Chapter 5: The Hunt for Dark Kat and A Wound is Healed

The small group looked down at the now completely inert Commander. Forry hugged the heavy body to his chest and stared up at the watching faces.

"I hope that's enough. I want to take him home but I know he needs to be seen by a doctor. May I stay with him, please?" Forry asked softly.

"Of course, you can. I'll ensure the doctors keep you near at all times while he's seen. CSI will have to check him thoroughly for any clues that might help us locate Dark Kat." Felina said gently. Forry nodded his understanding.

"We can help transport him, Lieutenant. It will save time, rather than wait for an ambulance to get through that." T-Bone volunteered as he pointed to the snarled traffic blocking any avenue but the air from the site.

"Thank you, T-Bone. I guess that would be the best way." Felina sighed in agreement. "We need a stretcher though."

"No problem. We have one on the jet. I'll go get it." Razor said and ran to the Turbokat.

"Damn, Dark Kat. The Commander was just getting back to normal and now this happens." Callie said angrily.

"Well, I least we know who the serial killer is. Now all we have to do is find the bastard before he takes off. It won't be long before he hears my uncle has escaped." Felina said bitterly.

"Well knowing its Dark Kat and not some mystery kat will certainly make the Mayor happier and and silence the katizens that have been howling for justice. As soon as you catch that creep, let me know so I can get a press release out immediately." Callie said. Felina nodded as she watched Razor return with a stretcher.

Felina signaled for help from her enforcers. Soon there were two enforcers and the two SWAT Kats gently lifting the Commander and placing him on the stretcher then hiking him down to the Turbokat. On the way, Razor made a suggestion.

"Lt.Feral, it will take time to process the evidence on the Commander, so while you are getting that done, T-Bone and I can check out the warehouse areas with our X-ray device and see if we can spot Dark Kat before he disappears."

"You would have to stay high enough so you don't spook him before you locate him but it sounds like our only shot to catch the creep." Felina agreed. "We're going to need the evidence to prosecute him anyway so I'll follow this part up. Let me know when you've spotted him though. I want in on his capture, understand?" She told them firmly as they reached the jet and gently loaded her uncle.

"You got it, Lieutenant. We'll give you a shout as soon as we find him." T-Bone promised.

In a repeat of months earlier, the SWAT Kats transported a traumatized Commander to Megakat General. Dr. Woodard had been alerted and was waiting to receive him. As soon as they had discharged their errand of mercy, the SWAT Kats headed for the warehouse district.

Psychiatric Ward, Megakat General...

"So you are Ulysses' lover?" Dr. Woodard asked as he got his patient situated into a private room.

"Yes, doctor. May I stay with him, please. He responds to me and has managed not to retreat into his mind. He only passed out from exhaustion." Forry told him.

"Yes, you may stay. I'm pleased to meet you. I heard of you, of course, through Ulysses' therapist. You've been very good for him and I am glad to hear he responds well to you even in a crisis. I want to see him interact with you and it will help him recover sooner without the use of too many drugs." Dr. Woodard said quietly.

"As to that, doctor, he's been without his medication for about three days. From what he said they only used a sedative on him when the nightmares annoyed them." Forry said angrily.

"Hmm, I'm glad to know that. We'll give him a dose now, but it will be a few days before the drug will relieve his symptoms appreciably." Dr. Woodard said as he made a note in Feral's chart. "You go ahead and have a seat near him. Here's a controller to watch the TV. It may be a few hours before he regains consciousness again. I will see you both then." Dr. Woodard smiled and left the pair.

Sighing tirededly, Forry moved the chair closer to the bed and took one of Uly's paws into his while he flicked on the TV.

Warehouse District...

"Sir, Commander Feral has escaped and injured the ninjas sent to dispose of him. The enforcers have them in custody and Feral is in the hospital." A ninja soldier notified Dark Kat an hour after the incident at the freeway.

Roaring in fury, Dark Kat ordered an immediate evacuation of his hideaway. He made sure Dr. Lynkill had his formula with him when they packed up and began their escape.

Meanwhile, overhead the Turbokat had been conducting a slow grid pattern covering the entire warehouse district. As they were reaching the end of the north section, Razor spotted the ninjas loading a submarine-like vehicle parked at a dock near a large warehouse dealing with pharmaceuticals.

"We've got them T-Bone and they are running like rats. Time to notify the Lt." Razor shouted to his partner as he quickly switched radio frequencies and called Felina. "Hold our position here buddy." Razor warned.

"Roger, but only until either the enforcers get here or they start to leave." T-Bone acknowledged. "We're not about to let these creeps get away." Razor grunted an agreement as he reached the Lt. and gave her the location of the criminals.

They held their positions nervously watching Dark Kat get everything loaded. Checking with Felina they learn she is on her way but still some fifteen minutes out. Telling her Dark Kat was leaving they go down to stop him. Razor fires some of his various missiles to see what kind of defenses Dark Kat possessed.

