue energy ball by dash a few distance away from it. However, just as he thought Davis' attack was over, he saw two more energy balls moving very quickly towards him.

"Eat more of my energy blasts!" Davis roared.

Rudolf tried to dash away again, but managed to only dodge one of the energy balls. The other energy ball hit him, and he got slightly hurt.

"Well…that wasn't so painful at…" Rudolf could not finish his sentence as he saw three blue energy balls flying rapidly towards him.

Rudolf was completely stunned and hence couldn't do anything as all the three energy balls hit Rudolf. The impact of the energy balls was enough to send Rudolf down to the ground.

"This is for spouting rubbish saying that I'm afraid," Davis chuckled.

Rudolf got back up and cleared off the dust accumulated from the ground after the fall.

"I have to admit…you're good," Rudolf praised Davis. "I have definitely underestimated you."

"Now you know," Davis smirked.

Rudolf reached into his kimono and took out a few shurikens. "Since you wanna play ranged with me, I shall play ranged with you too!"

Without any hesitation, Rudolf threw his shurikens very quickly towards Davis. Davis countered by firing energy balls towards Rudolf.

Some of the energy balls hit some of the shurikens, and there were still remaining energy balls and shurikens flying towards Rudolf and Davis respectively. Rudolf jumped to evade the energy balls while Davis tried to jump as well but was hit by three shurikens and fell to the ground from mid-air.

As Davis held his stomach in pain, Rudolf charged forward and laughed. "Trying to mimic me? But you're slower than me, so you don't jump as quickly as me."

Davis became annoyed at Rudolf as Rudolf pulled out his katana and attempted to swing at Davis. Davis managed to react in time and avoided the fast slash of the katana.

The miss of the katana forced Rudolf to jump back and away from Davis.

"Not a bad dodge," Rudolf commented. "But just how are you going to defeat me? Keep on using energy blast?" Rudolf made a wicked smile and charged towards Davis.

Davis narrowly managed to evade Rudolf's katana slash again. From there, Rudolf made similar fast katana slashes and occasionally threw shurikens at Davis and Davis avoided most of Rudolf's attacks, although he did get cut by Rudolf's katana slash more than twice and hit by about five shurikens. On some occasions Davis tried to fire energy balls at Rudolf, but almost all but two of them were easily evaded by Rudolf.

Davis dodged another katana attack as Rudolf jumped back from Davis and landed on the ground to be of a far distance away from Davis.

"I'm surprised that you're still standing despite you getting hit more than me," Rudolf remarked with a vague smile. "Most of your attacks can't even hit me, and those that hit me are nothing more than scratches."

Davis was panting from the repeated evasion of Rudolf's attacks, and he was surprised to see that Rudolf was hardly even panting with exhaustion at all.

This guy is not just fast...he has good stamina too, Davis thought. And he always keeps a distance away from me after a katana attack.

Rudolf charged towards Davis once more and swung his katana towards Davis. Davis managed to avoid Rudolf's attack again as Rudolf jumped back again to be of a far distance away from Davis.

Furthermore, my true strong attacks are close-ranged. And my energy blasts alone won't deal significant damage on Rudolf. How am I even gonna hit him?

"And another thing," Rudolf said as he prepared his next attack. "You're going nowhere if you just gonna dodge my attacks. Eventually the show will still be over for you." Rudolf dashed towards Davis.

Wait a minute, Davis thought as Rudolf got closer to him. Why didn't I think of it in the first place? But…I have to get this right first.

Rudolf was only a metre away from Davis. In an instant, he pulled out his katana and swung it at him. Davis dodged it again.

Now for the surprise attack, Rudolf thought as he turned around, ready to pull out his other katana to swing towards Davis. But he was totally caught off guard when Davis fired three blue energy balls towards him. All the energy balls hit Rudolf, causing Rudolf to be stunned for a while.

Now's my chance! Davis got close to Rudolf and delivered three punches on Rudolf before punching him two more times to send him up into the air. Then Davis jumped up and sent a hard double-fist punch onto Rudolf, hitting him hard onto the ground.

Davis looked down on Rudolf who was on the ground. "Want to know what happened?"

"Yeah…" Rudolf groaned in pain. "What just happened?"

"From the repeated attacks of yours, you're mainly dashing towards me in an attempt to slice through me with your katana and then keeping your distance from me, preparing for the next attack. You had to get close to hit me and you totally forgot that you can hit me with shurikens."

"So?" Rudolf choked out some blood from the massive combo attack by Davis.

"You said you know my attacking style. But you don't. Anyway when you miss me, your back is turned towards me and that gave me the chance to fire energy balls at you, and then dealing my major punches. Of course I had to do it with perfect timing. And I didn't expect you to turn around and tried to swing me again."

"Hmph. Very clever of you," Rudolf commented. "The reason why I use few shurikens is because I don't feel I need to. I have certainly underestimated you."