The sub-like vehicle had a shield like the one on his fear ship. Using a more improved Mega volt missile, Razor shorted out DK's systems. In fury, Dark Kat fired his lasers at the SWAT Kats nearly searing their tail before T-Bone snatched them out of the way. Razor continued to pound the sub as the enforcers finally arrived and added their weapons to the SWAT Kats. The sub was soon crippled. Not taking any chances, Razor fired a drilling missile to make a hole in the hull and followed it up with a gas grenade missile. He wanted to make sure Dark Kat could not set off a bomb as he was prone to do.

The enforcers, with gas masks on, entered the sub and removed the prisoners. For once they succeeded in getting Dark Kat in one piece. They were hauled away to the jail. Felina was well pleased with the joint mission and gave the SWAT Kats the high sign of victory. They waggled their wings at her and took off for home.

A week later...

Forry stood by his mate's side as he was handed his release papers and listened to the doctor's instructions. Ulysses had recovered fairly well, though the nightmares still haunted him. His medication was increased a little which didn't please him at all. He now had to see his therapist twice a week again. Uly was upset that his progress of the last few months had been completely set back because of Dark Kat. But Forry knew that Dark Kat had only exposed Uly's still unhealed psyche. As long as he refused to release the memories of that dark time it would continue to undermine any effort he made to get better.

As they walked out of the hospital and toward Forry's car, he promised himself that he would do all he could to help Uly release those memories but first he needed to see Uly's therapist and determine what was safe for him to do.

Three days later he went to see Katrina. He was nervous doing this behind Uly's back but he was determined to help his mate.

"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance at last Forry." Katrina smiled warmly and shook his paw. She gestured to him to take a seat on the couch where she joined him.

"I'm glad to meet you too. I can see how much you help Uly by how he behaves with me. But now I need to talk to you about what I can do to help Uly release this destructive memory that hurts him so badly." Forry got to the point of his visit quickly.

"I can understand how badly you want to help but Forry these things must happen in their own way. They cannot be forced. What you can do for Ulysses is to be there whenever the nightmares strike and offer all the comfort you can. Eventually, he will spill the beans, as it were but it will be on his own terms and his own time. I know this is hard for you watching him suffer but your patience and love will be rewarded." She said seriously.

They talked for a little longer. Forry left feeling a little better but still wished there was more he could do. Sighing unhappily, he returned to work.

It was late August, they had been together more than eight months. Forry wanted to have a picnic together. Something their busy schedules hadn't allowed. Things had been quieter around the city and Forry's caseload had finally lessened a bit. He wanted to spend a little outdoor playtime together so they packed a lunch and a frisbee and made for cliff park over looking the ocean and not frequented by too many kats.

It was a beautiful day and the water in the bay looked like glass. Setting up their blanket and basket under a willow tree, they moved to more open ground to play frisbee. They both turned out to be pretty good and soon they were jumping and laughing. After about an hour of that they went to the blanket to eat their lunch. It was some cold chicken, sodas, chips. Chatting amiably, they finished their lunch and packed their trash away. Uly leaned his back against the tree and Forry moved closer to lay his head on his lover's chest. They sat there staring at the bay quietly, Uly gently caressing Forry's back absently.

Sighing, Forry sat up more and turned to give Ulysses a warm kiss. He returned it happily. They kissed for a while, their paws caressing and groping getting a little more heated as time went on. No one was around as they began to strip off their clothes slowly deepening their kisses. Before long Forry lay beneath Uly, hot and needy. Giving his mate a lustful look he prepared his lover and entered him slowly. They both groaned at the moment of complete union before Uly began a steady rhythm that brought them panting and crying out minutes later. Rolling to the side so he wouldn't flatten his mate, Uly kept his arms wrapped around Forry as they lay side by side kissing and licking each other tenderly.

Forry felt so happy when he was in Uly's arms. "I love you so very much Ulysses." He told his beloved. Ulysses sighed and nuzzled Forry back saying the same with his body that he couldn't say with words.

The sun was going down when they put their clothes back on, gathered their belongings and walked to the car for the quick ride home. Forry decided to make something nice for dinner and had Uly make a salad to go with it. They chatted as they prepared the simple meal and sat down to eat it. Afterwards, Uly helped with the dishes then they went to watch a little TV before bed. Another bout of gentle love play with Forry as lead carried them both off to sleep. It should have been a perfect end to an enjoyable day but the dawn's early light dragged a nasty reminder that things weren't as perfect as they seemed.

His mind jumbled the beautiful day with the one that been soo nice until the moment he'd been dragged into that alley in broad daylight with the sun shining warmly. 'Well lookee here. It's a pretty kitty. Come here kitten we want to play with you' smirked the blond punk he'd seen hanging around the park for the past few days. His three other friends had nasty smiles on their faces and Ulysses could feel his heart in his throat and his mind screaming to run but it was too late. They were much bigger and had him surrounded. 'We'll show you a good time, won't we guys.' the blond punk pulled Uly close as he gestured to his friends to come nearer. He gave Uly an obscene kiss and rubbed his body against him while his buddies pulled his clothes off him. He tried to wriggle free but the blond only held him tighter. He whimpered in fear then screamed when he was suddenly bent over and one of them inserted themselves in his unprepared and virginal channel.

Ulysses was screaming and wildly swinging his arms. He threshed around so much he fell off the bed. His eyes were blind to all but what his inner vision saw as Forry quickly dropped to the floor and wrapped his arms around his mate trying desperately to call him back. He was sweating and trembling, his stomach tight as he finally heard Forry's urgent and desperate pleas.

"Oh love! Are you okay now?" He asked gently, his heart breaking.

He swallowed as he heard the pain in Forry's voice, his anguish for him. Taking his courage in his paws he spoke haltingly, "I...it was sunny...just like our picnic...they were waiting for me. I'd seen them around and didn't like them. I tried to avoid them...but that day I was thinking of the game I was in the next night and didn't see them hiding in the alley until the blond one grabbed me and yanked me into the alley with him...He...wasn't alone...there were three others." He shuddered a moment.

"Uly, it's okay you don't have to..." Forry started to soothe him.

"No...I have to say it or I never will." He stuttered anxiously. Forry nodded and just held him tightly. "The blond said he wanted to show me a good time, then he kissed me. He held me so tightly it hurt. His buddies yanked my pants and shoes off. I tried to get away harder but they were soo much stronger than me...next thing I knew I was being bent over and one of them ...he...Oh god!...he penetrated me...it hurt soo bad I screamed...they slapped me to shut me up but it hurt too bad. Before the next one did it I managed to get away but didn't get far before they tackled me and slammed me against a wall. I was stunned when the next one took me. I was slammed around a lot over the next thirty minutes until they were all finished. Then they dropped me to the ground laughing as they fixed their clothes and walked away. I lay there bleeding and in pain for I don't remember how long but it was dark when I finally was able to pull my clothes back on and drag myself home. My parents rushed me to the hospital and I pleaded with the doctor to not tell my parents about the rape. He didn't like it but repaired my rectum and gave me cream to ease it while it healed." He stopped suddenly and heaved for air as if he had run a marathon. Forry continued to hold him while his emotions railed at the cruelty of those punks. He wished they were still around so he could smash their faces in. For a moment he was stunned at the violence in him but he'd never been so in love with someone before and the thought of what Uly had suffered had touched a savage protectiveness within him.

"Alright love, now that that is out you should finally have some peace. It will still be there, nothing can take it away but now it won't have so much power over you. How about a nice hot shower then some tea? I'm going to call us in sick for the day and we'll just rest." Forry said firmly.

"No, I need to go in. I can't hide away here." Ulysses said still somewhat shaky and cold inside.

"No you are not!" Forry said sharply causing Uly to stare at him in surprise. "You give everything to this city. You ask nothing in return. You are going to stay home and recover your equilibrium and feel much better tomorrow and stop feeling guilty about taking much needed time for yourself. No argument! I think it would be best if you saw Katrina later today too. I'll call and see if she can get you in. Now let's shower." Forry pushed his shocked mate to the bathroom.

"Gee Forry I never saw this side of you before." Ulysses said in the shower while Forry scrubbed his back with soap.

"I'm just feeling particularly protective of you my love. That's all." Forry said uncomfortable about his behavior.

"Hmm. Actually I like how you take charge. It's exciting." Ulysses murmured as he turned and deposited a passionate kiss on his mate. He rubbed soap into Forry's fur going from his chest to between his legs and fondling his genitals that were taking an interest in his caresses. Washing away the nightmare he buried himself in this kat's love for him as he brought them both to shuddering climaxes. Panting to get his breath back, he nuzzled Forry's face and said softly, "I love you." Forry started and tears sprang to his eyes as he suddenly hugged his lover tight. "Oh Uly, I've wanted to hear that for so long."

"I know and I'll try to say it more often, my love." Ulysses said tenderly as they rinsed off and got out of the shower to dry.

The next day was better and he felt more free than he'd had been for so long. Talking with Katrina had reduced the rest of the incident into a bearable memory. Much calmer he was able to speak to Ms. Briggs easily when they discussed the security for a special showing of antique jewelry touring the city. Callie had smiled warmly at him, her relief at his obvious return to health plain in her brilliant green eyes.

Later that week, an attack by Viper was ended quickly and before the SWAT Kats could leave they were pleasantly surprised when Feral took them aside and thanked them for their discretion when they saved his life and kept his secret. He told them he was much better and warned them to watch crossing over the line or he'd have to arrest them. They smiled at the tongue in cheek, threat and left happy their antagonist was truly recovered and enjoying life again.

For their first anniversary, Ulysses had special jeweled collars made. Taking Forry out to dinner at a very exclusive restaurant, he gave him a beautiful single red rose. When they got home he presented his gift.

"Oh my god! Uly, it's beautiful! Is this what I think it is?" Forry asked his voice tight with emotion.

"Yes, I want you as my life mate and this collar and the one matching it is a declaration of my love for you and my wish for us to share our lives forever." Ulysses said nervously.

"Oh love, yes! I will life mate with you and share my live with yours forever." Forry trembled as tears of joy fell from his eyes. He took the matching collar and placed it around Uly's throat. Uly did the same for him. His eyes glowing with love, Ulysses Feral kissed his life mate Forry Stanhope. They held each warmly as they made their way to their bedroom and a night of celebration.