Rudolf was still lying on ground as he continued. "However, you're still lucky to have hit me because you wouldn't be standing right now if you didn't carry out your plan with right timing."

"Well," Davis scratched his head. "You can say that."

The prisoners cheered after seeing Davis successfully outwitting Rudolf in this instance.

"I see…so now I know your true fighting style. I won't make the same mistake twice!" Rudolf suddenly vanished from the ground without a trace.


"Okay…" Woody interrupted. "You can stop now."

"What are you talking about?" Davis cried. "I'm barely even halfway into my account of my battle with Rudolf!"

"That info you just provided is enough," Woody replied. "Now we have a rough idea on how to counter Felix."

"But…I wanna recall everything about Rudolf."

"By the time you do, it would already be sunrise," Woody said.

"Why, you!" Davis grumbled. "And I thought you're my friend!"

"He's actually right, you know," Dennis agreed with Woody. "I wanna get this over with quickly and go to sleep."

"What? You too?"

"Two against one. You lose." Dennis chuckled.

"Grrr…" Davis crossed his arms. "Don't you all miss Rudolf? I miss him."

"I do miss him…" Woody shook his head. "But this isn't exactly the right time to recall someone because you miss him…"

Davis frowned at Woody and Dennis. "Okay whatever… where were we?"

"Right…" Woody sighed. "Anyway we have definitely heard about how you managed to outwit Rudolf while he charged towards you."


"That definitely gives us an idea of how the scenario would be like if we…or even one of us meets Felix again and has to engage him in battle." Woody explained. "So we gotta be extra careful when we face off against Felix."

Both Davis and Dennis nodded in agreement.

"For me, I shouldn't have as much problems as you two, because I can teleport close to him whereas you two had to physically get close to him, which could be tough."

"Hmph…you always have the upper hand." Davis frowned at Woody again.

"That's not the point…" Woody stared blankly at Davis for a while before changing back to serious mode. "Anyway Davis and Dennis…the reason why I want Davis to recall his battle with Rudolf is because of this disadvantage. Now that you have heard about how to roughly deal with a speedy enemy, you all should roughly understand."

"Yes, I understand…" Davis turned to Dennis. "I don't think Dennis understands though."

"What do you mean?" Dennis frowned at Davis.

"You clearly lost your temper from the moment you saw Felix multiplying in images," Davis told Dennis.

"But…" Dennis started.

"Yes, I know your feeling… I do have this feeling at times too, but I don't want you to lose temper and get too emotional if you do fight him alone. Nobody can defeat an enemy if his emotions get over him. Do you understand?"

Dennis wasn't completely listening to him, but he nodded. In his mind he was still boiling over Felix's attitude and actions.

"Wait...can you clarify what you mean by multiplying images?" Woody asked Davis.

"Huh…oh yes. Felix can make multiple fake images of himself for a while to confuse enemies. That clearly annoyed Dennis completely and we couldn't figure out who is the real one." Davis replied.

Woody thought for a while before replying, "That shouldn't be a problem."

"What? It isn't?" Both Davis and Dennis voiced out at the same time.

"As long as you stay calm and focus, it's easy to figure out who the real one is," Woody explained before turning to Dennis. "Which is why all the more you mustn't be too emotional."

Dennis clenched his fists tightly. "Yeah, yeah…I know what to do!"

"You better do…" Woody warned. "Or else this Felix guy will be hard to defeat."

Dennis nodded with slight hesitance.

"If only Rudolf is here…" Davis looked out of the window while sitting on the bed and sighed. "It would have made things easier."

"I don't think we'll meet him anytime soon," Woody said. "Anyway I assume you two understand pretty much what I've just said. But I think we don't have to worry too much for now. I believe Felix will be looking for us again."

"You're right," Davis agreed.

"Ok…" Dennis yawned. "Can we sleep now? We have school tomorrow…Oh no!" Dennis slapped his forehead.

"What's the matter?" Davis asked.

"Our school bags are at our house. Don't tell me…"

"Well…you two probably know what to do…" Woody implied. "You'll have to go back to your house early in the morning, get dressed and everything. I'll wake you guys up so don't worry."

"Thanks, Woody," Davis said. "You are the most reliable friend ever."

Woody became annoyed. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Uh…nothing! Good night!"

Davis quickly lay down on his bed and pulled the blanket over him.

Woody shook his head and went to the open window.

"Are you gonna sleep soon?" Dennis asked Woody as he got onto bed as well. "And where are you gonna sleep?"

"Soon," Woody replied as he looked at the starry night sky. "I'll just sleep on the ground."

"Is it really okay to sleep on the ground?" Dennis asked with concern.

"It's okay. I'm used to it," Woody told Dennis. "Now go to sleep. We're waking up early tomorrow."

Dennis nodded and went to sleep.

Woody looked down from the window and saw a girl pinching a boy as they made their way back into school.

"Back to normal…for now," Woody smiled vainly as he closed the window and turned off the lights.